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Flirty Texts for Him

Looking for the right flirty texts for him (your guy)? Studies have shown that flirtation and text messaging can go hand-in-hand. In fact, positive affirmations through texting can lead to a strong and healthy relationship. In one scientific study, they found that positive affirmations over a two-week period had a strong impact on the health of a relationship.

What does this mean for you? It means that sending the right signals to your crush, boyfriend, husband, or interested party is a great way to build a connection and see where it takes you.

My own experience with flirting…

When I was younger, I thought of myself as quite the “ladies man.” Or at least I thought so! The reality is that I was kind of full of myself… I was most likely deterring people that I wanted to be in a relationship with because of it.

Learning some basic tips really helped me quite a bit. Some of those included:

  • Being myself – I know this sounds silly… But being myself was the key. If I thought something was funny, then the other person did, too.
  • Knowing who I am – Advice that we hear all the time. But it’s true! Once I had a better understanding of who I was, I started to connect with others better.

Flirty texts for him—flirty texts to send to that guy you like

—Best flirty texts for him

  1. Hey stranger, it’s time we got acquainted!
  2. Why don’t you come over? I am alone.
  3. Waiting for your text is like waiting for an eternity.
  4. I dreamt about you last night, but I can’t tell what I dreamt!
  5. How about coffee this Saturday?
  6. I don’t have any plans this weekend. Just saying!
  7. Your favorite things in the world are here – beer, pizza, and me!
  8. Let’s take a day off and spend some time together.
  9. When I am with you, it’s like I am on cloud nine.
  10. You are such a delight to be around, I hope you know that.
  11. I just saw a romantic movie, and it reminded me of you.
  12. Tell me honestly, do you wait for my texts?
  13. You looked so handsome when we met last.
  14. You are the one I think of when I fall asleep.
  15. I don’t know what to wear tonight, will you help me?
  16. Sweet dreams, handsome! 😉
  17. You always make me feel important, and I appreciate that!
  18. You know I like you a lot, so I don’t have to say it every time.
  19. I think I should delete all dating apps. I have found a permanent date 🙂
  20. If you drop in tonight, I will make it worth it.
  21. Time we stop texting and start meeting regularly.
  22. I wanna have fun, why don’t you come over?
  23. Did anyone tell you that you have the best eyes?
  24. You are really special, and I want to put it on record.
  25. Netflix is on, but no one to chill with! Interested?
  26. How about reading a book together in the hammock?
  27. The first thing I need, even before coffee, is a message from you 🙂
  28. Let’s blow off steam together, shall we?
  29. Let’s go for a horror movie. I won’t be scared if you are there!
  30. When I wake up in the morning, I always think of you first.
  31. We met 5 mins back, but I already miss you a lot.
  32. I see you smiling when I close my eyes, and I feel so warm.
  33. I know of one way in which my day could become better.
  34. Wouldn’t it be fun if I could be kissing you instead of missing you?
  35. I am feeling homesick… and you are my home.
  36. I am not an ace at photography, but I can picture us together!
  37. I am the FBI, and you are top on my most wanted list.

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Short and flirty messages—flirty text messages for him

—Short flirty texts for him 

  1. Are you going to be the first to say that you like me?
  2. I am feeling hungry, and I don’t want food.
  3. Did you know you are very contagious?
  4. How I wish that kiss could be never-ending.
  5. You must be Siri because you autocomplete me!
  6. You are the best distraction in my life 😉
  7. Do you prefer a hug or a kiss?
  8. Who is your type, and why is it me?
  9. Let’s meet on a day that ends with ‘y’.
  10. Can you guess what I am wearing now?
  11. I hate to see you go whenever we hang out 🙁
  12. I am in the mood for a cuddle!
  13. I wish I could drown in your eyes.
  14. Are you my dream guy, or are you for real?
  15. Do I have to text first every time?
  16. Let’s have dinner. I am the dessert!
  17. My favorite love story is …. Ours!
  18. You are the one who matters to me.
  19. My favorite place is where you are.
  20. Remembering our first kiss!
  21. I need you like right now.
  22. Why are you so cute?
  23. Having butterflies thinking about our date!
  24. I need you in my life.
  25. The best gift God gave me was you!
  26. I could text you till morning.
  27. Out of sight, but not out of mind.
  28. I am your gift. Unwrap me!
  29. I need your scent on my pillow.
  30. Tonight is the night!
  31. Make my dreams come true.
  32. Texting you is so much fun.
  33. What are you wearing now?
  34. You are my universe.
  35. My life has been brighter since I met you.
  36. You mean a lot to me, a lot!
  37. I smile when I think of you.
  38. My friends are so jealous of us 🙂
  39. The way you laugh is special.
  40. I wish I was in your arms right now.
  41. Am I on your ‘to-do list’? Will you ‘do’ me?
  42. My heart skips a beat when I see you.
  43. I want to wake up with you!
  44. I can’t focus, and I blame you!
  45. Will you dream about me tonight?
  46. Sending you hugs and kisses.
  47. You are there for me, and I am comfy. I love it.
  48. I have a surprise for you tonight.
  49. Were you waiting for my text?
  50. In the mood for love, come over!

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Long and flirty ones

—Long flirty texts for him

  1. It’s been so long since we met in person. How about meeting up this weekend?
  2. When I see your name in the notification popup, a smile popups on my lips.
  3. I am in the mood for adventure. How about going hiking this weekend?
  4. It’s not going to be a productive day for me today. I am going to keep thinking about you.
  5. I always thought it was impossible to find anyone who was perfect until I met you.
  6. I have become a much better person since I met you, so thank you so much for everything.
  7. When I stare at the stars in the sky, I can see you there, looking back at me.
  8. I have a severe addiction to you, and I am in need of another dose.
  9. Send me your best pic, I need to tell Santa what to get me for Christmas.
  10. I never knew there was something called love at first text! It happened to me!
  11. You must be a magician! When I see you, everyone else in the room vanishes!
  12. My best friend was asking me if you think I am hot! What do I tell her?
  13. I am in the mood for a workout. But I don’t want to hit the gym. Any solution?
  14. You are single, and so am I! This is a problem I think we can solve if we get together.
  15. I think I am in the mood for a kiss. What are you going to do about it?
  16. Heyy, you remind me of someone! Got it now… you look like my next boyfriend.
  17. When I look at myself in the mirror, I feel something is missing. You, next to me!
  18. I lost my teddy bear, and I need something to hug. I just gave you an offer. Interested?
  19. Can you tell me the color of my eyes? You can have a close look before answering!
  20. There’s so much I want to tell you … and I can’t fit all of that into one text!
  21. Finding it difficult to focus today! It’s all because of you … thinking of you non-stop!
  22. How about a bed and breakfast? I’ll get the breakfast, and you can take care of the bed 😉

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Sweet and flirty messages to send to him

—Sweet and flirty texts for him

  1. Thinking of you for hours, and it’s only 9 am!
  2. If you are chatting with me, who’s running heaven?
  3. Stop smiling. You make me go crazy!
  4. I wish I were your shirt, so I could always hug you.
  5. I forgot how to be sad since I met you.
  6. My hand feels empty without your hand in it.
  7. I was asked what I would like to take with me to a deserted island. I chose you!
  8. How about going for a long drive?
  9. When I get a notification, I hope to see your name there.
  10. I got a new lipstick with a strawberry flavor. Like the taste of strawberry?
  11. I have a book entirely about you. It’s called ‘my diary.’
  12. The first thing I see when I wake up is your photo on my phone.
  13. I am the luckiest girl on earth.
  14. You understand me better than anyone else on earth.
  15. People can’t live without water. You are water for me!
  16. I have a king-sized bed, but no king in it!
  17. Waiting to fast-forward the week until I get to the point where we meet.
  18. My formula for happiness – you + me.
  19. Remembering how you made me feel special on my birthday.
  20. I have a great view in front of me, but it is nothing without you.
  21. I don’t like the wait three-day rule, so texting you right away!
  22. Why do you post such pics? You make my heart skip beats.
  23. It’s not fair. Why did God make you so handsome?
  24. I am Sleeping Beauty waiting for my prince to wake me up.
  25. If you borrow a kiss from me, I will return it with compound interest.
  26. Let’s continue this conversation in person.
  27. I have been a bad girl. I think I need a spanking!
  28. I got up sweating, you were in my dream, and it was hot!
  29. Heyy, do you miss me? Yes or yes?
  30. It’s time we went on a date, what do you think?
  31. I have been practicing yoga poses a lot. Wanna see them?
  32. I like you, so what will you do about it?
  33. Congrats! You won an award for being the sweetest person on earth.
  34. You are a thief! You stole my heart.

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Cute texts for him—cute flirty messages just for him

—Cute and flirty texts for him

  1. I hate most people. You are, of course, an exception 🙂
  2. Saw a really cute guy on TV …. and I remembered you!
  3. I thought of you first thing when I woke up in the morning.
  4. We could keep texting like this all night.
  5. When I pick up my phone in the morning, I always hope to see your text.
  6. The first and last message I text every day is to you.
  7. I can’t wait for the weekend when we can finally meet.
  8. Time to hit the sack. I hope to dream about you 😉
  9. Getting a message from you early morning cheers me up.
  10. I am so glad that you are there in my life.
  11. It’s been an hour since you texted me…. seemed like years!
  12. No one makes me laugh as much as you do.
  13. I am so lucky that I get to chat with you.
  14. Amazing how I keep thinking of you all day long.
  15. I was smiling the whole day thinking of you.
  16. Feeling really cold, I could do with some warming…
  17. I am so lucky to have you as my special friend.
  18. I am counting the minutes to I see you again.
  19. Every time I see you, I feel you are cuter than before.
  20. I am in serious trouble. I can’t stop thinking about you.
  21. Do you like peanut butter and chocolate? Well, I am chocolate …
  22. You always make me flush, even when you text me!
  23. We just met last night, but I feel it’s been ages…
  24. If you are not there, the sunshine is missing in my life.
  25. A day without talking to you is truly a day wasted.
  26. Heyy, when I came home I realized something was missing … that was you!
  27. When I got up, I thought how nice it would be to wake up with you.
  28. You know what? I would miss you even if we had never met.
  29. You are the reason why I want to get up in the morning daily.
  30. I always smile when I think about the time we first met.
  31. Did someone tell you that you are cute?
  32. Let’s keep in touch! I think you got the message. Now let’s touch…
  33. Wanna see a pic of my crush? Go look in a mirror.

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Subtle flirty ones

—Subtle flirty texts for him

  1. Hey, it was so nice talking to you <name>. We should have more conversations.
  2. I had fun chatting with you today, <name>.
  3. It is good fun talking to you, see you later <name>.
  4. Good night <name>, it was great talking to you today.
  5. I hope you enjoyed our chat as much as I did!
  6. So, how was your day today? Had fun?
  7. Can you even guess what I dreamt about last night?
  8. I was thinking of you.
  9. Busy day today, but we can catch up sometime later.
  10. It wasn’t a great day today, but at least I can relax now while chatting with you. My favorite person 😉
  11. Hectic day today. The only free time is dinner time. But, thinking of you.
  12. So, how’s your schedule for the day? Busy the entire day?
  13. Any plans for the weekend, or still haven’t thought about it yet?
  14. I really liked your DP.
  15. I read your favorite author today and immediately remembered you.
  16. Heyy, I hope you had a fun day today! Anything special?
  17. I had been out with some friends today and had a nice time. How about you?
  18. Heyy, that blue T-shirt really looked good on you.
  19. Thanks for liking my post.
  20. Thanks for accepting my friend request, handsome!
  21. Your style is fantastic, I just love it.
  22. I am in the mood for coffee with a friend!
  23. I am not having a good day and would like some cheering up
  24. We chatted yesterday, right? Don’t know why I feel like it’s been ages!
  25. I could keep chatting all night, but I have to go to sleep now 🙂
  26. Feeling on top of the world today, how about you?
  27. I think you should start following me … on Insta!
  28. Great fun texting you. We must catch up for coffee sometime.
  29. It’s been a really boring day. Chatting with you cheered me up.
  30. I have been thinking about you all day ….
  31. I have a wine bottle waiting to share with someone.
  32. Are you coming for the <event> weekend? It would be good to see you in person.
  33. It looks like you are spending a lot of time at the gym!
  34. I feel so glad you are there as a friend to me.
  35. I was feeling down, but I am smiling after seeing your messages.

Flirty text messages for him—images to share

Images to share with your dream guy.

Flirty text for him
Flirty text for him
Flirty text for him
Flirty text for him
Flirty text for him
Flirty text for him
Flirty text for him
Flirty text for him
Flirty text for him
Flirty text for him
Flirty text for him
Flirty text for him
Flirty text for him
Flirty text for him
Flirty text for him
Flirty text for him
Flirty text for him
Flirty text for him
Flirty text for him
Flirty text for him
Flirty text for him
Flirty text for him
Flirty text for him
Flirty text for him

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