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Dirty Nicknames for Guys

Are you looking for dirty nicknames for guys? If you have a guy in your life, it’s probably time to tease him with your love. A nickname will do that!

I’m a guy… And let me tell you, I would love it if a girl had a dirty nickname for me. A nickname is a great way for you (the girl or other guy) to show your interest in me. I wouldn’t do it any other way.

While it might seem that women are the only ones who want to be shown words of affirmation, you’d be surprised what a little verbal loving can do for the man in your life.

First, my experience with having a girl call me a dirty nickname…

I’ve had a dirty nickname and a cute one. My favorite was when she called me “king.” I’ll admit this secret to you… There’s no other woman who will ever get to call me that. That’s how impactful she was for me.

And it happened from just a small nickname.

Why did it make me feel so good? Well, it made me realize that she was committed to me. Or at least I thought at the time. That level of commitment is HOT. It’s something that I didn’t want to give up. I was addicted to it.

That’s what you can do to your man with these nicknames.

Expert advice: While studies have shown that women respond very well to affirmations, men also appreciate affirmation. Do you know your boyfriend’s “love language?” You might be shocked to find out just how many men have “words of affirmation” as their love language. What does that mean for you? It means you SHOULD say sweet things to your boyfriend fairly often!

Cute and dirty ones—dirty nicknames for guys without sounding like too much!

—Cute and dirty nicknames for guys

If you don’t want to go overboard—you can give him a cute yet dirty nickname. These are perfect for couples who want to display their intimacy but don’t want to do it too loudly.

For example, having a weird nickname that people are going to ask about in public, like “Dom.”

  1. King
  2. Prince
  3. Hot stuff
  4. Bubble butt
  5. Thumper
  6. Throbber
  7. Hardie
  8. Hardey
  9. Heartthrob
  10. Cookie
  11. Jackhammer (or Jack for short and secret)
  12. Jack the ripper (or again, Jack for short)
  13. Trouble maker
  14. Big guy
  15. Big stuff
  16. Big daddy
  17. Daddy
  18. Stud
  19. Stud muffin
  20. Rock (as in rock hard)

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Dirty names for in bed

—Dirty nicknames for guys (when you’re in bed)

Maybe you’re looking for a nickname that’s perfect for bedtime (you know what that is). If that’s the case, try out a few of these. Remember, they’re best not to share publicly (like when you’re around mom and dad).

  1. Zaddy
  2. Master
  3. Dominator
  4. Dom
  5. Slave master
  6. Leather master
  7. Whip king
  8. Doctor Love
  9. Dr. Sttuff me Up
  10. Love Doctor
  11. Extra Hot
  12. Playboy
  13. Naughty Boy
  14. Sexy man
  15. Hunk
  16. Hottie
  17. Hunky
  18. Hot Buns
  19. Woodie
  20. Woody
  21. Big wood
  22. Pecker
  23. Pecker wood
  24. Dr. Pin Me Down

Expert advice: Studies have shown that communication of positive compliments or affirmations in relationships has a very strong positive impact on the long-term potential of the relationship. And I mean… doesn’t this make sense? Who doesn’t want to know that they feel appreciated? Or noticed? Here’s the trick… set a reminder for yourself. Once every two weeks, send a compliment!

Names for masculinity

—Dirty nicknames for guys (when you want him to feel powerful)

Sometimes, dirty nicknames can be super easy to remember. And help a guy to develop his testosterone in the way that you want him to! Yes… Sometimes a nickname can help him to get that boost of masculinity that he needs!

  1. Handsome
  2. My Irreplaceable
  3. My Honey
  4. Johnny Rocket
  5. Rooster (as in C*ck)
  6. French Kisser
  7. Mr. Nice Guy
  8. Mr. Hot Stuff
  9. Fun Time Tim
  10. Can’t Hardly Wait
  11. Dr. Inspector
  12. Officer
  13. Professor of Love (or just professor)
  14. Big stuff
  15. Big one
  16. Sir Jeans Fill Out a Lot
  17. My Pogo Stick
  18. Hammer
  19. The Hammer
  20. Thor
  21. Knee melter
  22. Bed torcher
  23. Bed wizard
  24. Orga*m king
  25. Hot potato
  26. Spicy meatball

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Names from Animals

—Dirty nicknames for guys that are based on animals

When you want to pick out a dirty nickname for him and want it to be hidden from the rest of the world—then associating the nickname with an animal can be a great way to do that. Try out one of these very simple references.

  1. Jack Rabbit (Jack for short)
  2. Grizzly Bear (or Bear for short)
  3. Beast
  4. Wild Stallion
  5. Hawk
  6. Foxy
  7. Tiger
  8. Lion
  9. Tarzan
  10. Alpha
  11. Teddy Bear

Picking out a dirty nickname for him (my advice on how to do it)

Remember, I’m one of the guys who had a love of his life call him a dirty nickname… And here’s my tip for you.

Firstly, don’t just pick any name. If someone can tell that you’ve picked that name for someone in the past, it’s going to lose its impact. Make sure that it’s an authentic name for your authentic love.

Second, pick something that’s going to boost his morale. Ultimately, it will serve you better. As for me, in my relationships—I ended up doing more for her, spending more time with her, loving her more… All because of a silly nickname!

Lastly, test it out on him. If you see him respond well, keep saying it (but don’t overdo it, of course). If it doesn’t work so hot, then maybe give it some time and try another nickname. Ultimately, you want this to be an endearing nickname. And one that maybe turns him on!

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