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How to Flirt With a Guy Over Text (15 Ways to Do It)

Erin, a close friend of mine, asked me a great question the other day. She goes, “Ryan, what are some ways to flirt with a guy over text?” Okay, well, that’s a great question. With more than 41.5 messages sent per day on average (according to Pew Research Center), you should expect to see your crush text you pretty often, right!?

It makes sense if you think about… Over text message—a lot can get misinterpreted. It’s pretty hard to communicate emotion or intention, too. So when you’re trying to be intentional—like flirting—it’s something you actually have to THINK about.

You can’t just do it, like when you’re in person. Sure, you can follow you gut and try to roll with the conversation. But there’s actually more of a framework than what you might initially think.

If you’re wanting to know the best way to flirt with a guy over text… Give these ways and examples a try for yourself!

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8 Powerful Ways to Flirt With a Guy Over Text

—Ways to flirt with a guy over text!

1: Show interest in him

Showing an interest in someone is really a great way to flirt. Ask them questions, get involved in the conversation, and engage. Engagement in a conversation really indicates that you want something to occur.

For example, don’t let the text message sit out there for too long. And don’t try to play games and send a dry text or two thinking that he’s going to respond in a positive way.

Just be yourself. And show him what you want!

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2: Send him pictures of your day or yourself

It’s cool to involve him in your way. Whether it’s walking the dog or going to work. By you involving him in your daily life—it shows that you have interest in him being part of that.

This is also just a great way to two people to get to know each other. And by you starting this off, it might indicate to him that he should do the same!

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3: Include him in your life

Make him part of your decisions! This really goes a long way. For example, “Hey, I’m thinking about going to the pool this weekend. Any thoughts on where I should go?” This is a simple way to engage with someone and then, who knows—maybe the two of you decide to go out on a date!

Yes, this is actually more flirty than you might think!

4: Ask him questions that show you’re interested

Questions about his family. Or his friends. By wanting to get to know him—it’s certainly a way to flirt. It shows that you don’t just value his time, you value who he is.

If you don’t ask him any questions, then you might not really get any opportunity to know who he really is. Or what his values are. Or what his character traits are.

These are all required in making sure you’re deciding on the right person for yourself.

5: Treat the conversation with importance

Setting a priority to the conversation is a great way to flirt! For example, if you have something that you need to take care of—simply say, “Hey I’m going to take care of something really quick so if I don’t text, that’s probably why you aren’t hearing from me.”

This is a very simple and considerate act. And yes, it’s flirtatious because it shows that what you really want—IS HIM!

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6: Show him your priority is him

I can’t say this enough. For example, does he have a work event coming up? Or something at school happening? Make sure that you keep track of it and follow-up by text message about it.

For example, “Hey, how did you work trip go?” The act of remembering the event can really go a long way!

7: Text him in the morning or at night

A good morning text or goodnight text really shows him that you’re serious about this. It shows him that you’re thinking about him when you first wake up. And thinking about him when you go to sleep.

What better way to flirt than that?

8: Express an interest in his life

It’s not just about asking questions—it’s about getting involved. Is there a particular hobby that he has that you’d like to get involved in?

Express interest in the things that he does and what he spends his time on!

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25 Example Flirty Text Messages to Use on Him

—Flirty example text messages to use on a guy!

When it’s the morning time — how to flirt with a guy over text!

  1. Good morning! Just wanted you to know that you’re the first person that I’m thinking of when I wake up.
  2. It’s going to be a good morning! Just wanted to send you a text to say hellooooo!
  3. Morning handsome! How are you today? Let’s have a good day, okay?
  4. You’re so cute! Just wanted to text you good morning with a small compliment.
  5. Can’t wait to text you later! Have a good day today, okay?

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When it’s the afternoon

  1. Hope you’re having a good day. Can’t stop thinking about you!
  2. Just texting you a little something to say that I’m thinking about you.
  3. Is your day going well? What’s going well and not so well? Thinking about you ALL MORNING!
  4. Hey, hey, handsome man. I hope your afternoon is full of sunshine. 😉
  5. Whoops—should I be thinking about you this much?

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Without being obvious

  1. Just letting you know I’m here! Hope your day is going well.
  2. Can’t wait to talk to you later. Okay?
  3. Here’s a picture of what’s happening in my day. Hope your day is going well (Send pictures)
  4. Today is truly something special. Glad that I’m talking to you.
  5. You’re making my day brighter and better! Hope you know that!

Flirting for the first time texts — how to flirt with a guy over text!

  1. I didn’t think a guy like you existed out there in the world. 🙂
  2. Wow, I really love talking to you… I hope you know how much.
  3. Since we’ve been talking, you’re the only thing that I can really think about.
  4. Glad you texted me, for some reason, I couldn’t get you out of my mind.
  5. Life is simply better when we’re texting 😉 Hello, hello!

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Flirting at night

  1. I guess it seems like you’re going to be the thing that I think about before bed.
  2. Sweet dreams, I hope you dream of your dream girl (me, of course!).
  3. I wonder what we’re going to do in your dreams tonight 😉
  4. Do you think you’re going to text me in the morning? I hope so.
  5. When you wake up, there will be a text from me, waiting… Telling you how much I appreciate you and that you’re a wonderful man (which is all the truth).

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