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Dumb Questions to Ask

Looking for really dumb questions to ask? Sometimes, asking your friends a dumb question can help them turn their head a bit. Maybe you want to get their attention. Or just want to share in a laugh. A funny and dumb question that comes of the blue can sometimes turn the mood around.

Try some of these very dumb ones! And trust us, they’re dumb, alright!

Best dumb questions to ask your friends

  1. Why do we use our noses to breath and smell?
  2. Do you guys ever think that watching dogs poop will make you want to poop?
  3. Why is it that when we see people eating we want to start eating?
  4. What exactly is a craving when it comes to certain foods?
  5. Do you think that sometimes our brains are out to get us?
  6. Isn’t it weird that zombies eat brains but don’t get smarter?
  7. Why is it that self-help groups are in groups and not on your own?
  8. Why is that pizzas are round but come in square boxes?
  9. What would happen if a UFO fell from the sky? Would you go toward it?
  10. Do you think that blind people can smell things better?
  11. Why is it that some people say that another person is a “wise guy” when they are trying to describe them as someone dumb?
  12. Is there such a thing as a conscious or is it just ourselves telling us secret little lies?
  13. Do you think people are really allergic to food or are they just faking it?
  14. Why do doctors wear white coats when they could potentially get blood on them?
  15. Why is it that we care so much about doctors showing their diplomas, when we really don’t look at them anyway?
  16. Why do people share reviews? If they spent enough time having a bad experience, why would they spend more time in that bad experience?
  17. Why is it that some hot sauce comes in a mild flavor?
  18. Can you please explain to me why some people use vinegar to clean their homes when it smells so bad?

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Super dumb ones to ask a girl

  1. Why do girls like guys who have TikTok accounts so much?
  2. Would you ever want your parents to give you an arranged marriage?
  3. Do you think that I’m more like caviar or that I’m more like gold?
  4. What if an unidentified flying object fell into your backyard, what would you do?
  5. Why does donald duck wear a towel in all of the cartoons?
  6. Why is it that space battles always have explosions when that probably can’t happen in real life?
  7. Do you really think that there are four billion stars out there?
  8. Why do people use baby oil to go tanning? Wouldn’t it not want to be on babies then?
  9. What are the long words from the dictionary that you really remember?
  10. Why isn’t a lemon called a yellow and a lime called a green?
  11. Why do they say that things are unsolved mysteries?
  12. Can you please tell me why girls care so much about a guy being tall? But care so much when a guy asks for certain looks in a woman?
  13. Why do women wear fake eye lashes?
  14. Why is it that we sometimes put Vodka in food and feed it children but want them to be 21-years-old in order to consume it in other situations?
  15. Why is it that we can go to war before we can start to drink?

Very dumb Q’s to ask a guy

—Dumb questions to ask your guy

  1. Isn’t spoiled milk just cheese? Why do we not want to drink it, then?
  2. Why is it that corn oil isn’t made from corn at all?
  3. If there was a time machine, do you think that people would go back in time and tell us?
  4. If you didn’t have to work anymore, what time would you want to wake up in the morning?
  5. Why doesn’t the sun hurt when it hits our skin?
  6. Why do we want things to be sea salty when we aren’t fish?
  7. Why do you think it’s so hard for women to put on their makeup with their mouth closed?
  8. Why isn’t it called Old Zealand when technically that would be more correct?
  9. Why do bankruptcy attorneys still think that their customers will have money to pay them?
  10. Why do people say that things sell like hotcakes, when hotcakes sell really poorly.
  11. Can you please explain to me why guys act differently around other guys than they do when it’s a group of girls?
  12. Why is it that men can’t seem to put their dirty clothes into the hamper properly?
  13. How many times out of the day do you think that men consider something naughty in their mind?
  14. Why is it that guys always want to slide into random girls DM’s, do they think it’s really going to work?
  15. Why do guys like butts so much on a woman?

Dumb and stupid prompts to ask your crush

—Dumb questions to ask your crush

  1. When things are running out of battery, why do you think that people try to press harder on the buttons, thinking that it will work?
  2. Do you think that if the world ended, that we would disappear completely or go somewhere else together?
  3. Why is there such a thing as calories on a pack of gum?
  4. When we cut pizza into squares and triangles, why do we make round pizzas?
  5. Why do we never take the advice of the wise man?
  6. When do you think that we started evolving?
  7. Do you think that love is secretly just lust in disguise?
  8. Why is it that we swipe so quickly on dating apps?
  9. If you saw your parents on a dating app, what would you say to them?
  10. Why do we always want to get the dog fixed when we wish we could duplicate them?
  11. If you could have any sense of yours get eliminated, which sense would you want it to be?
  12. Do you ever think that you would go out on a date with someone that you met in an awkward place, like Chuck-E-Cheese?
  13. If a really nice guy asked you out but he was working in a really bad job, would you go out with him anyway?
  14. Why do cats lick their fur when they are only going to try and puke it up later?
  15. Why is it that we could have the smartest cat in the universe and they will still pee in the living room?

25+ dumb and silly questions to ask people

—Dumb questions to ask people

  1. If life had a remote control, what time do you think you would try to turn off like?
  2. Why is an electrical socket called an outlet when we’re intended to put things inside of it?
  3. Why is it that some movies show the entire movie in the previews?
  4. Who do you think invented the square pizza box?
  5. Do you think that they should put the credits for the people who supported the actors and actresses in the movie or just the movie producers and actors?
  6. What do you think are some of the most nonsensical questions that you get asked at work?
  7. Why are we asked to plug things into sockets that say they are for going “out?”
  8. Are there truly stupid people in this world or only other people who don’t understand them yet?
  9. Maybe there is no such thing as a bad time and it’s just you who isn’t a good time?
  10. Why do we put socks on our feet when we are going to put shoes on them, anyway?
  11. Do you think you know who your real mom is?
  12. Who was the person who invented the alarm clock, do you think that we should try to get this invention taken back?
  13. Why do people get white tattoos when they have light skin colors? What’s the point?
  14. When people are giving their advice, why do they say “two cents,” which doesn’t equal any value at all? Shouldn’t it be, “Here’s my million-dollar opinion.”
  15. Why is it called a “heart attack,” when in reality, the heart is starting to pass out? Shouldn’t it be, “heart not working?”
  16. Should chewing gum be considered part of a child’s dinner if they have it?
  17. Do you think that world would be a better place without the internet?
  18. Why is it that we want to make everything electric, when things that are electric are just getting their power from things that aren’t natural (like coal)?

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