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Good Dares

Knowing all the good dares to ask in the game of truth or dare can really amplify the game. Try our best resource of truth or dare questions. Although, dares are often the hardest things to think of.

Truth questions are easier. Ones like, “How many selfies are on your phone?” Or, “What’s the strangest dream you’ve ever had?” When you want to play truth or dare and ensure that the game is impeccably fun, try out these amazing dares!

Good dares to use
Good dares to use

My experience with truth or dare…

I may have played the game once or twice growing up… 😉

Okay, so I played a lot! It was fun… When there was a party, we would get people together and think of really fun questions to ask each other. Or crazy dares that we wanted to do!

It was what defined my youth… And turned me into the person that I am today. What I’m trying to say is that this was very healthy! It was a healthy activity.

And I hope you have the same experience that I did with these game questions! P.S. I love all these dares!

Good dares to use

  1. Take a selfie that is embarrassing for you and make it your profile picture on social media.
  2. Stand outside your door and howl like a dog for 30 seconds.
  3. Ask the person next to you to stick tape anywhere on your body and then peel it off.
  4. Hold a pillow in your hand and have a conversation with it as though it were your crush.
  5. Speak for a minute and hiccup after every word you speak.
  6. Make loud belching sounds while eating.
  7. Ask someone to set your hairstyle however they want. Keep this hairstyle for the rest of the day.
  8. Have a debate on the latest politics with the main door.
  9. Eat one raw egg.
  10. Put your hand in your pocket. Put whatever you find there in your mouth and keep it inside for 10 seconds.
  11. Drink three glasses of water one after the other.
  12. Lie down on the floor and remain there until the game is over.
  13. Take out everything from the trash can and name every item in it loudly.
  14. Hold a brush in your hand as though it is a mike, and then speak like a politician for a minute.
Good dares to use
Good dares to use

Absolute BEST good dares to use

  1. Using tweezers pull out 25 blades of grass from the lawn.
  2. Eat a large spoonful of raw pasta.
  3. Dump LEGOs from a bag on the floor and walk on them bare-footed.
  4. Drink water for 50 seconds from a running faucet.
  5. Ask the person next to you to put an ice cube inside your dress.
  6. Ask everyone to slap you on the backside.
  7. You must speak only using rhymes until the game is over.
  8. Call the third person on your contact list and sing Jingle Bells for 20 seconds.
  9. You have to eat a fruit, but you must not touch it with your hands.
  10. Twerk standing on the table for 30 seconds.
  11. Select the most embarrassing photo on your phone and show it to everyone.
  12. Give a massage for 2 minutes to the person seated to your left.
  13. Take an empty glass to your neighbor’s house and ask them for water.
  14. Ask your friends to choose a raw vegetable and then eat it.
  15. Go through your Instagram feed with your eyes closed and stop randomly. Post a long (10 sentence) comment on the post.
  16. Imitate your favorite celebrity in words and action. Do this until someone guesses who it is.

Expert advice: Do you think that truth or dare is just a game? Well, it is! But… playing truth or dare can lead to better goal-setting in life. It increases creativity!

Good dares to use
Good dares to use

Good dares to use over text message

  1. Send me the link to the last YouTube video you watched.
  2. Count and text the number of contacts on your mobile phone? How many are males, and how many females?
  3. Take a screenshot of the last message you received and share it.
  4. Record a video where you sing your favorite song for 1 minute. Send the video to me.
  5. Record a video where you dance to you your favorite song for 1 minute. Send the video to me.
  6. Open the first book you see. Open page 57 and text me the first line in the third para.
  7. Send a message to your crush telling them you like them a lot. Send a screenshot of the message and any reply you get.
  8. Wrap your head with toilet paper and take a selfie. Send me the picture.
  9. Write a love poem in 1 minute and send me its picture.
  10. Take a screenshot of the third email in your inbox and send it to me.
  11. Take out everything from your purse/wallet. Send a text listing out all that is there.
  12. Post a Facebook status by typing with your eyes closed and then click post without reading.

Sexual good dares for truth or dare

  1. Take a selfie in the nude and send it to your BF/GF as a disappearing message.
  2. Choose someone in the group and ask them to lick peanut butter off your finger.
  3. Pick someone from the group and do a lap dance for 30 seconds.
  4. Run from your door to the street twice in just your undergarments.
  5. Put a FB status, “I am coming”. After 1 minute, change it to “I just came”.
  6. Act out the sex position of your choice using a pillow.
  7. Act out a sexual fantasy using any props you want, but you must not utter any words.
  8. Pretend you are having an orgasm for 30 seconds.
  9. Put something sweet on your lips and kiss someone in the group.
  10. Read out a love scene from any novel in the most seductive voice.
  11. Touch yourself all over your body for a minute, singing your favorite song.
  12. Pick out any object from the kitchen and put a condom on it.
  13. Put an ice cube in your underwear and do a sexy dance.
  14. Show everyone the last porn video you watched.
  15. Choose anyone in the group and make eye contact for 10 seconds while moaning.

Dirty and good dares for truth or dare

  1. Do a ramp walk wearing only your undergarments.
  2. With the speakerphone on, call a phone sex number and talk with them for a minute.
  3. Choose anyone in the group and feed them a fruit of your choice in a seductive way.
  4. Call the last number in your contact list and tell them you have the hots for them.
  5. Allow yourself to be tied to the bed and let someone tickle you for a minute.
  6. Explain in detail your favorite sexual fantasy.
  7. Write an explicit letter and read it out loudly.
  8. Count the number of teeth I have using your tongue.
  9. Describe in detail how it feels to be inside someone (or have someone inside you).
  10. Kiss everyone in the room on different parts of their body.
  11. Call your ex and take their advice on a real problem. The conversation should be for a minute.
  12. Play a porn video and give a commentary on it for a minute.
  13. Send a dirty message to someone randomly on your phone and then send an apology after a minute.
  14. Whisper a bedtime secret to the person sitting next to you.

Good dares for your boyfriend

  1. Open the window, lean out, and shout out loudly that you love me.
  2. Send a text message to your parents telling them you are getting married to me.
  3. Explain in detail what you did on your first date.
  4. Tie your hair into a braid and keep it like that for the rest of the day.
  5. Call a restaurant and tell them you are Justin Bieber. Ask them for a reservation.
  6. Choose a random old lady on the street and tell them you are her grandson.
  7. Open your Facebook page and allow me to post any status I want.
  8. Get your chest waxed.
  9. Come to my house when my parents are there. Steal a kiss from me without them knowing.
  10. Pretend you are me. Talk and behave like me for 2 minutes.
  11. Do something to make me laugh.
  12. Put on lipstick and take a selfie. Send it to me.
  13. Show me your search history.
  14. List out the names of all your exes in alphabetical order.
  15. Dance with one leg for your favorite song.
  16. Eat a bar of chocolate with ketchup.
  17. Go to the nearest mall and announce loudly that we are getting married.

Good dares for your crush

—Ones to use on your crush (good dares that is)

  1. Describe my physical and non-physical features in detail.
  2. Send a DM to your favorite celebrity crush and ask them to marry you.
  3. Take a screenshot of the last order from Amazon and post it on FB.
  4. Send a message to your parents asking them how to get rid of a hickey.
  5. Describe the most embarrassing thing you have ever done.
  6. Touch your nose with your tongue. If you can’t do it, touch my nose with your tongue.
  7. Talk in a fake accent until the end of the game.
  8. Download a random photo and share it on social media with a heart emoji.
  9. Make a video singing your favorite song. Post on social media that the song is dedicated to me.
  10. Do a slow dance while playing a fast song.
  11. Call a pet store and tell them you want to buy mosquitoes.
  12. Call a Chinese eatery and place an order for pizza.
  13. Hold a leash in your hand and go to a busy road. Ask loudly if anyone has seen your pet alligator.
  14. Buy ice-cream from a store and then smash it on your forehead.
  15. Do a 2-minute stand-up comedy routine.

Dares for your girlfriend

  1. Put your mouth on my mouth and do anything except kissing.
  2. Do a pole dance for me.
  3. Do a sensuous dance while playing a nursery rhyme of your choice.
  4. Describe how your ideal boyfriend should be.
  5. Share your favorite selfie on social media, tagging me.
  6. Make a collage of our photos together and post it on FB.
  7. Change your DP to my picture, and don’t change it for 24 hours.
  8. Pretend to be me for the next 2 minutes.
  9. Search for the trending TikTok video and make a similar video.
  10. Show me a conversation you had with your best friend.
  11. Wear a blindfold, and I will give you things to taste. You need to guess 5 of them right.
  12. Allow me to apply makeup to you in whatever way I want.
  13. Do a ramp walk wearing a trash bag.
  14. Eat a snack of your choice without using your hands.
  15. Call a random number and tell them you love them in a seductive voice.
  16. Search for your oldest selfie and make it your profile pic for 24 hours.
  17. Wear your clothes backward and go to the nearest store to buy something.

Freaky dares

  1. Use a seductive dance using a towel.
  2. Make a speech for 2 minutes on a politically hot topic turning towards the wall.
  3. Shave one of your legs.
  4. Change your Facebook status to ‘Single and ready to mingle’.
  5. Speak for the next 10 minutes using a Russian accent.
  6. Sing your favorite song, but do it at the top of your voice.
  7. Imagine you are performing at a concert and sing standing outside your doorstep.
  8. Call your favorite restaurant and order food speaking a foreign language.
  9. Get into an elevator at the top floor. Stand with your face turned to the wall. Stand like that until everyone gets out of the elevator.
  10. Find a random person on the street and tell them, ‘I knew you did it’ and then walk away.
  11. Write ‘Free hugs’ on your forehead. Walk on the street with your arms wide open.
  12. Stand in the middle of a crowded mall like a statue for 5 minutes.
  13. Find a random person on the street and ask if they will sell you their shirt.
  14. Ask any person in the group to throw a pie or any other food item at you.
  15. Let a person in the group throw olives or grapes into your mouth. Do it until you catch 5 of them.

Dares for kids

  1. Make a noise like your favorite animal for 1 minute.
  2. Make a dress using toilet paper, wear it, and walk like a fashion model.
  3. Call a family member and sing the birthday song for them even if it is not their birthday.
  4. Walk like a dog around the room. Then run like a horse.
  5. Sing any nursery rhyme of your choice backward.
  6. Wear socks and shoes on your hands. Don’t remove them until the end of the game.
  7. Put on as many shirts as you can within 1 minute.
  8. Ask the person next to you to choose a vegetable. Eat the vegetable raw.
  9. Take a flower and walk out to the street. Give the flower to the first person you meet without saying anything.
  10. Stand on the street and read one page from your favorite book loudly.
  11. Walk and behave as though you are 80 years old
  12. Behave like a fish that is out of water for 30 seconds.
  13. Drink water using a baby bottle.
  14. Take a cup full of ice cream. Top it up with pickles and eat it.
  15. Balance a spoon on your nose for 10 seconds.
  16. Close your nose and talk for 30 seconds.
  17. Have a conversation for 1 minute with any inanimate object of your choice.

More dares for kids.

Spicy dares

  1. Send a dirty text message to any male friend.
  2. Order something to be delivered. When the delivery guy comes, receive the order wearing only your underwear.
  3. Get down on knee and propose to the person seated next to you.
  4. Peel a banana using only your feet.
  5. For the next 10 minutes, whenever you speak, you must sing.
  6. Allow me to choose a random contact on your phone. Type text with your eyes closed and send it.
  7. Call your ex and talk to them for 3 minutes. If they hang up, keep calling.
  8. Take a shower in front of everyone – fully clothed.
  9. Do a striptease. Take off everything except your undergarments.
  10. Take a person’s shirt off using only your teeth.
  11. Lick your armpits in a seductive manner.
  12. Keep slapping your butt while singing a song. Do this for 1 minute.
  13. Exchange clothes with anyone in the room.
  14. Put your hand inside the trash can until your elbow.
  15. Select someone from the group and ask them to spank you thrice.
  16. Choose a risqué word and sing a song using the risqué word in every line.

Juicy dares—Truth or Dare Questions to Use

  1. Drag your backside across the room like a dog.
  2. Do a sensuous dance for a minute licking the floor.
  3. Do a breakdance for 1 minute, but don’t play music.
  4. Spin the bottle and kiss the person who it points to.
  5. Spin the bottle and lick the cheeks of the person who it points to.
  6. Choose someone from the group randomly and try to seduce them.
  7. Spin the bottle and say something dirty to the person it points to.
  8. Wear your underwear on your head and remain like that for the rest of the session.
  9. Exchange clothes with a person of the opposite sex.
  10. Allow a random person in the group to draw something on your back using a permanent marker.
  11. Allow a random person in the group to send a text message to any of your contacts.
  12. Ask any two members to make a drink for you and drink it in one go.
  13. Dance for 10 seconds while licking your armpits.
  14. Give a foot massage to any random person in the group.
  15. Ask the person on your right to kiss you anywhere they want.
  16. Respond to your crush’s Instagram story right now!

Crazy dares

  1. Drop something into the toilet and quickly pick it up.
  2. Choose someone in the room. Ask them to slap you once.
  3. Ask anyone in the room to give you a haircut for 5 seconds.
  4. Scratch your left and right armpits one by one and then smell it.
  5. Allow someone to do your makeup with toothpaste.
  6. Brush your teeth for one minute using shaving foam.
  7. Hop on one leg and sing a song for 1 minute.
  8. Drink as much pickle juice as you can.
  9. Fill your mouth with water and ask everyone to tell jokes. You must ensure you don’t spit out the water.
  10. Eat a spoonful of salt.
  11. Go on a car drive and scream ‘Merry Christmas’ every few seconds.
  12. Drink a full bottle of soda.
  13. Wear makeup (for guys), and remove the makeup (for girls).
  14. Take a selfie without filters and post it on social media.
  15. Go to any YouTube video of your choice. Start a fight using the chat window.
  16. Call your local pharmacy and ask them if they have medicines for herpes.
  17. Pick a trending post on Facebook. Post something that is very controversial.
  18. Go live on Insta or Facebook and talk about fast food for 5 minutes.

Dares to use at home

  1. Choose any random item in the kitchen and have a conversation with it.
  2. Do a piggyback asking someone to sit on your back.
  3. Keep telling jokes until someone laughs.
  4. You must sing a song, and someone else must guess it. The catch is you must sing with your mouth closed.
  5. Ask the others in the group to paint your nails.
  6. Put your head out of the window and make noises like an angry cat.
  7. Walk on your hands for as long as you can.
  8. Juggle using eggs without trying to break them.
  9. Tell an embarrassing vomit story.
  10. Call the last person you had a crush on.
  11. Tell us the biggest lie you’ve ever told your family.
  12. Eat food off the floor.
  13. Sing your favorite song in a bad voice.
  14. Put as much hot sauce on your tongue as you can.
  15. Let us all see your internet search history.
  16. Put your tongue out and then sing a song.
  17. Ask someone to blindfold you and then draw a picture.
  18. Ask the others to make you laugh. You must not laugh at whatever they do.
  19. Color one of your front teeth black and allow others to click your photo.
  20. Eat a clove of garlic.
  21. Spin around fast ten times and then try to walk in a straight line.

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