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Ice Cream Dates

I got a friend who asked me for advice the other day. He asked me, “Hey Ryan, are ice cream dates a good idea? Is she going to like this? Or should I do something else?” Well, that’s a very good question… Let’s find out!

First, my experience with ice cream dates…

I love going on ice cream dates. Even when I’m in a long-term relationship (like the one that I’m in right now)—going out to get ice cream is a great way to spend less than $20. The idea is to make sure that it’s fun and exciting—and there are a few ways to do that.

But before we get into those ideas. The question is: is the date a good idea? Absolutely! YES! Take her or him out on an ice cream date!

For less than $30, the two of you can have a memorable night!
For less than $30, the two of you can have a memorable night!

5 Ways to Make an Ice Cream Date Fun

Here are five simple ways to make an ice cream date super fun.

1. Try out a new ice cream shop in your neighborhood

Every shop is a little different. From custard to gelato. Each place may have different flavors, too. For example, my favorite ice cream shop is a place called Jeni’s Ice Cream. The last time we were there we got a blueberry goat cheese ice cream (I know, it sounds crazy!).

The idea of trying out new flavors is what makes the date super fun.

2. Have a competition

Whoever can make the best two combination flavors wins the date. This is very simple but makes it worthwhile.

The reality is that no one is a true loser—because you get to be together and you also get to have ice cream, there really isn’t a losing situation here.

3. Make ice cream at home

There are plenty of ice cream makers on Amazon that you can purchase. This can make a really fun evening at home. Especially if someone has dietary restrictions or has other requirements about what they eat.

Sure, it might create a little bit of a mess—but when it does, that makes it extra fun!

4. Go to the store and buy different flavors of ice cream

Something that’s really underappreciated is when you go to the store and choose ice cream there. You don’t always to have to an ice cream shop or parlor. Instead, try a local grocery store. They’ll absolutely have different flavors to choose from, and it’s just as exciting.

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5. Combine the date with a night time walk

If it’s warm outside, there’s absolutely nothing better than going for a walk while you have your ice cream. Pick a location that’s near a body of water or something scenic. This makes the date extremely romantic and memorable.

All in all, choosing the right location and planning the night out can make for an excellent date that will cost you less than $30.

Expert advice: A recent study found that romantic colors can have a remarkable impact on couples and increase intimacy and attraction, which is also confirmed in more recent studies. Try to choose a colorful location for your romantic evening!

Ice cream dates are extremely fun!
Ice cream dates are extremely fun!

What to know—ice cream dates

The only thing that can go wrong is if you don’t know the person you’re taking out on a date. For example, is he/she allergic to milk? If so, then it’s probably not a great idea to take them there. Pick something else instead. Like a picnic date or something else that’s cheap but exciting.

Try to tailor the date to them—if they don’t really have a sweet tooth, then is this date really tailored to them? Great dates are all about how you execute them and the thought that you put behind them. Plain and simple!

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