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A Dream of My Boyfriend Dreaming (WEIRD!)

I had a dream of my boyfriend dreaming… Woah. Okay, that was weird, I said. I thought to myself, how could this happen? When my friend Elizabeth shared this with me, I was shocked… Then I started to research it!

A dream is simply a flow of events that occur in our mind involuntarily during our sleep. Dreams are natural, and it is inevitable for everyone.

Dreams are usually influenced by what happens to us during the day. It can also be due to overthinking specific episodes that occurred.

Dreams are the subconscious play of our daylight records and events during our sleep. We can dream even during the day when we take naps. Dreams do not necessarily occur only at night.

Sometimes dreams can be sweet, and other times they can be terrifying. Dreams can be a daydream and a nightmare too.

Another way we look at dreams is in the light of our ideals and achievements. It can also be called the goals we long for and hope to achieve in this lifetime. They say that only when we have dreams, do we feel alive…

Understanding what a dream is, we can also talk about different kinds of dreams most known to man. Some of the categories we commonly divide are: daydreaming, nightmare, lucid dreams, career dreams, romantic dreams, and destination dreams. The list can go on, but these are the dreams that mostly engulf the definition of ‘A Dream.’

A dream of my boyfriend dreaming: What does it mean? There are multiple underlying potential answers...
A dream of my boyfriend dreaming: What does it mean? There are multiple underlying potential answers…

Let’s talk a little bit about these dreams

Daydreaming – Often called a distraction because when we daydream, we zone out of the reality of now and enter a world of imagination.

Nightmare – Stirs fear and panic and disturbs our peaceful state of mind.

Lucid dream – You are aware that you are in the dream when you dream lucid dreams. Therefore, studies show that lucid dreams are said to create awareness mentally because of their nature.

Career dreams – This is the kind of dream which motivates you to work better and smarter in order that you achieve the career of your dreams.

Destination dream – Our world is so beautiful. We all have a place and a country we wish to visit at least once in our lifetime. This is called a destination dream.

Romantic dream – Romance is like the cherry on top of a cake. It lightens our mood. When you see a person you are attracted to, we can call that a romantic dream.

Yes, dreams are not our reality but dreaming awakens something within us. It propels us to look forward. Also, having a dream motivates us to walk and live right in order to achieve it. And perhaps, make the dream a reality.

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Dreaming At Night And In Daylight

Dreaming is part of being alive. As long as you are alive, you will dream and will have dreams. You see dreams when you close your eyes. You have dreams to achieve when you are awake.

Perhaps, it is not wrong to view a dream in two ways. The dreams we see when we are sleeping are mostly influenced by what we see, hear, talk about, and encounter during our day. Whereas the dreams we have when we are awake. These are the dreams that we say are our hopes and aspirations in life.

Why Do We Dream Of Someone?

When you dream about someone, it usually is because you encountered them during the day. You see someone in your dream because maybe you were thinking about them. So, seeing someone you know in your dream comes with a lot of possibilities that are common to all.

The eyebrows are raised when we see someone we hardly know or barely even think of in our daily life. When we dream of people whom we hardly even see during the day can be a little confusing sometimes. But this is not an uncommon phenomenon either.

However, dreams can help us to re-evaluate our thoughts and our actions in real life. Dreams can also help us to process certain things we may have forgotten or left unresolved.

Dreaming of someone we know is easy and not so confusing or thought-provoking. However, if we want to look into the concept of dreaming, then it is more sensible to study the nature of the dream rather than the characters in it.

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A dream of your boyfriend dreaming: There's a good chance you're processing emotions that you have. Either positive or negative.
A dream of your boyfriend dreaming: There’s a good chance you’re processing emotions that you have. Either positive or negative.

A Dream Of My Boyfriend Dreaming

To dream of your boyfriend sounds very easy. When you are attracted and attached to someone, it is easier to think of them constantly. So this makes it easier to dream of them involuntarily and subconsciously.

There is a myth that if you dream of someone, they are thinking of you. This is not true. Your dream is all about the self. It has everything to do with you and not others.

Likewise, when you dream of your boyfriend, it is because the person is constantly in your conscious mind. Our dreams are usually influenced by what we witness, watch, or read hours before bed. People we interact with daily can also influence our dreams.

Prevent your mind from absorbing negative thoughts before bed

In order to keep away from bad dreams and nightmares, we are advised to set boundaries on what we read and watch before bedtime. When we are stressed or worried about certain things in life, having bad dreams can be even frustrating, and it becomes a nuisance for our state of mind.

Often, we spend time thinking about why we dreamt of someone. But to understand why, it is easier to look at the nature of the dream rather than the person.

What your boyfriend was doing in your dream is the easier way to understand than why your boyfriend was doing it in your dream.

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Is the dream a ‘good dream’

Here, your boyfriend is the protagonist in your dream. In order to call your dream a fairy-tale-like dream, here are some possible reasons:

  • He is dreaming of asking you to marry him.
  • He wants to buy you a ticket to travel around the world together.
  • He dreams of asking to buy a house together.
  • He dreams of getting a pet together.

Anything that has to do with the both of you doing things together can be a fairytale-like dream.

Is the dream a ‘bad dream’

Another way to look at this dream could be a nightmare. Some of the reasons why your dream can be a nightmare are:

  • You dreamt that he was dreaming of breaking up with you.
  • You dreamt that he was dreaming of cheating on you.
  • You dreamt that he was dreaming of getting into an argument or an abusive fight with you.

For the dream to turn into a nightmare, the themes can be gory, death, slander, malice, and all the unpleasant things you can think of.

However sweet or unpleasant the nature of your dream was, dreams are something we cannot rely on fully. Yet, dreams can also be of help according to the nature and situation of your relationship with your boyfriend in real life.

How To Interpret These Dreams—A Dream of My Boyfriend Dreaming

Like many things in life, even dreams can be interpreted and explained in so many ways. With different interpretations, different ways of understanding a dream are welcomed.

Dreaming of your boyfriend is nothing close to being an uncommon thing. If it is possible to dream of people you barely even know, then to dream of your boyfriend is an easy dream to dream.

So, when you dream of your boyfriend, you should be wise and smart enough to introspect yourself because your dream completely depends on your moods and emotions.

Sometimes, certain dreams can be hard to shake off, even if the reality is completely opposite to the dream.

How To Understand Dreams—A Dream of My Boyfriend Dreaming

Dreams usually represent your joy, fears, angst, and things you are most concerned about. A person, in this case, say your boyfriend could be very closely connected to your dream, but the situation in your dream, the visions are reflections of your feelings and emotions and not his.

Therefore, instead of being anxious and worried about the dream, you need to address any unresolved emotions, dialog, insecurities, etc., in your relationship. Because usually and naturally, you dream about the things you keep in your mind because studies say that dreams can be defined as a conversation between your conscious and subconscious mind.

On the other hand, if you wake up happy and jolly after dreaming of your boyfriend, this could possibly mean that your relationship is in a good place. Because if, in real life, you feel secure and valued in your relationship, it makes loving your significant other easier. Thus, your mind is not polluted with insecurities or fear in your relationship. This creates a good boundary in your mind helping the mind to rest well at night.

Whether you are having cute dreams or alarming ones, you should remember that just because you dreamt about it does not mean it is true or fear that it might happen, especially infidelity and accidents.

Rather let dreams help you to examine yourself and connect with your emotions to a deeper level.

Does Day Dreaming Count?

Daydreaming about the boy of your dream, dreaming of a life together with you. If you catch yourself lost in your world of imagination, do not worry. You are not alone.

We all dream of having something good and wonderful for ourselves. When you daydream about your boyfriend, this means you are so in love with him that you daydream about him even during the day. Or this could also mean that you are emotionally ready to be in love which is also never a bad thing.

Whether you find yourself daydreaming or nightdreaming of your boyfriend, in order to understand why you are dreaming, the best way is to get in touch with yourself. You will better understand your emotions and the underlying cause of anxiety, stress, longing, fears, desires, etc.

Dreaming at night is connected to a night of good sleep. And a good sleep is good for your body and mind. So don’t let dreams affect you; rather, let them help you physically and emotionally.

Likewise, if you find yourself daydreaming a lot, let it help you be aware of where your thoughts usually wander off. This will not only help you to be alert, but this can also boost your creativity because you are using your imagination a lot.

But be aware of the downs that come with daydreaming. If you often find yourself daydreaming so much in a day, you might miss out on things in real life. You may lose your focus and attention in your activities and schedules of the day.

Why Do I Dream About My Boyfriend Dreaming?

Self-awareness is essential to understand better why you dream of certain things and situations. Be informed that your dreams are directly connected to your emotions and concerns.

While it may be easier to lash out and project your emotions at your boyfriend after an alarming dream, you need to remember that it is linked to your thoughts and emotions alone.

Let your alarming dream help you talk with your boyfriend about your unresolved emotions and better your communication.

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In the same way, let your cute and sweet dreams help you appreciate the reality of the good relationship you share with your boyfriend.

What you feed your mind and the communication in your head play a major role in what you dream.

The people around you can also be a major influence too.

As we have discussed earlier, setting good boundaries for your mind before bedtime or life, in general, will result in good dreams. A happy mind is a happy life.

So next time you dream, let it navigate you to a place of understanding yourself better and let it lead you to a happier life.

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