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Deep Love Messages for Him

Saying nice things to your boyfriend or husband isn’t just a kind act; it will help the two of you. The act of writing and sending deep love messages for him is something that will have compounding effects for you.

Don’t believe me? You should refer to a few studies mentioned here and here. In short, they suggest that positive words have a positive impact (shocking, right!?). And that positive relationships also yield happy results.

A deep message that you can send him to make him feel loved...
A deep message that you can send him to make him feel loved…

My experience with getting a love message…

I’m a guy, and I’m here to say that a little love note by a woman is something that makes me feel incredible. The response that I have is typically feeling “full” and “loved” or cared for.

As a result of feeling this, I often want to give back and give more to the relationship. See how this has a positive impact on you, too?

Maybe you already knew this, which is why you’re here. If you did, I’m thankful for you. Here are some ideas on what to send.

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A sweet and loving message that you can send him...
A sweet and loving message that you can send him…

General deep loves messages for him

—Love messages for him to feel good

Sharing a small yet sweet love letter is something that can brighten his day. It’s best when the words come from your mouth. With your emotion and your sensibility on the relationship. Use the examples mentioned below as a type of template. Make sure to change and adjust them for yourself and your relationship.

  1. You’re everything to me. I sometimes struggle to get the words out of my mouth that actually mean what my heart feels. What I need you to know is that you’re everything that I have ever wanted. You’re incredible. And you’re the man that I wish other men emulated.
  2. There’s no greater feeling than the feeling I get when I’m with you. I know that some people feel like “soulmates” is a thing. And I have to start agreeing with them. That one, they exist, and that two, they are wonderful. You are my soulmate. I appreciate you.
  3. Gone are the days where I feel alone. It’s you that brings me to be who I am. Making me better every day. You force me to be the version of myself that I want to be. You make me better. And simply put, I am better when I’m with you.
  4. You’re the person that I think about when I fall asleep. The person that I think about when I wake up. There’s not a moment that goes by during the day where I don’t have you in mind. I know that you’re my person. My king. And everything that I’m intended to be.
  5. We’re meant to be together. I know it. In my heart, I can feel that we were once together in a previous life. And now together in today’s life. We are being given a gift. The gift of finding each other. And having the ability to recognize love when we see it. I love you so much.

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A lovely little one that you can send to him...
A lovely little one that you can send to him…

Long-distance deep love messages

—Love messages for him when it’s long-distance

A long-distance relationship is going to need more nurturing than others. Why is that? Well… the two of you don’t see each other as often. This can make the connection more difficult. It means reassurance is key. And small love letters can do that.

  1. I can’t wait to see you soon. Not a day goes by that I’m not thinking about you. Every moment of every day. I struggle with our physical distance. Although, I’m thankful that we’ll get the opportunity to fix that soon. I can’t wait!
  2. To the handsome man that I get to be around—I can’t wait to see you. There’s physical and long distance between us right now. Although, your spirit is alive in me more than I can describe. I hear you. And smell you. You’re one with me.
  3. My love and my king. You’re the first person that I think about in the morning. I keep thinking about the last time that we were together. The laughs that we had. The smiles that we shared. I would never give that up for anything in this world. I can’t wait to see you soon.
  4. I hope that you wake up every morning and know that I am thinking of you. And know how I feel about you. While it might not always come across as the best of words, I try to pick a few to describe my feelings for you. You’re my king, my prince, my everything. I hope that you know that.
  5. Our love grows stronger by the day. I can feel it deep in my bones. While sometimes my brain can send me in different directions—my heart does not. When I ask my heart compass where I should go, it points toward you. You are my rock. And my compass. I love you so very much, darling!

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Short little one that he might like to hear from you!
Short little one that he might like to hear from you!

Short and deep love messages for him

—Deep love messages for him

When you want to share a deep love message with him, but you don’t have a lot of time. When that’s the case, it’s a perfect time to send something short and sweet. If you still want it to cut deep, give these a try.

  1. You’re the only person that matters to me. I hope you know that.
  2. There’s nothing more important to me than you!
  3. Darling, I hope you can feel the way that I think about you. I love you!
  4. Life is simply better when you’re here with me.
  5. I know in my heart that you’re the one for me.
  6. There’s no way that I knew what love was before I met you.
  7. Do you know how much I appreciate you?
  8. The way you make me feel is something that I would never give up.
  9. You make me so happy.
  10. We are meant to be together. We are…
  11. You are my person. I know it my heart.
  12. It’s hard for me to describe love. All I know is that it’s what I feel for you.
  13. I still love the fact that I get butterflies in my stomach when I see you.
  14. The memories that replay through my mind of us make me so happy.
  15. Anytime that I think about you, I start to smile.
  16. Life is simply better with you in it.
  17. I like me better when I’m with you.
  18. There’s not a day that could by where I couldn’t not think of you.
  19. My love for you grows stronger and deeper every day. I love you.
  20. Our relationship is the most important thing to me. I hope that you know that in every bone in your body

Images to share with him—messages as images

Images to share:

Deep love messages for him
A sweet one that he’ll like to hear from you…
Deep love messages for him
A sweet one that he’ll like to hear from you…
A sweet one that he'll like to hear from you...
A sweet one that he’ll like to hear from you…

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