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What Does IFG Mean in Texting? (ANSWERED!)

What does IFG mean in texting? My friend asked me this question the other night. I thought, well, that’s a good question because texting can really be complicated to understand, sometimes. So I decided to put something together. Here’s the meaning of the slang term, IFG!

What does IFG mean in a text? IFG meaning explained…

IFG stands for “I feel good.” It’s usually someone responding to a text message saying, “What’s up?!” Or, “How you feeling?” The person would say, IFG! Sometimes, they might say it multiple times in a row, like, “IFG, IFG!

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Alternative meanings

  • I Feel Great!
  • I’d Feel Good

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Examples in a text

—Examples of YIFG in a text!

Example one

  • Karen: Yo, how are you feeling today?
  • Michael: IFG! Just a little tired!

Example two

  • Joe: What’s going on? You feeling okay after last night?
  • Fred: Ohhhh yeah, IFG!

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Responses to IFG

—Responses to IFG!

Expected responses to IFG in a text

  1. You sure? Cool, if so!
  2. Okay, cool, just making sure you feel good.
  3. Alright, great, making sure you do feel good.
  4. Awesome!
  5. Good to hear!

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Funny responses to IFG in a text

  1. You sure? You were puking last night!
  2. I don’t know, last night you looked pretty pale.
  3. You are looking pretty pale, you sure?
  4. I dunno—did you look in the mirror? LOL
  5. Happen to look at your pictures last night? LOL

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Q&A about the IFG Meaning

—Questions about IFG.

What does IFG mean when a guy texts it to you?

IT means, “I feel good.” Usually, the guy is responding to a question that you might have asked him. Something like, “How are you doing today?” Or “How are you feeling today?”

What does IFG mean when a girl texts it to you?

IFG has a universal meaning: I feel good. It’s usually someone responding. toyou asking them a question about their day or how they are doing at the moment.

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