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15 Cute Beach Date Ideas For Yours Truly!

My friend Amy asked me, “Ryan, what are some beach date ideas I can use to go out on a date with my boyfriend?” I am a big fan of date ideas. And she knows it. I’ve created lists of double date ideas, cheap date ideas, picnic ideas, and more. So why not make this one, I thought!

Dates are so important in a relationship. Besides being sweet and cute, dates are when you know how compatible you are with each other.

Dates allow you to have quality time with each other to reconnect and bond deeper. The more quality time you spend with each other, the more you get to know of each other.

Dates are also when you destress, talk about the future plans, increase your level of understanding, and make your relationship with the other person better and stronger.

Dates are usually planned quality time, and the activities you choose to do solely depend on person to person.

Beaches bring with them natural beauty and endless possibilities of fun and peaceful time with your significant other.

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beach date night ideas

15 Cute Beach Date Ideas You Can Do Today!

Here are 15 beach date set-up ideas for you and your partner:

  • Picnic at the beach: The fresh breeze and the waves with a good meal with your lover sounds just perfect for a special time as long as you plan ahead. Make sure to carry essentials suitable for the day you planned, depending on whether you chose a day or a nighttime date.
  • Stroll by the beach: Good company and a good environment, make for an excellent date idea. The sun kissing your skin and the waves touching your feet with your lover beside you hand in hand surely is one of the best feelings in the world.
  • Sunset sailing: The kind of peace and tranquility the beauty of sunset brings is unmatched. Planning a sunset sailing with your significant other sounds just about right. Feel the wind in your hair while watching the captivating colors of the sky as the sun sets on the horizon.
  • Beach camping: To fall asleep to the sound of the waves and wake up to a sunrise by the beach together can never go wrong. So, pitch a tent, light up a bonfire, and extend your date to a beautiful outdoor adventure with your lover.
  • Wine tasting: Setting up a table with the finest selection of your favorite wines with a platter or cheese by the beach sounds just about right. Sip and savor the flavor of the moment.
a couple on a hammock that's falling down - lol

More ideas…

  • Stargazing by the beach: Lay back and relax while you enjoy stargazing with your lover. Don’t miss out on stargazing by the beach the next time you plan a beach date.
  • Surfing: Whether or not you and your lover are surfers, learning to ride the waves and conquering them sounds like a perfect and thrilling idea. Sign up for a beginner’s class for this experience and have fun.
  • Kayaking/Canoeing: What a way to embark on the journey of discovering the beauty of the coast by paddling together. A beautiful way to experience the beauty of a shared adventure.
  • Beach games: The beach offers you so many beach games for couples, like beach volleyball, frisbee, treasure hunts, painting, etc. Enroll yourselves in such games and create fond memories together.
  • Beach biking: Renting cycles and riding along sandy trails together is a fun way to bond while enjoying the adventure together.
a couple together sharing a date night

And some more…

  • Hiking: A lot of beaches come with cliffs with scenic views. Choose the time of the day to go hiking and enjoy the from the top with your significant other.
  • Jet skiing: Renting a jet ski together to hit the waves is one of the best ideas to enjoy the waves. The experience of the adrenaline rush together sounds like a good idea for a beach date.
  • Café Hoping by the beach: Taking time out to visit a café by the beach for good food and a good time is a good idea while planning a date by the beach.
  • Movie by the beach: Bringing projector set us, a comfy blanket, and a soft surface to snuggle in while watching your favorite movie together under the night sky. The idea of a movie by the beach sounds perfect. Go for it; what are you waiting for?
  • Beach party: Joining the crowd for a beach party by the waves is an excellent way to spend time together. What a way to dance the night away with good music and a good vibe with your lover.

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a couple on a beach date

My Experience With a Beach Date…

Here’s the thing, a beach date is going to be romantic no matter what you do. It’s an easy win if you’re close to one! The sunset, the sound of the water, the sand… It all adds up into something that’s going to be really special.

The key that I’ve found to a great beach date is to be prepared. Make sure to bring a jacket, a blanket, drinks (of all kind), and make sure that you’re prepared for almost any type of moment.

That preparation is really key to the success you’re going to have on the date itself. I’ve spent multiple date nights sitting in the sand with someone I care about. There’s never a time when I would regret it.


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