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BOOKIE Meaning in a relationship (AW!)

I had a friend of mine, Jeremy, ask me, “Ryan, what does it mean if a girl called me bookie?” Well, I laughed a little bit and then told him—it’s a good sign, really! It means that she’s thinking of you in a very sweet and endearing way.

You might have seen someone explain what the word “bookie” means on TikTok.

The meaning of Bookie in a relationship

In a relationship—bookie does not mean the same thing as a someone who takes bets. In fact, it’s more of an endearing nickname that you’re being given. Someone might say, “You’re my bookie bear.” Or something along those lines to indicate that they’re really into you.

How it’s used in a conversation

Here’s how bookie might be used in a conversation with someone you’re in relationship with:

Amy: You’re my bookie, I hope you know that.

Jake: Aww, I appreciate that. You’re my little snuggle bear.

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Another meaning for bookie

Sometimes, someone might say “bookie” in a relationship for when they’re referring to a woman’s personal parts.

Another time someone might say “bookie” when referring to a bowel movement. Sometimes referred to as “dookie”—which is another slang term for a bowel movement.

Bookie for a girl a relationship

The most common definition for this is when someone is saying “bookie” as another way of saying “boo” or “boo bear.”

It’s very common for a guy to call a girl their bookie and less common for a girl to call a guy their bookie. Meaning it has more a feminine tone to the slang term than masculine.

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