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The Meaning of ADORE in a Relationship (AW!)

My friend James asked me another relationship question the other day. He’s always the one putting in the good questions for me. He said, “Hey Ryan, what does adore mean in a relationship? Like if a girl told me that she adores me, what does it mean?” Well, that’s a great question!

Sometimes, we can use other words like cute, sweet, or nice—to describe how we’re feeling. It’s a step down the road to saying things like, “I love you.” But before we get that far—let’s see what it means!

The word “adore” in the dictionary is defined as “to love and respect someone very much.” Someone might use the term to say that they significantly appreciate something, like, “I adore those shoes!” It’s a type of reaction—but what exactly does it mean when someone says it while dating you?

Meaning of ADORE in a relationship

When someone say they adore you—it means they are obsessed with you. They are having strong love-like feelings. But maybe not all the way to being “I love you” territory, yet. They simply have a profound compassion and lust for you that’s stronger than something they’ve experienced before.

Stronger than love or not

No, I wouldn’t say that someone saying that they adore you means that they are having feelings STRONGER than love. In fact, it would typically mean the other way around. They are LEADING up to a love feeling—but might not have it, just yet.

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How it’s used in a conversation

Here’s how the word adore might get used in a romantic conversation between people in a relationship:

Example one

Amy: I just adore you. I’m constantly thinking about you.

James: I adore you, too. I really hope that you are my long-term person, you know!

Example two

Susan: You are my ADORE! 🙂

Patrick: Sweetheart, I absolutely have the most profound feelings for you—too!

What if a girl says adore

Typically, when a girl says that she adores you in a relationship—that’s a really good sign. Consider her thinking about you a lot, wanting to be around you more, and having very strong ‘love-like’ feelings when she is spending time with you.

This would be an advancement of your relationship and might lead to the two of you falling in love with each other.

What if a guy says adore

If a guy says that he adores you—it means that he’s obsessed with the way you are. He might be considering your physical appearance, the way he feels when he’s around you, and the way he feels when he’s with you (in a relationship).

Yes, it would be a very good thing if a guy told you that he adores you while you’re dating, in an early relationship, or even if you were married.

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