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What Does DWS Mean in Texting? (Examples)

Texting is one of the most popular forms of communication among mobile phone users because it’s quick. While many users follow the traditional writing style, more people now use acronyms in text messaging to save time. Among others, DWS is one of the most used shorthand texts.  So what does DWS mean in texting? Have you ever used it? In standard texting, DWS means “Dealing With Sh#t.” People text DWS when someone asks why they aren’t their usual self. A person could be having some issues, and they may feel disturbed and uncomfortable, so they behave in a different way.  Sometimes, it could also mean they’re extremely busy at work, at home, or with studies.

Alternative Meanings

While DWS commonly means “Dealing With Sh#t” in texting, it also means a few other things. They include:

  • Dripping with Sarcasm 
  • Dats Wassup
  • Driving While Stupid

DWS also stands for:

  • Doom Wad Station
  • Deep Water Soloing
  • Disaster Warning System
  • Disaster Warning Satellite
  • Disappearing Woman Syndrome
  • Drunken Wh#re Syndrome (1. Usually describing someone who is ill frequently. 2. A severe disease that infects someone who behaves like a drunken whore.)

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Examples Of DWS In A Text Exchange

Here are two examples of using DWS in a text exchange.

Example One: 

Tim: “Hey, are you ok? You sounded a bit off.” 

Jake: “Sorry, bro, I am DWS right now.”

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Example Two: 

Steve: “Would you like to hang out with the group tonight? My treat!”

Brian: “Can we do it some other time? DWS at work today.”

Fun fact: Over 560 billion text messages are sent per month! That sure is a lot!

What Does DWS Mean When A Girl Texts It To Me?

When a girl texts DWS, it usually means “Dealing With Sh#t” the person may be going through some issues at work, home, or school.

But if the text exchange is fun and she means the opposite of what she texts, it could also mean “dripping with sarcasm.”

What Does DWS Mean When A Guy Texts It To Me?

A guy also means the same thing when he texts DWS. You may notice his unusual behavior and ask him via text, and he may answer “DWS.”

Or, as in the second example, you may ask if he wants to hang out, and he may reply DWS to indicate he’s busy and can’t spare the time.

Does DWS Mean The Same In Texting As it Does On Social Media?

Yes, most of the time, DWS means the same thing in text messaging and social media. However, it also depends on the topic of the chat and the situation.

So, it could mean “dealing with sh#t,” “dripping with sarcasm,” or “dats wassup.”


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