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Christmas Would You Rather Questions

Looking for Christmas would you rather questions? It’s the best time of year. And a great time to play games with family and friends. When you’re thinking about sparking up a “would you rather” game and want it to be in the festive mood, try out these incredible Christmas would you rather prompts!

75+ Christmas Would You Rather Questions

1. Would you rather start a new Christmas ritual or ditch an old one?

2. Would you rather spend eight hours wrapping Christmas gifts or helping youngsters snap photos with Claus at the shopping center?

3. Would you rather have Frosty the Iceman or Rudolph the red-nosed Reindeer follow you around till Christmas?

4. Would you rather have a red Santa nose or a button nose like Frosty?

5. Would you rather make your pet cat in the snow or go fun skating?

6. Would you rather live in a big tree house or in Santa’s candy store?

7. Would you rather ride in Santa’s chariot or on the Christmas Polar train?

8. Would you rather have a steamy Christmas or one marked by snow?

Christmas would you rather
Christmas would you rather

9. Would you rather spruce up 100 Xmas trees or 100 Christmas cookies?

10. Would you rather have seven tiers of gumdrop mountains or a forest made of candy canes?

11. Would you rather wear Santa’s costume to school or wear a cute yet funny elf suit to school?

12. Would you rather eat Christmas dinner with your family or help serve it to people who don’t have as much?

13. Would you rather wish for more friends as a Christmas present or wish for more candies?

14. Would you prefer a Christmas date with Santa or a date with Elf in Christmas?

15. Would you rather sing the right words (Carols) or the funny ones (Batman smells)?

16. Would you rather spend Christmas at home and get lots of gifts or spend Christmas at Disneyland but have no gifts?

17. Would you rather get a day off on Christmas or a salary raise?

18. Would you rather cut the grass or clear the road of snow?

Christmas would you rather
Christmas would you rather

19. Would you rather unwrap your gifts on Xmas Eve or Xmas morning?

20. Would you rather buy a real Christmas tree or use a recycled one?

21. Would you rather write Santa a note or shoot him an email?

22. Would you rather enjoy your relatives staying with you for Christmas or going on a trip for an entire week?

23. Would you rather make gifts for your loved ones rather than purchase them, or decorate lights for your Christmas Pine tree rather than purchase them.

24. Would you rather be a hamster and get a large cheese slice for Christmas, or a cat and get a BIG fish for Thanksgiving?

25. Would you rather skip Christmas this season or skip your b’day this year?

26. Would you rather sing Carols on your own or sit on Santa’s lap for a Christmas gift?

27. Would you rather have twigs or a huge decorated Xmas tree in your living room?

28. Would you rather have a Santa beard or reindeer antlers that never fall off?

29. Would you rather be that lucky guy from Home Alone movie or the Reindeer from the Elf movie?

30. Would you rather be in a snowy house with the whole family or a sunny resort with a few friends for your Christmas?

31. Would you rather spend the whole of your life working as a store Claus or becoming the actual Claus and having to live with your reindeer?

Christmas would you rather
Christmas would you rather

32. Would you rather prefer Santa actually visit your bedroom at night to witness you sleep, or the Elf on the Shelf actually be real?

33. Would you rather prefer to cook Christmas dinner, chicken or sausage?

34. Would you rather prefer to unscramble Christmas lights or find the faulty bulb on a mile-long strand of Christmas lights?

35. Would you rather have a fireplace with smores or watch Christmas movies and hot cocoa?

36. Would you rather wear to workout Santa’s big boots or tipped elf sneakers?

37. Would you rather prefer to receive gifts from Santa or his wife?

38. Would you rather be on Santa’s pretty or kinky ranking?

39. Would you rather prefer the scent of pine boughs or cardamom?

40. Would you rather get a Christmas gift or cash to spend on your own gifts?

41. Would you rather have berries in your hairdo or have your legs covered with Christmas booties?

42. Would you rather have stockings for Christmas or a lexicon for Christmas?

43. Would you rather wear extremely unattractive Christmas sweatshirts for a whole year or spend an entire week with the abhorrent gingerbread man?

44. Would you rather peek at Santa’s list or look at your own presents by Santa?

45. Would you rather thread a mile of popcorn garland or light and maintain a fire with several candles simultaneously?

46. Would you rather finish pages of Thanksgiving math problems or write a long essay about the spirit of Christmas?

47. Which would you rather grow: Santa’s beard or his tummy?

48. Would you rather prefer to go snowboarding or dog skiing with huskies?

49. Would you rather accept gifts from your acquaintances or bring presents to all your friends?

50. Would you rather be a toy analyzer or a food connoisseur during the holiday season?

51. Would you rather only talk in Christmas rap songs or in buzzwords from Christmas movies?

52. Would you rather forgo Christmas Day or Labor Day?

53. Would you rather cover the floor underneath your tree with a personalized gift or decorate your tree solely with homemade decorations?

54. Would you rather have no Christmas Lighting or no Sparkling lanterns?

55. Would you rather dress up in a flashing Christmas jacket or a ringing bell Christmas jumpsuit?

56. Would you choose to be in command of seven flying reindeer or an elf town?

57. Would you rather interact with an irritable reindeer or a rage-filled elf?

58. Would you rather see the Grinch develop his heart or an angel grow its feathers?

59. Would you rather devoid yourself of the main dish for Christmas or confections for Christmas dinner?

60. Would you rather hear Santa say “Ho Ho Ho” or the mischievous Grinch squeal?

61. Would you rather eat a Sunday roast or sweets from a variety pack for every dinner in December?

62. Which would you rather do: listen to “Merry Xmas Everyone” on repeat for 2 days, or recite it one time in front of 100 people?

63. For the whole Christmas Eve, would you rather indulge in red wine or hot cocoa?

64. Would you prefer having Christmas dinner served at your home or being taken out to an eatery?

65. Would you rather receive a Christmas present from your boss or your mother-in-law?

66. Would you rather your home be decorated for Christmas Party by your parents on their own or by yourself?

67. Would you rather spend several hours capturing the ideal Christmas family picture or not to have one at all?

68. Would you rather become engaged or get married during the Christmas season?

69. Would you rather buy presents for each individual on your list, or would you prefer to select special ones?

70. Would you rather go to a party where people swap cookies or a party where people wear turtleneck sweaters?

71. Would you prefer to visit the North Pole or visit one of Europe’s Christmas Night markets?

72. Would you rather have a BB gun go off in your eye or battle with a mall Santa?

73. Would you rather purchase all your presents at the Dollar Store, or be the lawyer who has to show that Santa is the actual Santa?

74. Would you rather have a snowman pal that melts when it gets really hot or a pet who might transform into a gremlin?

75. Would you rather attempt to escape a bobby-trapped home or have your family unintentionally abandon you for Christmas?

76. Would you rather be trapped in a room with someone who despises Christmas or someone who adores it?

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