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Cheesy Pick Up Lines

Looking for a cheesy pickup line or funny pick up lines to use? If you want to get close to someone and date them or even start a conversation with them, a pick up line will help you. A pick up line that is funny and interesting will definitely catch the attention of the other person. If they like it, they will join in the conversation, and it could lead to a date.

A cheesy pick up line is funny and can bring a smile on the other person’s face. The cheesier the pickup line, the better. Of course, you must always take care not to cross the line. To help you, we have a collection of pick up lines for various occasions. Try these the next time you see someone you like, maybe you’ll could end up with a date.

Cheesy pick up line
Cheesy pick up line
Cheesy pick up line
Cheesy pick up line

My experience with pickup lines…

Generally, my experience is one that revolves around online dating… I tend to use a pickup line to try and break the ice between me and someone that I matched with… It works!

Here’s the trick that I’ve found…

If I pick a line that I find funny, there’s a good chance that a person who meshes well with my persona is going to like the pickup line as well. I don’t take it too seriously. I choose a simple, yet flirty one. But it’s mostly just goofy.

Be yourself! That’s my best tip!

The best cheese filled pick up lines to use

Pickup lines with extra cheese:

  1. Are you Google? Because I found everything I was searching for.
  2. Well, I hope you know CPR because my heart just skipped a beat.
  3. I was feeling a bit off, but seeing you I am definitely turned on.
  4. Are you a parking ticket? Because I can see fine is written on you.
  5. You must be religious, because you seem to be the answer to my prayers.
  6. I hope there is a map with you, because I just got lost in your eyes.
  7. Are you an artist? ‘Cause u are drawing me in.
  8. If you are here, then who is taking care of heaven?

Funny pick up lines to use that are super cheesy

Funny pickup lines that are also cheesy:

  1. There is something wrong with my mobile, can you help me by giving a call to check if it is working?
  2. You must be an electrician, because you just lit up my day.
  3. I thought happiness begins with ‘h’ but I was wrong – it begins with ‘u’.
  4. Is there an airplane taking off, or is it just my heart?
  5. Was your dad a boxer? Because u are a real knockout.
  6. Do you have an extra heart, because I seem to have lost mine?
  7. Are you tired? Because you have been running in my head all evening.
Cheesy pick up line
Cheesy pick up line
Cheesy pick up line
Cheesy pick up line

Super cheese-filled pick up lines

  1. You definitely need keys to drive me crazy.
  2. Are you a magnet? I am getting attracted to you a lot.
  3. You owe me a drink, because I dropped mine when I saw you.
  4. Are you a broom? You just swept me away.
  5. Hey, cupid has just called. He wants you to return my heart.
  6. I think I need fresh air, you just took the breath away from me.
  7. You must be a taser, because I just got stunned.
  8. Are you a cat? Everything about you is just purrfect.
  9. You must be a bank loan, because you got all my interest.

Really cheese pick up lines

  1. I hope you don’t get your license suspended for driving me crazy.
  2. I don’t know photography, but I surely can picture both of us being together.
  3. Hi, I am Microsoft? Could I crash at your home tonight?
  4. I hate Spotify, why didn’t they name you the hottest single of this week?
  5. You must be a cake, because I want a piece of you.
  6. I am not a doctor, but my diagnosis is you need vitamin ‘me’.
  7. If your hand is feeling heavy, I can hold it for you.
  8. You must be an alien, because you just abducted me.
Cheesy pick up line
Cheesy pick up line
Cheesy pick up line

Good but cheesy pick up lines

  1. Well, neither you nor I are socks, but I am sure we will make a good pair.
  2. You must be Wi-Fi, because I am getting a connection.
  3. I am learning dates from history. How about being one of them?
  4. Did you check the menu? It has Me ‘n U.
  5. Is your surname Gillette? You are the best a man could get.
  6. I am sure you like Star Wars, because Yoda one for me.
  7. I lost my phone number, can I have yours instead?
  8. You are so sweet that you could put Hershey’s out of business?

Clean and cheesy pick up lines

  1. Can I take your pic? I want to show all my friends that angels do exist.
  2. Looks like the sun came out at night or was it just you smiling?
  3. Hey, there is a problem with my mobile phone – it doesn’t have your number in it.
  4. Are you nothing, because nothing lasts forever?
  5. Ok, so you met me! What were you two other wishes?
  6. You remember me? Oh sorry, I forgot I only met you in my dreams.
  7. I think someone should call the cops, I am sure it’s illegal to look that good.

Expert advice: Studies suggest that while women might respond more to the initial physical features of a man, much like men will do for a woman—men really are looking for “nice women” as part of their core desires. Surprisingly, there’s a misconception of physical intimacy and its misunderstanding of this core desire. Next time you want to flirt with a woman, consider telling her, “I’m truly looking for a nice girl,” once she responds.

Smooth pick up lines

  1. You must be French, because Eiffel for you.
  2. You must be from Tennessee, u are the only ten I see.
  3. You like raisins? Or do you prefer a date?
  4. If you were words printed on a page, you would definitely be the fine print.
  5. Am I on Hogwarts Express? I think I am headed for somewhere magical.
  6. You must have created the aeroplane, ’cause you are Wright for me.
  7. You have a band aid? I scraped my knees when I fell for you.
  8. At the risk of sounding cheesy, you are grate.
Cheesy pick up line
Cheesy pick up line
Cheesy pick up line
Cheesy pick up line

For him—super cheesy

  1. Something is wrong in my eyes, I am not able to look away from you.
  2. Are you still accepting applications for your fan club?
  3. This must be a museum because I am seeing a work of art.
  4. You must be a florist because my life seems rosy!
  5. Let’s flip a coin! Heads I’m yours and tails you are mine.
  6. Let’s go out for coffee because I like you a latte.
  7. You must be a fishing expert because you got a catch.
  8. You must be made of grapes, ’cause ur as fine as wine.

Expert advice: In a study done by Jessica Tracy and Alec Beall, they found that men who smile, using their whole face (including teeth, cheeks, and eyes) had a stronger positive first impression upon women. When using pickup lines, make sure that you’re smiling during your delivery—happiness, as displayed by men, is quite literally a strong turn on for women.

For her—super cheesy

  1. Hey, I am cute and you are pretty. Together we will be pretty cute.
  2. Do you mind if I follow you home? Because my horoscope told me to follow my dream.
  3. Did it hurt a lot when you fell from heaven?
  4. You must be Siri, because you autocomplete me.
  5. Is your dad a baker? You are truly a cutie pie.
  6. Could I borrow your phone? I need to call God and tell him I found my angel.
  7. If being beautiful was a crime, you would be guilty of it.
  8. Hey, you look like my next partner.
Cheesy pick up line
Cheesy pick up line
Cheesy pick up line
Cheesy pick up line

Valentine’s Day lines—cheesy ones you’ll love

  1. Even if the earth didn’t have gravity, I would fall for you.
  2. Hey, do you have GPS? I am getting lost in your eyes.
  3. Valentine’s without you is like a pencil that is broken, it is pointless.
  4. You must be religious because you just answered by prayers.
  5. There is a look-out notice from heaven, they just lost an angel.
  6. Will you be mine, since you are so fine?
  7. Looking at you, I can see more stars than there were in the Valentine’s Day movie.

Christmas lines—Santa’s favorite cheesy lines

  1. Can I take your pic? So, I can tell Santa what I want for Christmas?
  2. You must be Christmas because I want to merry you.
  3. I am a snowflake because I just fell for you.
  4. You must live in an igloo, since u are so cool.
  5. Are you Rudolph? You just ‘sleigh’ed me.
  6. I don’t think even Santa would make candy as sweet as you.
  7. Santa told me you wished for me, good choice!
  8. I am not a snowman, but my heart just melted.

Cheesy Tinder lines—openers and pick up lines

  1. You must be from space? You are so out-of-the-world cute.
  2. I am a gardener and I must tell I like you tulips.
  3. I know for sure the pandemic is not over, your smile is truly contagious.
  4. You must have come out of the oven, you are really hot!
  5. Don’t think I am stalking you, I am just doing research.
  6. My mom told me never to talk to strangers online, but I guess you are an exception.
  7. You look like trouble, but I always liked trouble.
  8. You must brush with LEDs, because your smile lights up everything.
Cheesy pick up line
Cheesy pick up line
Cheesy pick up line
Cheesy pick up line

Cheesy pick up lines to use on Bumble

  1. I am new in town and I need directions to your apartment.
  2. Do you like wearing fishnets? You definitely are a real catch.
  3. Roses are red, violets are blue; I guess I am lucky to match with you.
  4. You must be playing soccer, you look to be a keeper.
  5. If you were the vaccine, I would never say no.
  6. My laptop just turned hot, but I am not worried ‘cause I know it because of you.
  7. Your birthday must be on 10th October, ’cause u are 10/10.
  8. You must be my appendix, because I won’t mind taking you out.

Cheesy pick up lines to use on Hinge

  1. You must be Greek, because you look like a Goddess.
  2. You are so amazing, I just forgot my pickup line.
  3. I was feeling off, but seeing your profile I am turned on.
  4. Hope your dad is not a terrorist, I just realized u are a real bomb.
  5. I thought I will take you to a movie, but then I realized I cannot take my own snacks.
  6. Are you Alexa? Because you seem to have all the answers.
  7. The answer is yes; what was your question again?
  8. I am incomplete without your phone number. 

Minecraft cheese-filled pick up lines

  1. You must be a builder, seeing you I want to build a relationship.
  2. I don’t have a shovel with me, but I still dig you.
  3. You must be a creeper because you blow me away.
  4. I must be sand because I am falling for you.
  5. I just fell into lava, but it was not as hot as you.
  6. You must be an Enderman because I just want to look at your eyes.
  7. You must be a hacker, because my heart is just hacked.

Christian cheesy pick up lines

  1. Your name must be Faith, for you are the substance of all things I wished for.
  2. Have you sinned? Because you just stole my heart.
  3. I realized today I was prophetic. I just saw us together.
  4. I didn’t know angels flew so low until now.
  5. Is that the Holy Spirit burning inside you, or is it just that you are so hot?
  6. Didn’t the Bible say greet others with a holy kiss?
  7. Hi, I am Will…God’s Will.
  8. Call me Joshua, because I am gonna break down your walls.

Easter lines that are cheesy

  1. Did you know the chocolate factory can never make anything as sweet as you?
  2. I just can’t Passover you.
  3. I had to talk to you, because I have a weakness for all things sweet.
  4. Without you, I am like an Easter egg hunt without the eggs.
  5. Are you cold? You can use me like a fur jacket.
  6. I would like to take you out, but it won’t be the last supper.
  7. You are not just some bunny, you are my bunny.

Food-related cheesy pick up lines

  1. I think there’s something brewing between us.
  2. My heart skipped a beet when it saw you.
  3. I have bean thinking about you.
  4. Are you a banana? You truly are so a-peeling.
  5. I like you from head to-ma-toes.
  6. I am beginning to think you are the kiwi to my heart.
  7. I am sure you are berry much my type.
  8. You are so a-dough-rable, you must be a doughnut.
  9. I love ice-cream, but it can’t be as sweet as you.
  10. Will you Brie mine?
  11. Just imagine the various pasta-bilities if we go out together.

Halloween cheesy pick up lines

  1. You must be a witch, I guess I your love spell trapped me.
  2. Sorry, no trick please, I only want a treat from you.
  3. Can you give me a cigarette, because right now I am on fire?
  4. I now know the only candy I need for Halloween.
  5. If you were Snow White, then I would be the lucky one to wake you with a kiss.
  6. The festival should be renamed as Hallo-WIN, because I am going to win you today.
  7. I don’t know any spells, but I think I can make you mine.

Star Wars cheesy pick up lines

  1. If you were in the dark side, I would happily join it.
  2. Your name must be Skywalker, because you Luke so good.
  3. Your lightsaber must be yellow, you surely are a rey of sunshine.
  4. You must be a real Jedi master, ’cause yoda-licious.
  5. If you join with me, we can rule the universe together.
  6. If you are the Leia for my Han, then I will no longer be Solo.
  7. I was looking for love in Alderaan places till today.
  8. Did you know you are hotter than the Mustafar flames?

Popular cheesy pick up lines

  1. You must be a parking ticket because you have fine written all over you.
  2. Life without you would be like a broken pencil… pointless.
  3. Do you believe in love at first sight or should I walk by again?
  4. I’d say God bless you, but it looks like he alerady did.
  5. Can you feel my sweater? Doesn’t it feel like boyfriend material?
  6. Did your license get suspended for driving all these guys crazy?
  7. If I could rearrange the alphabet I’d put U and I together.
  8. My buddies bet me that I wouldn’t be able to start a conversation with the most attractive person in this place.
  9. Do you have a band-aid, I scraped my knee falling for you.
  10. I don’t think we’re socks, but I think we’d make a great pair.
  11. I think I lost my phone number, do you have it?
  12. It’s a good thing I have my library card, I am totally checking you out.
  13. Something’s wrong with my eyes because I can’t take them off of you.
  14. My names Microsoft. Can I crash at your place tonight?
  15. If you were a transformer, you’d be Optimus Fine.
  16. Can I get your number for insurance purposes?

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Cheesy pick up line
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Cheesy pick up line
Cheesy pick up line
Cheesy pick up line
Cheesy pick up line
Cheesy pick up line
Cheesy pick up line
Cheesy pick up line
Cheesy pick up line
Cheesy pick up line
Cheesy pick up line
Cheesy pick up line
Cheesy pick up line
Cheesy pick up line
Cheesy pick up line
Cheesy pick up line

More lines to use

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