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Dirty Questions to Ask a Guy

Looking for dirty questions to ask a guy that you like? A few questions can really spice things up. Questions like, “When was the last dirty dream that you had? What happened?” Or “Are you a boob or butt guy?” These questions are sure to get the attention of someone that you’re interested in!

The best dirty questions to ask a guy

—Dirty questions to ask a guy

  1. What is the biggest fantasy you always dreamt about?
  2. Which scene from a movie do you consider to be the sexiest?
  3. Have you ever hooked up with someone on Tinder for a one-night stand?
  4. Which is the most outrageous thing you have done in bed?
  5. Are there any fetishes you want to indulge in?
  6. How fit are you and how many rounds are you capable of?
  7. If you could do it with a celeb, whom would you choose?
  8. If you could be part of a threesome with celebs, which two celebs will you choose?
  9. Have you ever done it outdoors in a public place?
  10. Do you prefer being on top always, or are you open to being below?
  11. What is your favorite position?
  12. Are you interested in dirty talk before actually doing it?
  13. Do you have a count of how many girls you have slept with?
  14. Have you ever done it with a man?
  15. Did you ever sex toys in the bedroom?
  16. Do you prefer doing it in the morning or at night?
  17. What is it that turns you on the most while doing it?
  18. What is the maximum number of times you have done it in one day?
  19. How many partners have you had in total till today?
  20. Would you be interested in going in from behind?
  21. What all would you like to do with me?
  22. Do you remember when you did it for the first time, and how was it?
  23. Did you ever get caught red-handed as a teen while doing it?
  24. Have you ever seen a porn video and felt that you want to recreate the video?
  25. How would you like to take off a girl’s clothes – strip it off or take it off slowly?
  26. Do you like foreplay or do you want action straight away?
  27. Lights to be on or off while doing it, what do you prefer?
  28. Have you ever done it while someone else was watching?
  29. Do you like sending dirty pics?
  30. How long have you been without doing it?
  31. Do you prefer missionary or love doggy style?
  32. Would you enjoy it if your girl pulled your hair while doing it?

Naughty questions to ask a guy to make him laugh

—Dirty questions to ask a guy to make him laugh

  1. Have you ever fallen asleep while having sex?
  2. Were you ever embarrassed in bed when you let out a fart?
  3. Is there any occasion where you had to stop doing it because the girl smelt terrible?
  4. How would you react if your girl starts laughing while doing it?
  5. Did you ever put it in the wrong place while doing it in the dark?
  6. How would you make a girl laugh while making out?
  7. If your girl starts to tickle you while doing it, how will you react?
  8. Your girl takes out a feather just as you get ready to it, what will you do?
  9. Have you ever tried to copy a sex position and ended up making a fool of yourself?
  10. What would you do if you discovered that your girl was live-streaming your sex session?
  11. Would you prefer to watch someone do it or would you want to do it while others watch?
  12. What is your most hilarious experience while doing it?
  13. Which is the most difficult position you have ever tried?
  14. Is there any porn video you saw that you found funny?
  15. Have you ever sent a dirty picture to someone by mistake?
  16. You think are sexting with your girl, but you are actually messaging her dad. How will you react?
  17. Is there any time when the neighbors banged the door at night asking you to stop making noise?
  18. What is your most favorite pickup line?
  19. If you got a chance to be part of a porn film, would you do it?
  20. If you could act in a porn film and select your partner, whom would you choose?
  21. Imagine that a film is made about your sex life. What would it be titled?
  22. If all the girls you have been with rate your lovemaking skills, what do you think is the average score you would get?
  23. Did you ever pee in the shower?
  24. Have you ever been so excited that you came in your pant?
  25. If you had to make an animal sound in bed, which animal would you imitate?
  26. If you could change one part of your body, which part would you change and why?

Nasty questions to ask a guy over text

  1. Have you any idea what I am wearing now?
  2. If I tell you no one is at home, how fast can you come over?
  3. If I could touch just one part of your body, which would it be?
  4. Can you sext me with the most outrageous message possible?
  5. What is your secret fantasy about me?
  6. Have you ever had a wet dream? Describe it.
  7. Would you want me to go down on you?
  8. What is your preference, slow and erotic, or rough and loud?
  9. Send me a pic of the lingerie you would like me to wear?
  10. Send me a link to the last porn video you watched?
  11. Which is the dirtiest pic you ever received? Forward it to me.
  12. What will you do if your boss sends you a dirty pic?
  13. Have you ever been invited to a threesome by anyone?
  14. Where would you like to do it with me?
  15. How will you react if I ask you to send me a dick pic?
  16. Did you ever go to a place where there was a stripper?
  17. Do you like French kissing?
  18. Have you ever peeped into the girl’s shower room?
  19. What will you do if you see your neighbor making out with the windows open?
  20. Do you want to cuddle after doing it or go to sleep?
  21. Which song would you like to play while doing it?
  22. If you could watch a movie while doing it, which movie would you watch?
  23. Supposing you were paid a million to do it live on TV, would you agree?
  24. Do you like going down on a girl?
  25. What do you prefer, sexting or phone sex?
  26. Is there anything new you want to try in bed?
  27. Have you ever woken up and were shocked to see who was sleeping next to you?
  28. Would you want to give me a hickey?
  29. Have you ever been seen naked by someone accidentally?
  30. Do you like doing it in the shower?
  31. Are you ready to get into an open relationship with a girl?
  32. If you find out your girl is cheating on you, will you also cheat on her?

Naughty questions to ask a teenage guy

—Dirty questions to ask a guy (teenage questions)

  1. What would be your reaction if a girl made the first move?
  2. Do you read erotic stories?
  3. Do you want to make eye contact while making out or do you prefer to keep your eyes closed?
  4. If you had glasses that enabled you to see through clothes, whom would you see first?
  5. What will you do if you enter the girl’s shower room by mistake?
  6. If I come into the boy’s shower room, how will you react?
  7. What is your idea of the most passionate date?
  8. Would you prefer a quickie or are you game for a marathon?
  9. If you could take off only one of my clothing, which would you choose?
  10. Have you ever wanted to do it with someone older than you?
  11. Did you ever stare at a girl’s chest in public?
  12. Have you watched an adult movie secretly and got caught?
  13. How good are you while kissing, rate yourself on 1 to 10?
  14. When you spot a new girl, which part would you like to see first?
  15. Have you ever fantasized about a teacher?
  16. If a hot relative makes a move on you, how would you react?
  17. What are the physical features you expect in a girl?
  18. Do you want a girl who is ready to do it on the first date?
  19. Do you want a hot girl who is dumb or an average girl who is brainy?
  20. Are you someone who likes to give or who likes to receive?
  21. What would you like to do on a dream date?
  22. Did your parents tell you about the birds and bees? How was your reaction?
  23. Do you prefer me in black lace or a white T-shirt?
  24. Have you ever spoken with your friends about all that you did during a date?
  25. If your best friend asks you to secretly send a video of you doing it with your girl, will you agree?
  26. Are you still a virgin? If not, how was your first experience?
  27. Would you be ready to play a dirty game of truth and dare with me?
  28. If you were asked to wear a girl’s clothes for a dare, would you do it?

Dirty truth or dare questions

—Dirty questions to ask a guy that are “truth or dare” style


  1. If you could make out with one person in this group, who would it be with?
  2. Would you be interested in doing it with a guy?
  3. Who is that one person at work whom you have the hots for?
  4. Have you ever covered yourself up while meeting a girl because you were getting hard?
  5. Is there any occasion where you went to a bar to pick up a girl because you were so turned on?
  6. How frequently do you watch dirty videos?
  7. Would you like to choke your girl while doing it?
  8. Is there anything in your mobile that you don’t want others to see?
  9. Which is the dress you would like your girl to wear on a date?
  10. If you see men ogling your girl when you take her out, how would you react?
  11. Tell me one dirty secret about you that no one knows.
  12. If you could buy any one thing from a sex shop, what would you choose?
  13. If your girl wants to handcuff you, will you agree?
  14. What is your all-time favorite pick-up line?
  15. Have you ever got a lap dance done?
  16. Did you ever do it with a hooker?
  17. Have you ever done it with someone and regretted it later?
  18. What was your reaction the first time you watched an adult video?
  19. If you could exchange nudes with someone in this group, who would you choose?
  20. Share your wildest fantasy in explicit detail.
  21. How did it feel the first time a girl went down on you?
  22. Have you ever gone down on a girl?
  23. Is there any occasion where you were turned on by seeing a guy?
  24. Would you be willing to strip on a reality show?
  25. If you got a chance to act in a play but had to strip on stage, would you do it?
  26. What is the most embarrassing thing you have ever done on a date?
  27. Have you ever been slapped by a girl for crossing the limit?
  28. Did you ever visit a strip club?
  29. Have you ever done it on public transportation?
  30. What is your size?
  31. Have you ever peeped at another guy and felt jealous seeing his member?


  1. Take a teddy bear and make love to it.
  2. Take off all your clothes and run up and down from the door to the street twice.
  3. Open the window, put your head out, and make moaning sounds.
  4. Give me your phone and allow me to text anyone anything.
  5. Take off your pants and go to the store and buy a bar of soap.
  6. Do a lap dance for anyone you want in this room.
  7. Order pizza or anything online. When the delivery guy comes, go outside completely naked and collect the order.
  8. Pleasure yourself without removing your clothes.
  9. Post a status on your Facebook account saying, “I am coming, I am coming.” Change it to “I came, I came…” after 2 minutes.
  10. Take a shower in front of everyone wearing your underwear.
  11. Give me your mobile after opening Tinder and allow me to use it for 3 minutes.
  12. Send a dirty message to your ex, and then send an apology after 2 minutes.
  13. Allow me to choose a sex position and then demonstrate it using a pillow.
  14. Sext someone in this room and read out the message aloud.
  15. Spin a bottle and French kiss whoever it points to.
  16. Spin a bottle and do it with clothes on with whoever the bottle points to.
  17. Read out an erotic story loudly.
  18. Choose anyone from this room and suck their toes.                                                           
  19. Put chocolate sauce on the cheek of the person next to you and lick it off slowly.
  20. Give a back massage to anyone in this room in the most erotic way.
  21. Exchange clothes with any girl in this room.
  22. Allow anyone in this room to draw anything on your butt with a permanent marker.
  23. Send an eggplant emoji to your crush, and don’t explain anything.
  24. Suck your thumb erotically for 1 minute.
  25. Take a banana and demonstrate how you would put a condom on it.
  26. Sit blindfolded and guess who the person kissing you is.
  27. Make an O face and take a selfie. Put it as your DP for the next 1 hour.
  28. Go to college/work with your zipper open and don’t zip it up even if someone points it out.
  29. Go to a cinema hall and choose a corner seat. Make loud and moaning noises for 1 minute.

Funny and dirty questions to ask a guy

  1. If you go on a date with a girl and then find out she is actually a guy, how will you react?
  2. Which is the most sensitive part of your body that you don’t want your girl to touch?
  3. What will you do if a person sitting on a bus next to you starts touching you?
  4. If you are showering and then suddenly the door opens, and your neighbor comes in, what will you do?
  5. Have you ever spied on a hot neighbor using binoculars?
  6. If you had the power to do it for 24 hours continuously with whom would you do it?
  7. Have you ever lost your swimming costume in the pool? What did you do?
  8. You are watching a dirty movie and are turned on. If the guy next to you offers to go down, will you accept?
  9. You have a date with the hottest girl, and she takes you home. But her brother is there, what will you do?
  10. If you ever paid to have sex on a stage in front of thousands of people, will you do it?
  11. How will you react if you fart while making out on a hot date?
  12. Your date takes you to her room, and you find BSDM accessories lying around. Will you run away or stay on bravely?
  13. Your crush invites you home and asks you be part of a threesome with her sister. What will you do?
  14. A hot date agrees to do it but says you must do it while standing. Will you agree?
  15. You are offered a million dollars, but have to give up sex for a year. Will you take up the offer?
  16. While doing it on a hot date, you find that your condom has slipped off. What will you do?
  17. There is only one pharmacy in town, and you go there to buy protection for tonight’s date. The person at the counter is your date’s father, what will you do?
  18. Your date starts making animal noises while making out, how will you react?
  19. When you are doing it with a girl, she starts screaming out someone else’s name loudly. What will you do?

Personal and naughty questions to ask a guy

  1. Are you interested in BDSM?
  2. Did you ever sleep with someone who you shouldn’t have slept with?
  3. If a girl on Tinder asks what your size is, what will you do?
  4. Are you ready to make a video of us doing it?
  5. Have you gone skinny dipping in a pool?
  6. Did you ever do it in your dad’s car?
  7. Have you ever made out with your girl when your parents were in the next room?
  8. How many times a week do you want to make out?
  9. Do you like your girl with hair down there or without?
  10. If your date asks you for 69, will you agree?
  11. Have you ever gone on a blind date only for sex?
  12. If your tinder date asks you to send a dick pic, will you send it.
  13. At the end of a hot make out session with your girl, you find out that her little brother was in the room, how will you react?
  14. Would you do it with a girl with her pet dog in the room?
  15. What according to you is your most attractive physical feature?
  16. Tell me one reason why I should sleep with you.
  17. If you were invited to the shower by your best friend’s mom will you agree?
  18. Your girl tells you she is wearing edible underwear, how will you react?
  19. Would you like your girl to go down on you when you wear flavored condoms?
  20. What is the dirtiest thing you want to do with me?
  21. You are in the mood, but your girl says she is not in the mood. How will you turn her on?
  22. Would you choose a beautiful girl or a sexy girl?
  23. Do you ever think about me when you pleasure yourself?
  24. If you see your girl pleasuring herself after sex, how will you react?
  25. Would you be interested to do it with a girl who wants you to use food for foreplay?
  26. If your girl wants to spank you, will you agree?
  27. Given a choice, would you do it on a train or mid-flight?
  28. Would you go to a sex store to buy something or order it online?
  29. Would you want to try a massage candle?

Popular dirty questions to ask a guy

  1. Do you like talking dirty to someone that you’re with?
  2. Have you ever played strip poker?
  3. What do you think my lips taste like?
  4. Do you sleep naked?
  5. What’s the craziest thing that you’ve ever done with someone?
  6. What’s your favorite sex position?
  7. Do you like to talk dirty?
  8. What color underwear are you wearing right now?
  9. What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever done in the bedroom?
  10. Do you like to play rough or keep it simple?
  11. Have you ever sent nude photos of yourself?
  12. Are you a yoga pants guy?
  13. Are you into morning sex, or is that not your thing?
  14. Do you want to play dirty truth or dare?
  15. What’s your favorite sex scene?

Dirty questions to ask a guy (images to share)

Dirty question to ask a guy
Dirty question to ask a guy
Dirty question to ask a guy
Dirty question to ask a guy
Dirty question to ask a guy
Dirty question to ask a guy
Dirty question to ask a guy
Dirty question to ask a guy
Dirty question to ask a guy
Dirty question to ask a guy
Dirty question to ask a guy
Dirty question to ask a guy
Dirty question to ask a guy
Dirty question to ask a guy

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