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Funny Pick Up Lines

Looking for some funny pickup lines? Pickup lines are great to share with friends, boys, girls, or when you’re out and about and need a great way to open up a conversation. Yes, it’s okay to use a funny pickup line on someone you know.

Try out a few of these brand-new funny pickup lines.

My experience with pickup lines…

Generally, my experience is one that revolves around online dating… I tend to use a pickup line to try and break the ice between me and someone that I matched with… It works!

Here’s the trick that I’ve found…

If I pick a line that I find funny, there’s a good chance that a person who meshes well with my persona is going to like the pickup line as well. I don’t take it too seriously. I choose a simple, yet flirty one. But it’s mostly just goofy.

Be yourself! That’s my best tip!

25+ fresh funny pick up lines

When you really want to show him/her something that they haven’t heard before. These completely original and new pickup lines are surely to impress them… because they aren’t overused. Give these a try!

  1. You look like someone I could take home to my mom.
  2. I feel like your nickname is birthday cake, because I want a piece of that.
  3. I can’t tell if we’re soulmates or not, stare into my eyes, let’s see.
  4. Can you call my number to see if it’s still working?
  5. Can you touch me? I just want to tell everyone that I’ve been touched by an angel.
  6. What do you think about comparing love languages later?
  7. Do you know that I work for the FBI? Yeah, female body inspector.
  8. Can you draw me like one of your French girls?
  9. If I were stranded on a desert island with you, I might reject getting saved.
  10. If I were part of make a wish foundation, I have a feeling you’d be on the list.
  11. Santa must have just came, because you were on my Christmas list.
  12. Are you related to God? Because you’re an absolute angel.
  13. Does it get annoying making everyone else jealous all the time?
  14. How many times have men/women proposed to you randomly?
  15. Does it suck getting free things all the time from being that pretty?
  16. Emoji’s aren’t working on my phone, can you text me one?
  17. If the ship was sinking, you’d be the first thing I would save.
  18. If my phone had only 1% battery left, I’d still be trying to text you.
  19. I carry around engagement rings for moments just like this…
  20. I can officially retire a happy man/woman, now that you’re here.
  21. I would let you empty out my bank account…
  22. Someone needs to pinch me, because you’re the girl/guy of my dreams.
  23. If this were real-life Instagram, I would be sliding into the DM’s immediately.
  24. You really shouldn’t be walking around alone, making everyone jealous like this.
  25. Do you know what time it is? I do, it’s time for you and I to get together.
  26. Why did it take you so long? I’ve been searching for you my entire life.
  27. Can you look up love in the dictionary? Pretty sure it has our names in it.
  28. Did you know that every romcom ever made was after us? Let’s prove them right.

Expert advice: In a study done by Jessica Tracy and Alec Beall, they found that men who smile, using their whole face (including teeth, cheeks, and eyes), had a stronger positive first impression upon women. When using pickup lines, make sure that you’re smiling during your delivery—happiness, as displayed by men, is quite literally a strong turn on for women.

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25 classic funny pick up lines

When you want to use a pick up line that she/he might already know. When they already know the line, sometimes it’s a little easier to use.

  1. If I told you that you had a good body, would you hold it against me?
  2. Is that a mirror in your pocket, because I can see myself in your pants.
  3. Are you tired? You should be, you’ve been running through my mind all day.
  4. All my friends think I’m gay, let’s prove them wrong.
  5. You must be a judge, because anything you say I’ll agree.
  6. Can you touch this sweater? Doesn’t it feel like boyfriend material?
  7. If nothing lasts forever, will you be my nothing?
  8. I’m going to need a dentist after this, you’re so sweet I think I’m getting a toothache.
  9. Your name must be WiFi because girl, I’m getting a solid connection!
  10. You must be a lieutenant because I can feel my men not at ease.
  11. OK, I’m here, now what are your other two wishes?
  12. Do you believe in love at first sight or should I walk by again?
  13. If our bodies are 75% water, then I’m looking at you and boy am I thirsty.
  14. Are you the square root of 1? Because you can’t be real.
  15. This must be Star Wars, because Yoda one for me.
  16. You must be from Tennessee, because you’re the only 10 that I see.
  17. Are you from Australia? Because I want to get a look at that DOWN UNDA.
  18. Your parents must be killers… because you’re dead gorgeous.
  19. I’m looking to follow my dreams… what’s your Instagram handle?
  20. If I could rearrange the alphabet, I would put U and I together.
  21. My love for you is like really bad runs, I just can’t seem to hold it back.
  22. Where do you see this relationship going? I see it going back to my place.
  23. I’m going to need CPR, I think my heart just stopped…
  24. Your hand looks heavy, can I hold it for you?
  25. Can I borrow a kiss? I promise that I’ll give it back right away.

Expert advice: Studies suggest that while women might respond more to the initial physical features of a man, much like men will do for a woman—men really are looking for “nice women” as part of their core desires. Surprisingly, there’s a misconception of physical intimacy and it’s misunderstanding of this core desire. Next time you want to flirt with a woman, consider telling her, “I’m truly looking for a nice girl,” once she responds.

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