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What does DATY mean in texting? (OMG!)

What does DATY mean in texting? Do you want to know a slightly specific and little nasty meaning of the acronym DATY? In this article, as you read on you will be made know of what DATY means in texting. It is funny how there are so many acronyms for us to know and learn to keep up with the texting trend.

What is the meaning of DATY in a text?

As nasty as it is, DATY means “Dining at the Y” which basically means, an act of oral s#x. The act is done on a woman since the origin of the acronym DATY is because the alphabet Y symbolizes the shape of a woman’s genitalia.

Depending on the person you are texting with and the degree of closeness you share with the person will determine the vulgarity and appropriateness of using DATY in texting.

The acronym DATY is an easy pick to label and refer to it as something vulgar. However, DATY can also be an alternate usage possibly for other meanings such as “dinner at the Yacht.”

Another alternative to look at could be a typing error for the word ‘date.’

Fun fact: Over 560 billion text messages are sent per month! That sure is a lot!

Examples of DATY in a text exchange:

Her: What is the plan tonight?

Him: I’m thinking DATY.

Her: Where do you want to go for dinner tonight?

Him: I want to DATY instead.

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What does DATY mean when a girl texts it to me?

It always seems taboo and unusual for a girl to take the first step in a relationship. For a girl to make the first move or approach, a girl is looked upon as a brave move. So, if you find yourself in a situation where a girl is texting you with a DATY, it is evident that she likes you and wants you.

It could come as pretty direct and off if you don’t share a very close and intimate bond with the girl and this could leave you guys to be awkward if you don’t know how to respond to this. In such a situation, it is always smart to ask her what it means because it could also be a typing error or any other alternative meaning behind her text.

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What does DATY mean when a guy texts it to you?

As vulgar as the meaning of DATY is, if it means “dining at the Y”, and there is no alternative meaning behind this text when a guy texts you, you probably know he likes you and is physically intentional with you.

But as discussed in the earlier situation, always make sure to double-check what it means whenever you get a DATY text from a guy because you never know if it is coming from a place of typing error for ‘date’ or anything else besides “dining at the Y.”

Does DATY mean the same thing in texting as it does on social media?

Be it texting or a post on social media, the word and the meaning of DATY is definitely under the same umbrella of the meaning behind its usage.

Be it in texting or on social media, acronyms such DATY is purely based on entertainment and the fun factor of today’s world of acronym trend.


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