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17 Responses to the HMU Text (Examples)

My friend Amy asked me a question the other day. She said, “Ryan, how do I respond to HMU through text? Someone send me this and I didn’t really know what to say!” Well, texting is definitely an odd form of communication. Often, texting can lead to a lot of miscommunication between people. So, this is actually a really good question! If you’re looking for responses to HMU—try this guide!

Let’s dig into what you should say when someone texts you “HMU!”

First, what HMU means—just so you know

HMU stands for “hit me up.” It’s another way of people telling you “text me back.” For example, someone might say HMU or “hit me up” if they are inquiring about doing something together and one person doesn’t exactly know what their day or life might look like.

Here’s a sample text: “If you don’t know what you’re doing tonight—hmu later!”

In this text, the person is saying “Go ahead, give me a text message later to figure out if you want to hang out or do something.” Pretty great, I think!

Basic responses to HMU

—Basic responses to HMU

I’ll definitely HIT YOU UP

When you know what the abbreviation means and you just want to be a little bit annoying. A response like this might work!

For sure, I will

A basic and good response to the text. It also lets the other person know that you’re affirming the action they want you to take. It’s a polite thing to do.

Okay, give me a little bit

Since you might need some time to sort out what your day or life is going to look like later in the day or in the week—then this helps them to sort it all out.

When I know what’s going on—I’ll definitely text you

Another affirming text message response. It helps the other person know that you’re going to send them a text message later.

Cool, give me a little bit of time here

Last type of affirming message—which is the best type of response to send.

You HMU, too

If you aren’t sure that you’re actually going to send them a text message later—put it back onto them!

Funny responses to HMU

Funny responses to HMU

What should I hit?

When you want to be a smart a** and send them this to know that you understand it means to “hit something.”

What the heck does HMU mean?

If you’re just trying to be sarcastic and you want to confuse them just for fun.

HMU, meaning Hungry Man Uterus?

If you want to change the meaning of the HMU definition or abbreviation. Feel free to change it into anything that you want to change it into.

Wait, what’s up?

Another way to be a smart a**, because you can ask questions over and over and pretend that you don’t know what they’re saying.

I’ll probably never hit you up… just kidding

Only if you really know the person well and you want to joke that you’d never actually follow-through on doing what you said you’re going to do.

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Flirty responses

Flirty responses to HMU

Oh, you know I will

Great to send to both a boy/girl (guy/girl). If you want to get a little bit flirty with your response.

If there’s anyone I want to be texting… it’s you

Another fantastic and simple flirty message to send. It’s going to let them know that you really have an interest in talking to them!

You’re always on my mind, so I’ll definitely text you

Wow, how flirtatious is this one, right? It’s a great way to send a strong signal to the other person that you want to be engaging with them.

Can’t wait to text you later

Perfect for a girl to send to a guy. If a guy gets this text message—he’s going to be really happy and it’s definitely going to put a smile on their face!

I will, thinking about you

A simple flirty one that is perfect for a girl to send. It keeps them “girly” while still showing that they have interest in moving the conversation forward.

Will be thinking of you until later

Perfect for a guy to send. If you’re busy and away from the phone (can’t text), then this is a great one to send to a girl that you might have a crush on.


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