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Here’s How to Respond to “Hey” in a Text!

Jeremiah, one of my buddies, asked me a relationship question and communication question the other night. He said, “Ryan, how do I respond to ‘hey’ in a text?” Well, that’s a good question because you might think it would be rather easy… But it might be difficult depending on where you want the conversation to go. Here’s how to respond to “hey” in a text!

A dry text is something that doesn’t exactly communicate something that you fully comprehend. When someone is short with you, it’s really hard to understand their intention behind the message and their tone of voice.

Studies have shown that adolescents that are texting long-term actually suffer more mental health problems than those who are not. It’s not really that shocking of a study if you think about it. Texting is a pretty terrible form of communication.

What do you do when you get “Hey”?

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How to Generally Respond to “Hey” In a Text Message

Here’s how to respond to “hey” in a text message!

1: Look for queues on excitement (emoji or exclamation point)

Queues of excitement can really help to display the emotion that the other person is trying to convey. For example, if a person just says, “Hey.” Then it doesn’t really tell you how they’re feeling emotionally. They could be upset with you. They could be happy with you. It’s really unclear.

This is generally the problem that you have on your hands and why you’re here reading this article.

Here are some things to say:

  • Hey, how’s it going? What are you up to today?
  • Hey, to you, right back!
  • What’s going on [Name], how is the day going?

A question can really help to display that you want the conversation to keep going.

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2: Jump right into a conversation

Jumping right into a conversation can be a great way to combat a dry text that you got. For example, if someone isn’t really showing you the level of interest that you’re looking for—display to them what kind of interest that you’re expecting to receive.

The advice that you’ve heard of is: treat others the way you want to be treated. Well, it’s not untrue! And it’s not even untrue when it comes to a text message.

Here’s something you can say:

  • Hey! The day is going really well. I just got done with some work and now I’m about to get ready for the gym. Or grab a coffee. I can’t tell which. How’s it going with you?

By jumping into the conversation and pretending that they asked you a great question—you can show how you’d like to engage with them.

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3: Say something back that you would like to see more of—a key way to respond to “hey” in a text

If you don’t want to jump into the conversation—another way to combat this type of text is to get into the conversation through light questioning. For example, you can say, “Hey, your day good?”

A quick response is key here. You don’t want to play games with the other person. But if they’re dry and you don’t know how they’re feeling exactly—just let it unfold naturally.

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4: Ask them a question that gets the ball rolling

We keep discussing questions. Are you getting the hint, yet? That questions are definitely one of the best ways to start conversations. The types of questions you ask are really crucial here. For example, if you just ask any question like, “How’s the day going?” That’s definitely a tactic (like the ones we mentioned above).

But what’s even better is to respond with a question that you know is going to get a response. Like, for example, try out a funny question and response:

  • Hey! What’s up? If you had to pick between marrying Madonna or marrying Leonardo DiCaprio who would you pick and why?

This type of question will probably throw them off guard. And that’s a good thing! You want to do that!

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a young woman texting - how to respond to hey in a text message

How to Respond to “Hey” From a Guy

—Responding to “Hey” from a guy!

1: Choose how you want to be flirty

A flirty text can be a great way to respond to a guy who says “Hey” to you! For example, you can say something like: Hey, I’m really glad that you texted me. I’ve been thinking about you!

What a great way to show a guy that you’re generally interested in him. And that you’re interested in hearing more from him when it comes to exchanging messages back/forth.

Pick what you want to say based on what you actually feel!

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2: Don’t jump right in right away

One way women tend to show that they’re interested is by holding back their emotions. I would say this tends to fall in line with what an alpha female is like. They want to see how the guy who texts them will naturally progress things.

A woman might decide that they want to respond within 24-hours. No response to a text message will definitely communicate something that you probably DON’T want.

So you could say something like this:

  • Hey! Sorry I was occupied with work and just now catching up on messages. How are you?

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3: Show your true colors

Some women don’t want to waste time at all. And I have to say—I really do appreciate that. When you know what you want… It’s probably best to jump right into it. Don’t wait!

If that’s you, you can say something like the following:

  • Hey! I’m so glad you texted me! What are you doing? Do you want to make plans for this weekend?

You can show your interest right away. Most men will actually appreciate that!

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a guy texting someone on his phone

How to Respond to “Hey” From a Girl

—Responding to “Hey” from a girl!

1: Ask her relevant questions to ease her into the conversation

A relevant question to “Hey” can really break down the dry text, entirely. For a guy, showing that you’re not the beta male in the situation can go a long way. For example, if she showed she’s interested in you—then take it to the next level.

Here’s some things you can say:

  • [Name]! Hey! Glad you texted me. What’s something exciting that’s happening in your world this week? Don’t wait too long to text me, I want to hear from you!

2: Text her back right away

Time is a funny thing. Especially for a woman. Women are very keen to picking up on signals that are getting sent directly or indirectly. And indirect signal would be the amount of time that you wait to send the text message.

Here is what I don’t advise: Don’t play games by waiting 48-hours to text her back. In reality, you’re only hurting yourself. If your goal is to move forward with someone in life—why do this at all?

Text her back and just say, “Hey, to you!” The fact that you responded quickly will put the ball back in her court and see what else she has to say to you!

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3: Play hard to get if you really want to

If you REALLY want to, you can play hard to get. But what I would do here is just simply play with time and mirroring her questioning. I wouldn’t really suggest this as a whole. It’s not a great form of leadership. And doesn’t really show that you’re the alpha.

Here’s what you would do:

  • Wait an hour or two.
  • Text back and say, “Hey”

Whatever she says to you in a text, say the same thing or something similar. If she says, “How’s it going?” Simply say, “It’s going well, how’s it’s going with you?”

As you can tell from just this example exchange—it’s really emotionless. Which is why I don’t suggest doing this. It’s really not going to have the effect that you think it will.

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