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How to Respond to “WTW” in a Text!

James, my buddy that I talk about a lot on this blog, asked me, “Ryan, how do I respond to someone who texts me with a ‘wtw’?” Well, that’s good that you’re getting a text from someone that you care about. And that you’re interested in texting. And so here’s how to respond to “WTW” in a text!

WTW refers to the abbreviated form of, “What’s the word?” It’s pretty much like a friend texting you and saying, “What’s up!?” Is it considered a dry text? Well, not really. It’s just like someone saying OMG or LOL. Or potentially using an emoji on you. It’s not a bad thing!

Studies have shown that adolescents that are texting long-term actually suffer more mental health problems than those who are not. It’s not really that shocking of a study if you think about it. Texting is a pretty terrible form of communication.

So, it’s not really a bad thing that you have questions about texting!

a girl texting - how to respond to wtw in a text message

23 Ways to Respond to “WTW” in a Text

More than 23 billion texts get sent per day… Yep, you read that correctly! And so if you got one—that’s a good sign that someone wants to talk to you! Here’s what you should say to get the conversation rolling!

The Cool Responses—The WTW Text Response for the Alpha

  • Not much!
  • What’s up to you! How you doing?
  • NM! How are you?
  • NM, NM, what’s going down dog?
  • How you doing over there?
  • Yo! Sup!

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Back At Ya Responses

  • NM! WTW?
  • Not muchhhh my dude, how are you?
  • Sup! What’s going down?
  • The word is good, how are you?
  • Hey, it’s good to hear from you—what are you doing?

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Responses to a Guy

  • Hey! I was hoping you would text me. How are you?
  • The word is good! The day is going to be a good one, how are you?
  • What’s up! How are you?
  • Not much, not much!
  • NM! How RU?
  • Well, hello there!

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Responses to a Girl

  • Hanging with my friends, what’s up with you?
  • Just chilling, what’s going on with you?
  • Nada! How are things on your end?
  • Hmm, not thaaaat much, how are you?
  • What’s going on with you?

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What Does “WTW” Mean in a Text?

Generally, “WTW” means what’s the word. It is another way of asking what you are up to. And yeah, generally, the person who is asking you this question wants to know what you’re currently focused on. A proper type of response is one that speaks to your day or speaks to what you’d like to be doing with your day.

If someone asks this it’s very similar to them saying:

  • What’s up
  • How are you?
  • What are you currently up to?
  • What are you doing right now?

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