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Hobbies for Women

I’ve received a few emails asking me, “Ryan, what are hobbies for women that can add to their personality, life, and generally help them advance in their lives?” Well, I know some great women. And when I asked them of some hobby ideas, here is what they had to tell me!

Whether you’re young, old, or just reaching womanhood, there’s never a limit to how many hobbies you can have. You might have to learn an entirely new skill, but it’s worth it if you have fun! Here are 50 hobbies you can pick up if you’re a woman.

Hobbies for Women That Are Just For Fun

—The best hobbies for women!

Adopt A Pet

If you’ve never had a pet before, now would be a great time to start. Having a pet is like having a little version of you around. Start with something small and easy, maybe a cat or a corgi. The attachment you build is absolutely rewarding!

Go Bowling

Bowling is an activity you don’t have to be good at to enjoy; it’s just for fun! Get a bunch of friends together and let your inner bowling champion out. Take it steady, and you’ll eventually become a pro bowler. Bowling competition, anyone?

Try Gaming

Most people equate video games with violence, but that’s not the case. There are plenty of non-violent games that are focused on emotional narratives, artistic exploration, or world-building. The SIMS series is a perfect example of games that women can enjoy. They’re fun, intriguing, wacky, and extremely addictive!

Expert advice: Studies have shown that having more hobbies in your life can literally make you happier. It can also add value to your love life and relationships.

Become A DJ

If you love visiting the club, you might consider becoming a DJ. You’ll have to invest some money into this hobby, but it’ll be worth it in the end. Learn how to smoothly shift between two songs; it’ll be a great start. Let your inner party animal out as you hypnotize the crowd with your spellbinding transitions and electric waves.

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Go Horse Riding

Horse riding is a great hobby that can pump up your adrenaline and give you an extra boost of self-confidence. So put on your cowgirl hat, get some leather boots, and ride like the wind!

Go Camping

If you like adventures in nature, you ought to try camping with your friends. Encapsulate yourself in the wilds, lie down under the cloudy blue sky and distant stars. Build a campfire and cook something delicious; open a bottle of wine, and you have a soirée. It’s the best way to connect with nature while exploring your attachments with each other.

Hobbies for Women You Can Learn Easily

—The best hobbies for women!

Interior Designing

Don’t you just love customizing your room to a certain aesthetic? It’s one of the most productive hobbies in the world! Learn how to do it professionally and help your friends and family. Who knows, you could even turn it into a side hustle.


There’s something so pleasant about capturing a moment in time and transforming it into an everlasting image. Photography allows you to turn your curiosity into art; all you need is a decent camera and a sense of adventure!


You don’t have to master the software, but learning a few tricks on Photoshop can be a lot of fun! Click a picture of your grandma and make it look like she’s floating in space. Or merge your cat’s face onto a human body. The possibilities are endless!


It doesn’t have to be on a professional level, but picking up the basics of videography can help you create some awesome content. Start by taking candid videos of your friends and family, create short clips or reels, then move on to capture beautiful moments that deserve to be remembered.

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Playing An Instrument

If you have a great singing voice, you HAVE to learn a musical instrument. Guitars are easy, Ukuleles are simpler, and pianos require a dedicated touch. Learn the basics first, and you’re one step closer to mastering some incredible solo song covers. Moreover, there’s also the aspect of sound health, which is an added benefit!

Expert advice: Studies have shown that as you age, getting more hobbies can be more challenging. A great hobby to have is to volunteer. This can promote connection with others and more.

Learn A New Language

If you love exploring different cultures, why not upgrade and learn a new language? There are plenty of apps that can help you with the process, and you’ll be smarter than you were when you started. Keep adding more to your list, and you can become a polyglot!

Learn Dancing

Dancing combines art and exercise, giving you immense joy and fulfillment. You’ll be proud of the moves you pull as you progress through this exciting hobby. It’s also a great way to stay physically fit.

Hobbies For Personal Growth

—The best hobbies for women!

Reading Books

Books portray limitless imagery that we would never conjure on our own; that’s why it’s so important to read as many as we can. It can be romantic, thrilling, scary, profound, comedic, or non-fictional. No matter the genre, books will definitely help you grow as a person. So unless you have a reading disorder, we suggest grabbing a book immediately!

Watching Films

Everyone watches movies and TV shows that are commercially popular. But did you know that discovering indie films can be a profound experience?

Take, for example, this year’s Oscar-winning film ‘Everything Everywhere All At Once’ or last year’s winner, ‘CODA.’ Treat yourself to magical, awe-inspiring cinema that awakes your artistic soul.

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Starting a blog or a website can be a great hobby for a woman!
Starting a blog or a website can be a great hobby for a woman!


What better way to preserve your most unique and heartfelt thoughts than writing them down in a journal? Each day brings new experiences, challenges, and ideas that deserve to linger in your mind. Journaling allows you to store those ideas and emotions to revisit them later.

Volunteer Work

If you’re in the mood to give, start by volunteering. It could be at an animal shelter, an NGO, or simply for some community work. You won’t get paid a dime, but you’ll definitely be contributing your energy to those in need.

Solving A Rubik’s Cube

You might think Rubik’s cubes are only meant for brainy nerds with excellent IQ, but so what? We need more women in science! Solving a cube, or at least attempting to solve one, gives your brain a lot of stimulation. What’s more, the satisfaction of finally solving one is a rare and powerful feeling indeed.

Online Hobbies for Women


If you live an interesting lifestyle, vlogging is the perfect hobby for you. People are always looking for a way to escape their mundane existence, and watching vlogs is one way to do it. So pick up a camera, strap on a mic, and start documenting fun aspects of your life!

Start A YouTube Channel

Whether you like doing comedy or discussing serious topics, you can always use YouTube to spread your views. All you need is an attractive setup which you can achieve with some lamps and homely decor. Just hit the record button and say what’s on your mind.

Start An Instagram Page

It could be about memes, general topics, or something specific like music or pets! Starting a new Instagram page can be ridiculously fun, exciting, and adventurous.

Start A Tik Tok Channel

Making short videos on Tik Tok can be extremely amusing and profitable in the long run. Do a little dance, mouth the words to your favorite movie dialogue, or document the many adventures of your pet cat!

Fitness Related Hobbies for Women

Hit The Gym

This isn’t a unique hobby, but it’s certainly a great way to stay fit and healthy. Gymming makes us healthier in the long run and can develop into a serious goal if you let it. It’s not just something for young people, old folks can join in too! You just need to know which exercises can help you the most.

Having regular exercise can be a great hobby!
Having regular exercise can be a great hobby!


Rejuvenate your senses with daily yoga and meditation; your body will thank you for it! Moreover, meditation helps manage stress, resulting in better and stronger mental health.


Everybody loves playing in the pool on a hot summer day. Take it up a notch and dive into some swimming sessions to give your body a light workout. It’s the pool equivalent of doing cardio!


Feel the wind against your face and take in the sun’s sweet caress. Biking might look silly, but it improves our reflexes and navigational capabilities while training our bodies to adjust to high speeds. Activities like biking bring a string of physical and emotional benefits that are just too good to ignore.


If you’re looking for a serious hobby that you can turn into your passion, archery might be the perfect thing for you. It’s sporty but doesn’t require much physical strength; plus, it’s great for your eyes!

Financial Hobbies for Women

House Sitting

Isn’t it nice to live in someone else’s house for money? That’s why housesitting is one of the best hobbies for anyone wanting to earn some extra change on the side. You might even learn some house management while you’re at it!

Furniture Flipping

If you have old furniture lying around that you don’t need anymore, why not try to flip it for some profit? All it takes is some repairs, patch-ups, and maybe a paint job, and you’re good to go! List it on the platform of your choice and see who wants some fresh-looking furniture!

Photography can be a great and easy hobby to pick up for women!
Photography can be a great and easy hobby to pick up for women!

Reselling Comics

Got piles of old comic books from your childhood that you don’t read anymore? Collect them, give them some cleaning, and sell them on eBay! The more popular the comic, the more people will be willing to pay.

Create A Blog

If you like noting down your thoughts on specific topics, you might want to start your own online blog! Write about things you enjoy, give readers a unique perspective on how you view them, and use visually stunning images to decorate your website. Now simply promote it on your social media and see how many fish you catch!

Social Media Management

If you like spending hours on social media, maybe you should turn that into a significant passion. Social media managers are always in demand, and we think you’ll fit the bill! Start by helping a friend who needs to promote their newly created page or channel. Then, gradually move on to working as a professional!

Dog Walking

If you love walking dogs, why do it for free? Plenty of dog walker apps allow you to sign up for a quick buck. If not, just ask around your neighborhood and see who’s willing to pay you to walk their dog. It pays well, and you get lots of pawsome fun in the process!


Unleash your inner carpenter by turning wood into usable and attractive cabinets, chairs, spoons, surfboards, or whatever you can manifest. The best part is you can even sell your woodworking projects online. Birdhouses and wooden signs are particularly popular and always in demand!

Reading can be an easy and fun hobby to pick up for women! Just go to the book store!
Reading can be an easy and fun hobby to pick up for women! Just go to the book store!

Event Planning

If you like planning your best friend’s surprise birthday party, you’ll love event planning. It’s the go-to hobby for those with excellent organizational and presentational skills. And it pays well too!

Beauty Related Hobbies for Women

Skin Care

Dare to disagree with us, but caring for your skin is a legit hobby. You can’t use photoshop to hide your blemishes and dark circles in real life, so you might as well use this hobby to create the best version of yourself.


Cosplaying is more than just putting on flamboyant costumes and posing for Instagram; it’s a craft of its own. You don’t have to be into anime to do this; use any movie or TV character, and you’re good to go. Creating your own costumes is also a huge plus point; you might even start trending on social media!

Makeup Tutorials

Turn your makeup techniques into valuable information for beginners by creating helpful makeup tutorials. You can do this on any platform, youtube, Instagram, or Facebook; take your pick!

Nail Art

Love doing your nails? Why not take it up a notch and dive into some beautiful nail art that can generate exciting reactions? You could even start an Instagram page solely for your nail art. Post your nail art pictures online and watch your page grow!

Food Related Hobbies for Women

Making Cocktails

People who know how to make cocktails instantly become the most beloved characters at any house party. The process is fun, inventive, and even experimental on some occasions. The more your skills progress, the better your cocktails taste!

Try out baking and see how it goes! It is a challenging hobby but can be highly rewarding!
Try out baking and see how it goes! It is a challenging hobby but can be highly rewarding!


Preserving something for the future has always been a fascinating concept for us. Pickling embodies the best parts of that concept, which is why it’s a great hobby for any foodie. You might even make a quick buck by selling them to fellow foodies!

Garnishing Food

Want to present delicious cuisines that look attractively mouthwatering? Become a garnishing master and turn your boring dinners into 5-star dining experiences! Whether it’s a simple herb placed on top or a sprinkle of your finest spices, the final element always makes the meal more exciting.

Wine Tasting

Part of being a foodie involves tasting amazing textures and unique ingredients. What better way to do that than wine tasting? Treat yourself to a myriad of flavors ranging from delightfully sweet to incredibly robust and everything else in between!

Creative Hobbies


If you loved arts & crafts as a kid, you might want to delve into the intricate and beautiful world of Japanese Origami. It uses paper folding techniques to create wonderful mini-sculptures that look amazing on any table, countertop, or stool. All you need is a flat sheet of paper and some imagination to drive you through!


Not everyone can paint like Leonardo Da Vinci, but it’s still a fun activity to do any time of the day. You’ll need some painting 101 classes to get hold of the basics before you can let your creativity go wild. It might be difficult to grasp initially, especially if you’re not from an artistic background, but stay with it, and you’ll generate striking imagery in no time!

Jewelry Design

Why wear someone else’s designs when you can proudly put on your own creations? Jewelry design is an amazing hobby for fashionistas who love customizing their apparel. There are no rules to this game, pick whatever material, shape, or element you like and mix them up for an incredible result. But of course, you’ll have to take some classes to start.


Landscaping is the perfect hobby if you’re an outdoor person who enjoys gardening. Its a great way to clear your mind and stimulate your body and an interesting way to make your front yard more attractive!


Acting as a hobby might not take you to Hollywood, but it’ll give you a series of mentally stimulating challenges. Most people might think it’s silly, but there’s a certain level of intrigue and excitement when you pretend to be someone else. Sign up for the next local play to experience that feeling!

Voice Acting

If you’re camera shy, you can take up voice acting as a hobby instead. It’s incredibly exciting and absolutely fun! It could be for a fictional character in a cartoon or an infotainment video on YouTube; go with what works for you!

Bonus: Extra Hobbies for Women

Still not liking those ideas? Here is a list of more!

  • Jewelry making
  • Stand up comedy
  • Playing board games
  • Learn magic tricks
  • Take scuba diving lessons
  • Solve jigsaw puzzles
  • Take up interior design of your own home
  • Try rock climbing
  • Take online courses for higher education
  • Go to garage sales
  • Solve crossword puzzles
  • Try cake decorating
  • Start bird watching

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