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Flirty Questions to Ask a Girl

Looking for flirty questions to ask a girl? It’s good to ask the opposite sex a question or two to see if she’s interested in you. If you ask a girl a flirty question like, “What’s your biggest turn ons?” And she answers with a true or funny answer, that might be a great sign!

Go ahead and ask her these!
Flirty questions to ask a girl

My experience asking these questions…

Okay, okay… So I’ve had a few relationships myself. And here’s what I learned… if I had asked a few tailored questions in the beginning, I might have saved myself from getting into a poor relationship. That’s what brought me to relationship questions. They help you save yourself from future misery. Or help you find future happiness.

Here are my BEST tips based on my own experiences…

  • Remember a few that you like – Keep a couple of your favorite questions in mind. Try to remember a few for when the moment strikes you.
  • Don’t forget these as a tool – Whenever there’s a dull moment, whether you’re with a spouse or family… pull out a few of these questions.
  • Don’t take it too seriously – Especially when it comes to spouses or those you might be romantically interested in. This isn’t a time to start digging! Have fun, make it silly, and don’t take it all too seriously.

Best flirty ones to ask a girl

  • Will you let me kiss you now? If I did, what would you say?
  • Is there something about me that caught your eye at first?
  • What is it about you that most appeals to men?
  • What are the greatest deal-breakers, in your opinion?
  • Who would you pick if you could somehow have supper with anybody in the world, alive or dead?
  • Have you ever experienced love?
  • What romantic act made a guy most memorable in your eyes?
  • Has there ever been something insane you have done for a guy?
  • What three characteristics do you think a good partnership should have?
  • Your complexion is radiant. Please share your secret with me.
  • Would it bother you if I kept your hand for a little while?
  • When was the most recent time someone complimented your looks?
  • What Is Your Favorite Fun Activity To Engage In With Your Partner?
  • What would you do with $5,000 if you were given a check?
  • What would the name of the film about your life be called? Why?
  • In contrast to me, how seductive are you?
  • What tickles your fancy?
  • What is your craziest fantasy?
  • Where would you most desire to be right now on the planet? Or explain why you would pick it.
  • In a word, how would you sum up who you are?
  • Have you ever experienced a protracted stretch of singledom?
  • How would a full day with me look if you were given a chance?
  • What, in your opinion, constitutes the ideal date? Have you lately gone on one?
  • What is the biggest regret you’ve ever had regarding a romantic relationship?
  • Do you remember any instances in which you misbehaved in public?
  • Do you have any exciting plans for the upcoming 24 hours?
  • If I told you that I liked you, what would you say?
  • Would you prefer a kiss on the mouth or the cheek following the first date?
  • What form of communication do you prefer? Text messages or phone calls
  • If you had a single superpower, what would it be?
  • How many things on your wish list are also the most important?
  • What do you have scheduled for the weekend?
  • Which joke do you now find to be the best?
  • Does your body have any tattoos? Do they have a visible presence?
  • What is your favorite dirty joke?
  • When you looked over the message I sent you, did you smile?
  • Do you want to come back and visit me?
  • What do you say about our possible video chat?
  • Show me your favorite smartphone picture, please.
  • Would you mind sharing a few of your go-to playlists?
  • How recently have you enjoyed a memorable night out?
  • Which particular event today most caught your attention?
  • If you could meet any famous person, who would it be?
  • Would you mind emailing me a GIF with an animation of your choice?
  • Are you a night owl by nature?
  • Do you sing while taking a shower?
  • Can you play any instruments?
  • Which three things are vital to you?
  • Are you curious about what musical acts are performing nearby?
  • What music has been played on your phone the most recently?
  • Have you ever heard a joke that is as offensive as they come?
  • What would you call the clothing you are wearing at the moment?
  • Please let me know when you’re next available.

Expert advice: According to researchers at the University of Kansas, facial expressions are a significant part of successful flirtation. What does this mean for you? If you’re using text messaging, try an emoji! While it’s not as effective as your face, it can help.

Go ahead and ask her these!
Flirty questions to ask a girl

Dirty and flirty Q’s to ask a girl

  • What number of positions do you believe you have attempted so far?
  • What would “it” be if you could only have it in one position for the remainder of your life?
  • Is it possible to begin without foreplay?
  • Like delivering oral presentations?
  • What was the lengthiest private conversation you’ve ever had?
  • Do you like raunchy sex?
  • How do you feel about a threesome?
  • Which body part do I like best?
  • How would you react if I told you I wanted sex right now?
  • How frequently have people told you how excellent you are in bed?
  • Do you enjoy adding toys to your session to make it more enjoyable?
  • Which do you prefer, quick or slow? How memorable would our time together be if we just had one night together?
  • Do you enjoy roughhousing?
  • How quickly can you arrive here?
  • What is the ideal approach to finishing a romantic encounter?
  • Can one use one hand to unhook a bra?
  • Do you make eye contact when having sex with someone?
  • Do you like marathon sessions better than quickies?
  • Are you edible to me?
  • Can you put your fingers in my mouth?
  • Do you prefer to be wholly submissive or entirely dominant?
  • How quickly can a guy get there?
  • Do you enjoy trying out various positions? If so, which one is your favorite?
  • Have you ever got tempted by a more senior person?
  • How many ex-partners’ phone numbers still exist in yours?
  • Have you ever felt a draw to the partner of a friend?
  • Have you ever engaged in or seen cheating?
  • How do I stack up against the other males you’ve dated?
  • Have you ever had an open relationship?
  • You’ve had how many boyfriends?
  • Has a male ever left you in the middle of a passionate kiss?
  • Have you ever had feelings for a teacher?
  • Have you ever had a friend-with-benefits relationship?
  • In your opinion, what do I do better than the other males you’ve been with?
  • How many times a week did you have sex before I was alone?
  • Do you occasionally daydream about your female friends?
  • In three words, describe your sex life.
  • Have you ever engaged in pointless sex with a partner?
  • Have you ever asked a guy to come to a private place so you could make out?
  • When you were in a long-distance relationship, did you ever cheat?
  • Do you want to recreate a sexy scene from a film with me?
  • Do you still communicate with the person with whom you had your virginity?
  • Have you ever dated someone for only one night before entering a committed relationship?
  • Whom among your ex-lovers would you pick to spend the night with, and why?
  • Have you ever been caught cheating on your partner?
  • At what age did you start masturbating?
  • Have you ever made advances on a friend’s boyfriend?
  • In relationships, are you something of an easy-going or serious girl?
  • Have you ever made a love confession while having sex?
  • Do you think there is a distinction between making love and having s*x?
  • Would you postpone losing your virginity till after marriage?
  • Who would you consider to be the ideal man?
  • What physical qualities in a man make him irresistible?
  • Do you think of yourself as romantic?
  • Which sport best encapsulates your way of life?
  • Does sexual history matter?
  • What about a man most appeals to you that isn’t sexual?
  • Is it OK to harbor fantasies about males you are not currently dating?
  • Which do you value more: your sex or your brain?
  • Believe you can fall in love at first sight?

Expert advice: The “sexual strategies theory,” which arose in the 1990s, suggests that laughter can be a strong signal to the opposite sex that you’re a worthy partner. What’s more interesting is that if you’re a man being funny to a woman, it’s really important that they show you that you’re funny, too. It’s this two way laughter that creates the connection. What does this mean for you? Use funny sentences, jokes, and other pickup lines.

Go ahead and ask her these!
Flirty questions to ask a girl

Deep and flirty ones to ask a girl

  • Do you think that life has meaning? Or is everything just a pointless cycle?
  • What might you say if you could communicate with everyone on the planet?
  • You think of yourself as sensitive, don’t you?
  • Individuals fall for one another either when the right person comes along or when the time is right. What are your thoughts on this?
  • What do you think about individuals finding love on the internet?
  • Is making a great initial impression crucial?
  • Can you discover love more than once throughout your life, or is it only possible once?
  • Do you believe that you are enjoying life to the fullest?
  • What do you say of the lovely eyes you have?
  • Do you feel more at ease in small, private meetings or huge groups?
  • I want to understand you better.
  • Do you like to stay with the tried-and-true or try new things?
  • What inquiries would you like to make without being concerned about criticism?
  • Which do you find more attractive: a “good man” or a “bad boy”?
  • What qualities would you want to see in your dream man?
  • Which do you prefer: spending the evening relaxing at home or going out?
  • If this were your final night on earth, what would you do?
  • If we had a full day together, what activity would you pick?
  • Where do you put your attention? Whether the old days or the coming years?
  • Do you have any areas of life that you are very passionate about?
  • Do you have faith in fate or hard work?
  • Do you believe that time helps to cure wounds?
  • Which song or movie best captures the state of our relationship right now?
  • Who is it that motivates you to put in more effort?
  • What do you most appreciate?
  • Do you prefer being alone or amongst others?
  • How many children do you envision having?
  • Where do you go when you’re unhappy to get comfort?
  • Do you currently have any addictions?
  • What was your humiliating experience?
  • Who inspires you to put in hard work?
  • What scares you the most?
  • When do you consider someone to be prepared for marriage?
  • What enrages you?
  • What aspect of your future terrifies you the most?
  • In a word, how would you sum up your previous relationship?
  • What about a man most impresses you?
  • What do you consider to be your personality’s most decisive point?
  • What are your thoughts on feminism?
Go ahead and ask her these!
Flirty questions to ask a girl

Flirty questions to ask your girl crush

  • What do you consider just before you nod off?
  • What kind of single person are you?
  • Have you ever attempted to write me a letter but failed to send it?
  • What excites you?
  • What is a secret you have never shared with anybody else?
  • What qualities would your ideal companion possess?
  • How would you like to be liked?
  • Is your entire family lovely as well?
  • Worst pick up line someone ever used on you and worked?
  • What does your dream guy look like?
  • Do you have any hidden talents?
  • How would you respond if I contacted you in the late hours of the night?
  • What clothing do you wear to bed?
  • Do you even know how much I cherish speaking with you?
  • When we are together, how do you feel?
  • What do you find sexy about someone?
  • Have I ever been in your dreams?
  • If I invited you out tonight, what would you say?
  • Do you consider it a blessing that we met?
  • What aspect of the future most interests you?
  • How long does it often take for you to trust someone?
  • Do you typically express your emotions freely, or are you more reserved?
  • Should we spend more time together?
  • When you’re anxious, what helps you relax?
  • Would you ever engage in a long-distance partnership?
  • What do you think about getting to know my friends?
  • How would you win my pet’s favor if you came over right now?
  • What about contemporary dating most irritates you?
  • Why are you now single?
  • What aspect of being in a relationship worries you the most?
  • How do you know when you can trust someone? What does trust mean to you?
  • What amuses you less than something that other people do?
  • How would you devote your time if you only had a year to live?
  • Which of your past vacations did you enjoy the most?
  • Have you ever truly let someone down? What took place?
  • Do you communicate your feelings to others well?
  • What tops your list of things to do?
  • Have you ever been unsuccessful at anything that meant a lot to you?
  • When is it okay to let someone go?
  • Do you believe that we text too much or too little?
  • When will I next see you?
  • What distinguishes me from other characters in your life?
  • Do you want us to be close?
  • What do you say about me to your friends?
  • How would you react if I wanted to introduce you to my family?
Go ahead and ask her these!
Flirty questions to ask a girl

Subtle flirty Q’s to ask a girl—hint hint!

  • How do you feel in my presence?
  • What qualities do you want in a woman?
  • What qualities or characteristics make you stand out from most girls?
  • What is your hidden talent?
  • Describe yourself in three terms.
  • In a word, how would you define yourself?
  • Which do you value more, attractiveness or intelligence?
  • What movie will we see if we decide to watch one together?
  • What qualities do you want in a man?
  • In terms of guys, what really astounds you?
  • In terms of women, what really astounds you?
  • How would you describe the ideal female?
  • Who would you consider to be the ideal man?
  • What song would you want to dedicate to me?
  • What is it about me that you find irresistible?
  • How many kids do you want in the future?
  • What’s your biggest pet peeve?
  • What’s your biggest turn-off?
  • What did you initially think of me?
  • What do you think of my sense of style and clothing?
  • What makes you the happiest?
  • What makes you feel attracted to me?
  • What about a possible date most turns you off?
  • What is the most romantic activity you’ve always wanted to do but have never had the chance or the time to undertake?
  • Where would you most want to travel right now?
  • Which tourist place would you most like to visit in the future?
  • How much do you adore being kissed?
  • Which do you find more exciting, spending time outdoors having fun or spending time alone inside?
  • Who is your favorite celebrity? How do I stack up against them?
  • What one quality about guys do you usually find irresistible?
  • What is it about women that you find so alluring?
  • How probable is it that you’ll be okay with a boy making the first move?
  • Would you rather have your crush hold your hand in public or vice versa? If you were in a previous relationship, please assume it made you happy.
  • What, if anything, do you wear to bed when you sleep?
  • Which of your favorite pet names would you most want to hear from your boyfriend?
  • Do you like to be described as clever, sexy, gorgeous, or hot?
  • Where would you want to go on vacation?
  • What would you do if I requested to see your boobs?
  • Are partnerships these days overrated?
  • How can a girl initiate sex without really initiating sex?
  • How do women experience sex?
  • Would you kiss me if I requested one?
  • How can you recognise a flirtatious gesture?
  • How frequently should couples go on dates?
  • Which would you prefer: lunch dates or night dates?
  • Describe the sensation of a kiss.
Go ahead and ask her these!
Flirty questions to ask a girl

Flirty questions to ask her over text—hubba, hubba!

  • What can your lover do for you that is most seductive?
  • What will enchant you the most?
  • What was the worst flirtation you have ever witnessed?
  • How would you rate my flirting thus far on a scale of 1 to 10?
  • What number of dates have you had so far this year?
  • Which ones do you wish you could erase?
  • How does this date compare to the others?
  • Do you have any flirtatious encounters with famous people?
  • Would you date someone utterly unsuited to you simply to find out?
  • Would you still be interested in someone if they were really attractive but couldn’t make you laugh?
  • What was the ugliest, most awkward flirting you’ve ever attempted?
  • What is your embarrassing sexual experience?
  • Where was the strangest place you have had a hook-up?
  • Which of these chat-up lines has the best chemistry?
  • Do you like males to dress smartly or casually?
  • Do you like to dress casually or dress up?
  • What behaviors are a strict no-no in relationships?
  • What essential qualities do you look for in a partner?
  • Do you enjoy going to the gym or participating in sports?
  • Would you join me in binge-watching a series?
  • What peculiar quality do you find appealing in me?
  • What beverage consistently makes you crazy?
  • Which romance novel or movie is your favorite? What has someone done for you that you think is the most romantic?
  • What have you done for someone that they found most romantic?
  • Do you like to initiate contact, or do you prefer for them to initiate contact?
  • Have you found dating on apps to be very successful?
  • Do you believe that opposites attract like?
  • What is the most potent sequence you’ve ever seen in a movie?
  • What song has special meaning for you?
  • Which book or poetry has the finest line you’ve ever read?
  • Which comedy movie have you seen?
  • What TV show are you now into?
  • As a child, did you harbour feelings for any cartoon characters?
  • What music always puts you in a good mood?
  • Have you ever gotten inked?
  • Do you have any tattoos that are humorous or private?
  • How screwed are you if the antagonist from the most recent movie you saw is after you?
  • What three things make you the happiest?
  • What are the top three things that irritate you?
  • What would be the things you would do if you could spend a day as the other sex?
  • What are your nicknames?
  • Ever taken a motorbike ride?
  • Ever taken a skydive?
  • What about me do you like the most?
  • What would you purchase first if you won the lottery?
  • What is the finest present someone has ever given you?
  • What is the worst present someone has ever given you?
  • Which of your purchases has been the loveliest present for someone?
  • Have you ever committed theft?
  • Is there a talent or ability you wish you possessed?
  • What did you always want to accomplish?
  • Did you grow up with any nicknames?
  • What caused you the most significant problems when you were young?
  • What time in your life, if any, would you like to return and why?
  • What would you alter about that hour of your life, and why?
  • City vacation or rural getaway?
  • Hotel or camping?
  • Which international dish is your favorite?
  • Are you a karma believer?
  • What job would you most like to have for a day?
  • What is your favorite sinful pastime?
Flirty questions to ask a girl
Flirty questions to ask a girl

Flirty questions to ask her in person

  • Women frequently love sharing their feelings with companions. Do you enjoy your work? Do you own a dream position?
  • Describe your pals for me. Do you still communicate with your old school friends?
  • Have you lately watched any good movies? Which movie did you most recently find funny?
  • Are you a fan of traveling? Camping? What sort of getaways do you like?
  • What are your thoughts on social media? What do you think of the way we rely on technology?
  • How much time could you survive without a phone? Do you ever step away from technology?
  • What are your thoughts on ghosts or aliens? A complete fraud, or is there something else?
  • Have you ever met a famous person? Do you want to?
  • How does Fate fit in? Serendipity? Are humans meant to cross paths?
  • Are you willing to adopt a pet from a shelter? Do you own animals? Dog or cat person?
  • I’d want to give you a bite of my meal.
  • How on earth are you still single?
  • Are love and conflict always fair?
  • Will you give me an Italian kiss?
  • How do you feel about sailing, scuba diving, or rock climbing?
  • Shall we travel to a more secluded location?
  • Give me a sneaky fantasy.
  • Would you kiss an unfamiliar person?
  • Can I tell you about a fantasy I have?
  • What is the sexiest movie you have ever seen?
  • Do you enjoy sexual films? Would you join me in watching one?
  • Will you do a striptease?
  • How was your very first kiss? Do we want to reproduce it?
  • Ever tried becoming a bond? What emotions does it evoke in you?
  • Is this place hot?
  • Do you realize how stunning you are to me, in that dress, in the moonlight, in the sunlight, etc.?
  • Shall we engage in a pillow battle?
  • Do you like to date multiple intriguing individuals without becoming engaged or stick with one meaningful relationship?
  • On the couch, are you anticipating a thrilling horror movie or a romantic comedy?
  • Would you rather take me to a strip club, or can you do a striptease for me at any time?
  • Which would you prefer—a month without TV or sexual activity?
  • Which would you choose to sleep with, my best friend or your best friend?
  • Do you want to go on a free, uninteresting date? Or would you want to go on a paid date that is thrilling and enjoyable?
  • Do you like the way I smile?
  • How appealing do you find the notion of a candlelight dinner?
  • Do you favor kisses or hugs more?
  • What is your preferred method of cuddling?
  • What kind of dance do you prefer? Which fashion best suits your comfort level?
  • Tell me about the perfect dating night you’ve had.
  • Does that item make you flush?
  • Who would be your dream man? What three characteristics would he have?
  • Do you think of yourself as a blind date?
  • Are you familiar with blind dates?
  • Is there a particular present you got that comes to mind?
  • When was the last time you presented a special gift to someone?

Random flirty questions to ask her

  • Which crime, out of all those that could be committed, would you pick?
  • Have you ever had the most bizarre urge?
  • If you were to spend the next 24 hours in an elevator with someone, who would you pick?
  • If you could read my thinking right now, would you feel embarrassed?
  • Which song would you prefer to perform karaoke right now?
  • What are your thoughts on horoscopes?
  • Would you enjoy a guy who doesn’t talk much but has good taste in clothing?
  • Is there anything you’re now fixated on?
  • When did you last binge-watch television?
  • What would surprise me if I glanced at the pictures on your phone right now?
  • Would it surprise you if I viewed your web browser’s search history?
  • What would your friends assume is the cause of your arrest when you inform them?
  • If you weren’t seen, how would you spend the day?
  • Has anything ever occurred to you that was embarrassing?
  • What was the most humiliating thing you’ve ever done while intoxicated?
  • Have you ever heard of a really sleazy pickup line?
  • Who is a fictional character you believe most closely resembles you?
  • Which fictional character most closely resembles me?
  • Why did you give false information regarding your age?
  • Can you really consume a hot dog in one bite?
  • Have you ever had a lady approach you?
  • Would you become a sugar baby if the price was right?
  • How would you persuade me to accompany you home tonight?
  • If you could select a new name, what would it be?
  • Do you consider me to be a suitable companion in the event of a zombie apocalypse?
  • How probable is it that my favorite magazine’s cover will feature me?
  • How are you going to make me booze up?
  • Would you prefer that I buy you a beverage? Which one do you like?
  • Please elaborate on your background for me.
  • How would you sum up your initial thoughts about me?
  • If someone compliments you, do you feel awkward, or are you used to it?
  • Which famous person do you admire?
  • Do you ever find yourself drawn to strange things?
  • If you were forced to sing for me, which song would you choose to perform?
  • Which beverage do you believe I enjoy the most?
  • Is there a characteristic of a relationship that you value the most?
  • How would you describe your spirit of adventure?
  • What would your friends use to describe you?
  • What are some of your forbidden loves?
  • Which is more likely to guide you: your heart or your mind?
  • What is your life have you regretted the most?
  • What would a perfect Valentine’s Day entail?
  • Do you like to tease me or accompany me to a strip club?
  • Which seems more tempting, being single or being in an open relationship?
  • When did you last have feelings for a girl?
  • What mobile dating applications do you have?

Popular ones to ask her when you want to get flirty

  • Who is your celebrity crush right now?
  • What would be your ideal dream job?
  • What’s the craziest date idea that you have?
  • What do you think your best physical feature is?
  • What’s the best pickup line someone told you?
  • What’s the most romantic thing to ever happen to you?
  • What’s the best part of being in a serious relationship?
  • How many dates should we go on before we kiss?
  • What’s your love language?
  • What’s my most attractive quality?
  • Would you want to play truth or dare?
  • Are you looking forward to married life?
  • What’s your biggest fear?
  • What’s the worst date that you’ve ever been on?
  • What do you think makes a guy handsome?
  • What’s the funniest dating story that you have?
  • Do you have any secret talents?
  • Are you into casual relationships?
  • What’s your biggest turn on?
  • What does your perfect date look like to you?
  • What does an ideal relationship look like to you?
  • What was your first impression of me?
  • What’s your go-to karaoke song?
  • What’s your most memorable date we’ve had?
  • Is there anything on your bucket list I should know about?
  • What’s your spirit animal?
  • What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?
  • Have you ever gone on a date with more than one person?

Flirty questions to ask (images to share)

Flirty questions to ask a girl
Flirty questions to ask a girlFlirty questions to ask a girl
Flirty questions to ask a girl
Flirty questions to ask a girlFlirty questions to ask a girl
Flirty questions to ask a girl
Flirty questions to ask a girlFlirty questions to ask a girl
Flirty questions to ask a girl
Flirty questions to ask a girlFlirty questions to ask a girl
Flirty questions to ask a girl
Flirty questions to ask a girlFlirty questions to ask a girl
Flirty questions to ask a girl
Flirty questions to ask a girlFlirty questions to ask a girl
Flirty questions to ask a girl
Flirty questions to ask a girlFlirty questions to ask a girl

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