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Dares for Your Boyfriend Over Text

A reader wrote in the other day and asked me, “Ryan, what are some really good dares that I can send to my boyfriend over text?” I loved this. When you’re looking for some dares for your boyfriend for over text game play, then you’ll need a few inspiring ones!

The reality is that most women want to see if their boyfriend or crush is going to do what they say! And let me tell you, this will certainly reveal who they are and what they value! Did you know that there’s actual studies that show playing games with your loved one can increase your “relationship health” levels? It can! It strengthens relationships in very positive ways! Meaning it’s fantastic that you and your partner are deciding to do this together!

Before we jump in, my experience with truth or dare…

I’m an avid fan of the game. In fact, I’ve written a few great articles on Truth or Dare (and how to play it—along with some fantastic game questions), dares to send over text, dares for kids, and generally GOOD dares that are perfect for anyone.

So you could say that I’m an expert in the game. And I am! Playing truth or dare can be a great way to get to know people. And playing over text message can be great for couples who aren’t near each other at the moment!

11 dares for your boyfriend for over text message game play

—Dares for your boyfriend over text

When you really want to have fun playing truth or dare, then you’ll need some wild dares that will make him remember your activities together. Give a few of these a try! I’ll bet that he will never forget them!

Send me a screenshot of your last text messages.

This is a crazy dare that he’ll only do if he doesn’t have anything to hide!

Take a screenshot of your Instagram DM threads—dares for your boyfriend over text that will reveal who he is!

Another one that will surely make you happy to see! Is he talking to other people? Is he saying positive or negative things about you? Learn everything that’s going on in those Instagram messages. 

Take a photograph of you on the bathroom toilet—dares for your boyfriend that are a little crazy (to use over text)

A silly one that will surely make him smile and laugh.

Make out with a teddy bear over a video and send it to me

He’s going to pretend it’s you. Or he’s going to pretend it’s someone else. Or he’s going to think that he’s making out with a teddy bear!

Text me the things that you wish you and I would try in the bedroom—a dare for your boyfriend over text that might stop the game!

Maybe we are getting a little off track, aren’t we? I don’t know, actually! Maybe this will help the two of you connect on a deeper level!

Make a list of all the things that you want to change about me and send it to me

Hopefully he doesn’t make the list too long! This could be a great way to embrace open communication and learn how to accept feedback from a partnership.

Go into the kitchen and put ice cream on your head

It’s going to get sticky and it’s going to get wet. What does that remind you of?

Take out the chocolate syrup and put it all over your foot and send me a picture

His foot is never going to look so delicious! Maybe he’ll want to take a picture of him cleaning the syrup off! Yuck!

Get into the bathtub and get bubbles going and then take a selfie—a dare for your boyfriend that might be CLEANER than the others!

This is definitely not a dirty one, this is a clean one! Get it? That’s kind of a joke. Maybe you can make that same joke to him.

Put underwear on your head and then take a photo

Let’s hope that he picks some clean underwear and that it is not the white ones that he uses when he’s playing basketball.

Try to put on your moms dress and walk around the house—a crazy dare for your boyfriend over text

One of the crazy dares that you and your boyfriend will never forget.


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