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Crazy Dares

I got asked by a reader, “Ryan, what are some really CRAZY dares that you would only dare to people that have a screw loose?”

I love this question. There’s a certain personality type that’s going to love doing crazy dares. The types of dares that you predict someone would say, “No way, there’s no way I’m doing that!”

We all know this personality type: it’s the daredevil.

Before we jump in, my experience with truth or dare…

I’m an avid fan of the game. In fact, I’ve written a few great articles on Truth or Dare (and how to play it—along with some fantastic game questions), dares to send over text, dares for kids, and generally GOOD dares that are perfect for anyone.

So you could say that I’m an expert in the game. And I am! I loved playing it as a kid. And it defined who I was both emotionally and physically (I learned to love a lot of young women this way! No… not in that way, get your mind out of the gutter!).

20 crazy dares that you should only ask if you want the cops to get called

—Crazy dares to ask the daredevil person in your life

If you have that daredevil personality around you right now, then they’re going to love these crazy dares. I warn you, the police might get called if you do a few of them!

If it’s winter, go outside in your underwear and roll around in the snow.

This one is going to get a little bit chilly! And maybe chilly for your willy!

Take all of the cinnamon in the cabinet and dump it in your mouth.

This is going to burn, get prepared!

Lick the sidewalk outside—an easy crazy dare.

It’s great to build your immune system up with this one!

Go up to a random stranger and talk to them like you know them.

Don’t be mean. Just make sure that they think that you know them. Call them a name that isn’t their name.

Get into your underwear and climb a tree—this crazy dare will get the cops called!

The dare that might leave some marks on your body. Bark is going to make a few cuts and bruises but you’ll be okay!

Text your parents a dirty photograph that you have and say it’s an accident.

Embarrassing! But it’s going to be hilarious! I dare you to try this.

Try to make the “mating ritual” with stuffed animals that are in the room right now—a crazy dare that can happen indoors.

Everyone is going to laugh when this one goes down!

Get into your parents’ car and drive it around the block (when you’re under 15-years-old).

The cops are going to get called on this one. Be careful! And only do this if you’re extra crazy!

Make a snowman outside and then put the carrot in the wrong place—a simple and funny crazy dare.

Funny ones for the neighbors to enjoy when they see your artwork!

Prank call the pizza place of your choice and pretend you’re ordering another food type—a crazy dare that seems innocent.

Be polite and don’t get in trouble. All you have to do is say sorry at the end and make sure that they see you’re just playing some games.

Jump inside your garbage cans—a dirty (literally) crazy dare.

Make sure it’s a big garbage can outside of your house!

Draw out the scene on a piece of paper when you walked in on your parents—ew, crazy dare!

Everyone has had this happen at least once in their life! Make sure the picture is extra descriptive.

Go into the kitchen and put mustard on ice cream and eat it.

A crazy dare that might taste good, right? Actually, I doubt it. I don’t think this is going to taste good at all. Maybe a little bit tangy!

Make silly faces to people who drive by the block for the next 15 minutes.

If you act like a monkey that would go the extra mile on this crazy dare!

Call your crush and tell him/her that you’re into them—a cute crazy dare.

Don’t wreck any potential future you might have with a boy/girl. Instead, just make sure you’re polite, cute, but honest. It’s crazy!

Go outside and scream as loud as you can and then run back into the house—a crazy dare for a crazy person!

Are you a cave man or cave woman? What’s going on here? That’s the two questions that your parents and the neighbors are going to ask.

Call your neighbors and tell them the house is on fire—crazy dares for crazy kids!

Hey, this may help you to build a little bit of storytelling skills into your life. They say that storytelling is one of the best ways to advance your career!

Knock on the neighbors door and try to sell them your vacuum.

Are you a salesperson? Maybe you are! Think of this crazy dare as the opportunity to advance your career!

Play ding dong ditch on the neighbors house—crazy dares for nighttime!

Everyone has to play ding dong ditch at least once in their life. Make sure that everyone watches the game player do the ringing and the ditching!

Make out with your hand and pretend it’s your crush!

You’ve probably already done this at least once in your life, right? No, you haven’t? Now is the time to do it. Make sure you really get into it for all your friends to make fun of you!

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