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He Unblocked Me But There’s No Contact—WHAT DOES IT MEAN!?

You’ve heard me talk about my friend Sarah, she’s the one who is always going through the hardest relationship problems. And well, she had a great question for me the other day. She asked me, “Ryan, what does it mean if he unblocked me, but there’s no contact?” Well, that’s certainly a silly situation and it happens all too often!

Here’s the thing—relationships are really hard. Although, studies have shown that more and more people are experiencing BPD in life (roughly 1.6% of the general population!). These types of chemical imbalances (which is what they truly are) can be highly impactful to relationships and how people behave (or how they think they should behave!).

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He Unblocked Me But There’s No Contact—What Does it Mean? 9 Things It Could Mean!

Here is what it could mean for you as a girl in this relationship! He unblocked me, but there’s no contact—9 reasons to know about!

1: Wanting to see what you’ll say when you’re unblocked

The most common thing is just a guy feeling curiosity. If he’s not responding to you, yet… It means that he wants to see what you’re texting him! Does it mean he’s interested in moving forward or talking? Probably not.

Most likely, you’re not going to know that you’re unblocked until you send a simple text message. Maybe it’s something like, “Hi.” And then from there—by seeing that you’re unblocked, you open up. This could be what he’s searching for.

2: Over feeling anger for you but doesn’t want to move forward

This could be a sign that he’s simply over the anger that he has for you. And that he doesn’t want to block people on his phone. Why would he do that? Well, he might be feeling like he doesn’t want to be ‘immature’ any longer (a sign that he’s growing!).

3: Feeling like he wants to see if you’re truly regretful

One major thing that could be happening is to see whether or not you’re apologizing for an argument or apologizing for what has happened in the relationship to cause being ‘blocked’ on their phone. If you’re saying more than just ‘I’m sorry’, then he might be trying to see if you are truly apologetic.

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4: Wants you to make the first move about the next steps

Are you texting, “I want to get back together.” Or, “I don’t see life without you!” Then, it’s something that he might be interested in learning or finding out. By unblocking you, he can passively see if you’re sending some of these text messages to him.

5: Just wants to mess with you

Sadly, this could be a type of ‘power move’ by a beta male trying to be an alpha male. In this power move, he’s just trying to play mind games with you and wants you to feel insecure about the texting relationship.

It’s a big red flag if you think he’s doing this. And it’s likely to trigger you and make you feel a wealth of mixed emotions that aren’t very nice.

6: Is waiting to choose exactly what he wants to say

Sometimes, people need a little bit of space. And by unblocking you—what he can do is take the time he needs to process what has happened and what he would like to do. It allows him to see if you’re engaging with him. And if you are, but he’s not responding—it could simply just be time and patience that’s required to see how he’s feeling.

Let him open up on his own time. Or if you feel like he isn’t: choose what your healthy boundary is in this unhealthy relationship.

7: Doesn’t really ‘feel ready’ yet to talk to you, but wants to

Maybe he’s already processed how he feels. This could be the case. He might respond back and say something like, “I’m just not ready to talk yet.” If that’s the case, give him space. If you feel like he’s interested in talking to you but won’t open up (maybe he’s hurt by something you’ve done), then it’s best to let it settle.

Say something like, “Are you ready to talk yet?” Or, “Are you being quiet simply because you don’t know what to say?” See if he responds to one of those!

8: Wanted to see old messages that he couldn’t see before

There’s a chance that his phone won’t let him go back to see and process old text messages from you if you’re blocked. He could be unblocking you just to go back and try to understand a past situation. Don’t rule this potential reason out. That maybe he’s not interested in talking to you at all—rather, thinking of himself as a victim in the situation.

If that’s the case, it’s certainly time to move on!

9: Just wants to see if you are texting him

Lastly, the most important reason is just to see if you’re saying anything at all. Maybe you are. And maybe you’re not. For him, this could be a way of getting closure on the situation as a whole.

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He Unblocked Me But There's No Contact—One of the worst things he could do! Don't fall for it!!!
He Unblocked Me But There’s No Contact—One of the worst things he could do! Don’t fall for it!!!

What To Do If He’s Not Responding—He Unblocked Me But There’s No Contact!!!

Here’s what you can do if he’s not responding to you:

Give it time and patience

Time and patience is really a key factor, here. If you simply wait out the situation, most of them heal themselves to a degree. If something major happened—like cheating or a significant argument—you’ll still have to go through conflict resolution to feel fully resolved.

Although, time and patience allows a person to decide when and how they’re ready to open back up to you!

Ask him to be mature about the situation

One way of trying to move the relationship forward when it’s in this state is simply to communicate better. Something like the following, “I’m really sorry for what happened and I’m ready to express how much this has hurt me/you. I’m going to give you space and time to process what’s going on. But I want you to know I’m here for you when you’re ready to talk.”

In this prompt or message, you’re being very open, honest, and endearing. It also shows a great deal of respect to the other person and allows them to determine when they’re ready to share.

Apologize and be the better person

Lastly, just being the better person is the best route here. What you want to AVOID is to get angry. For example, “I can see that you unblocked me! WTF! Why aren’t you texting me!?” Showing anger in the situation is probably going to fuel how he’s manipulating you in this moment.

To break that habit and to avoid the situation continuing—be the better person and take a step back from the emotions that you’re feeling.

My Experience With Unblocking But Not Texting Back…

Here’s the thing—I’m a guy… And I’m a guy who has been in a lot of bad relationships. I can definitely attest to doing this. To unblocking a girl and then leaving her hanging. Why did I do it? Well, I was feeling insecure, yes. And then, I was hurt.

Instead of being able to properly process how I was hurt, I decided to play this type of texting game back-and-forth. It was dumb and highly immature.

Looking back—it really told me that the relationship had some issues from the start. And I should have used this as a better indicator for what the relationship was going to be in the future. I didn’t… And that’s what I learned through all of this.

Often, immature people bring out immature relationships. It simply means the person you’re trying to be with isn’t on the same level as you. And that’s okay!!

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