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80+ Likes and Dislikes

My friend John emailed me and said, “Ryan, you know a lot about people and relationships… What are some likes and dislikes that a person might have?” He was writing about leadership at his company. And for home. And thought to himself… if he only knew what people liked and disliked, he could tell a better story. Well, great question John! I gave my honest answer…

As unique individuals walking the face of this earth, we are all entitled to our own version of likes and dislikes when it comes to anything. This makes everyone interesting to know and even sparks excellent conversations with strangers.

For many people, their interests depend on their mood. For example, you might like listening to songs when you’re in a good mood, but if you’re feeling enraged or are going through a tough time, music might not be something that you need at the moment.

Many people struggle to find the right answer when asked about their interests or dislikes. This lack of self-awareness can affect your personality and behavior at length.

But Why Is It So Important That We Know About what we Like And Dislike?

To sit down and resolve that you are interested in knowing yourself inside and out calls for quite a bit of determination and effort. Those who are self-aware have the capacity to alter the course of many scenarios because they are better able to comprehend both themselves and others.

  • You Can Identify Your Potential
  • You Build Better Relationships
  • You Set Boundaries
  • You Can Make Better Decisions

Is It Important To Ask People About Their Likes And Dislikes?

For starters, the answer is simple- YES. As long as we live in a society like ours, mingling with people and interacting with each other, knowing someone’s likes and dislikes helps us live in harmony.

When you ask someone about their likes and dislikes, you get a deeper level of understanding about the person. Knowing what irks them and makes them happy ultimately helps you better understand the person and build more meaningful relationships.

Expert advice: The act of “liking something” is an actual chemical reaction in the brain. This is why everyone has different likes. There are some common ones. And less common ones.

Some Like And Dislike People And Places

These are just some general ideas about likes and dislikes that we think are commonly shared by most people. Perhaps some items on our list of likes might fall in the dislikes section for others but remember that whether or not you consider these likes of other people as a dislike according to you, always respect their opinions.

Likes and dislikes: No one dislikes coffee! :)
Likes and dislikes: No one dislikes coffee! 🙂

What You Might Like Or Dislike In People

We meet hundreds of people in our lifetime, but we click with only some of them. But if you’re wondering why you connect with some people more than others, there are some things that you might like in a person.

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Their Looks

No matter how much the world can argue that looks aren’t everything, it is the first thing you notice about a new person.

It is the way they look and their appearance that first catches our eyes, and then we start getting to know them and seeing them for the person they are inside.

Some people might find certain facial features to be quite attractive, while others don’t find it attractive at all.

The Way They Dress

People also might look at how you dress and feel like they admire you for your style. At the same time, people with a unique sense of style might be totally unlikeable, those who are more conservative or traditional in their outfits.

Expert advice: Studies have shown that there are different “like” and “want” responses in the brain. Someone may “want” something but not “like it.” And vice versa.

A lot of people like socializing and talking to close friends.
A lot of people like socializing and talking to close friends.

Their Sense Of Humor

Once you get to know someone, you might be more inclined to spend a little more time with them because you like their sense of humor. Many people connect with others on this aspect.

At the same time, some people might have a very twisted or dark sense of humor that does not click with anyone. If you’re more of the playing-it-safe kind of person when it comes to humor, you might not like being around people with this dark humor.

The Way They Carry Themselves

People like a person’s demeanor, the way they radiate self-confidence and command a room when they walk in. In other words, the way that they carry themselves might be attractive to some people. On the other hand, some people might find this kind of behavior overly done. They might view this as a display of overconfidence or arrogance which is detestable to them.

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Their Level Of Authenticity

You might have noticed that some people are not authentic at all. While it is perfectly normal for someone to try and fit into new places and environments, some people tend to try a little too hard, making them fake. Not many people like being around fake friends because it is so exhausting to deal with.

On the other hand, what you like about someone could be their realness and their authenticity. You appreciate the raw honesty that they bring to the circle. It could even come off as harsh and blunt to some people, but perhaps you find their unfiltered honesty quite refreshing.

Many people LIKE meeting new people!
Many people LIKE meeting new people!

Their Mindset

You might like or dislike a person depending on the type of mindset they have. While everyone is entitled to have opinions of their own, some ideas might clash with yours which you don’t like. For example, as an animal lover, if someone you meet also has the same view on animal rights, you are automatically attracted to their mindset.

On the other hand, for someone who is all about keeping the peace, a difference in opinions about gun control or violence as a whole might be reason enough to dislike the person.

Their Personal Habits

Some people have good habits and healthy habits which attract people to them. For example, waking up early in the morning or practicing yoga and meditation every day. These are just some good habits that they follow which you might like.

On the other hand, some people have bad habits like smoking or procrastination, and laziness, which might be a complete turn-off.

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The Way They Talk

Some people have a way with words that you just love listening to them, even if it’s for hours. On the other hand, you might meet some people who are just too chatty or always says the wrong thing that you don’t want to spend another minute listening to them.

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Their Interests

When you start getting to know someone, their likes, and dislikes are some of the first things you learn about them. When you share a similar love for a particular activity, you tend to spend more time together doing something you like. In contrast, if you don’t share common interests, you might find it hard to connect with the person.

Many people LIKE being inspired—attending conferences, seminars, and learning!
Many people LIKE being inspired—attending conferences, seminars, and learning!

The Way They Treat People

Sometimes you might meet people who are the ideal person with the perfect looks and the perfect everything, but then you find out how they treat other people, and you start disliking them.

There is so much to be said about how beauty is on the inside because even if you find the most attractive person in the world to befriend if they have a bad attitude and do not treat people with the kindness they deserve, it can be a complete turn-off.

What You Might Like Or Dislike In Places


Smell has a firm grasp on our memory and how we separate the memories between good and bad. You might love visiting that old bakery from around the corner because the baked goods smell comforting and delicious. On the other hand, you might dislike the alley on your way to work, which smells like urine and animal feces.


Some people like living amidst the hustle and bustle of the city, while others like the quaint serenity that the countryside brings.

The People

Maybe you dreamt of visiting a city that you’ve never been to, but the moment you get here, you find that you completely dislike the people there, and it has ruined your perfect fantasy.

You don’t have to travel far to realize this. Maybe you’ll find that you love your hometown because it is where you spend most of your childhood, but the people there might have been toxic to your mindset growing up; hence, you end up disliking the people from that place.


So much can be said about places that are so great on the books and to travel to for a day or two, but their weather does not sit well with you. You might love the idea of a holiday there but the thought of living there is not an idea you like at all.


The cleanliness and tidiness of a place can impact whether you like the place or not. Everyone prefers to be in a clean environment, so if you visit a restaurant or a hotel and find it so dirty, you probably won’t like the place or consider returning for another visit.


You might find yourself a nice place to live in, but without the proper facilities and amenities or access to basic needs like transport and groceries, you’ll end up disliking the place.

The View

Some places you go to might be mediocre, but their view is spectacular. Just think back on some hikes you might have taken or places you traveled to which had great landscapes and scenery surrounding them. You probably have great memories of that place because you liked the view.

Common List Of Likes And Dislikes

There are a lot of things in the world that people like and dislike. In fact, if you really get into the details, you might just end up with a list that is as long as rods that never seem to end. But just to give you an idea, we have a short list of common and random things that you find likable and others that you don’t like at all.

JewelryMessy rooms
Quilting activitiesSweating
Doing DIY craftsClowns
TreehousesBad puns
Organizing things at homeKaraoke
PotteryOversized hoodies
Going on road tripsInstant coffee
FishingGetting pranked
Collecting stampsElevator music
Doing puzzlesFlash mobs
Playing with petsHorror movies
Listening to podcastsVisiting the dentist
Going for a bike rideGlitter
Nail artSeafood
TattoosGel pen
Spa massagesItchy scalp
Freshly baked breadGossip
Folded laundryBugs
Clean sheetsTraffic
ConcertsSocial media
Hot showersVegetables
Hot coffeeFood fights
Ice skatingAnimal cruelty
Taking a long train rideJazz music
A cold breezeHeat
Community serviceFunerals
Miniature thingsResearch
Interior designingOnline classes
ChurchLoud chewers
ButterfliesImprov classes
The forestExtreme cold
Playing the guitarSalons
Working outHiccups
Thai massageThrowing the trash
ZooSound of crickets
Fresh produceCleaning the fridge
BooksFolding laundry
ShoppingGetting receipts
SunlightWashing clothes
HugsOverflowing trashbins
GardeningBright lights
BookstoresVarious hairstyles
Pop musicWhistles
The sound of the keyboardParkour
IcecreamCleaning out mail
CeramicsSound of the doorbell
ManicureOpen spaces
PizzaScratching sounds
StickersCharging your phone
Opening giftsMukbang videos
Playing video gamesWorking on your laptop
ChocolateWatching shows with the full volume
Romantic comediesSnoring
ValleysMaking a doctor’s appointment
Board gamesDenim on denim
Success storiesSynchronized swimming
ExploringOpen toed shoes
Card gamesRed nail paint
Someone smiling at youDry skin
HorsesFacial hair
SketchingScience experiments
Getting a complimentShaving
Feel-good moviesFairytales
CloudsDust on your TV
PerfumeChest hair
OceanMoping the floor
SnowGoing to school
FishInk pen
ElectronicsWriting notes
BasketballDoing the dishes
FootballLow phone battery
PondsRunning errands
CarsEmpty bottles in the fridge
BatterClogged drains
Post-it notesHairfall
ShoesSleeping in late
ModelingHoles in your socks
Aroma diffusersAir pollution
ClothesBeing stared at
PancakesRunny nose
SocksSmelly food
KitesTight fitted clothes
Coloring booksWorld hunger
SuperheroesAlarm clocks
Gore moviesFalling sick
SceneriesIced coffee
HalloweenWrong size shoes
Sand castlesPoliticians
RollercoastersFeeling awkward
Nose piercingsLong lines
MapsBeing yelled at
List of likes and dislikes

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