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What Does LKR Mean in a Text? (Slang Examples)

What does LKR mean in a text message? Jeremy, a good friend of mine, asked me this the other night. Saying, “Ryan, I got a text from a friend the other day and it had ‘LKR’ in the text message. What the heck does that mean?” Well, I’d say that the popularity of texting has certainly created some new communication opportunities between people. If you want to know what the LKR meaning truly is, then I guess I’m here to tell you! 🙂

What does LKR mean in a text? LKR meaning explained…

LKR is usually a spelling error for IKR. And IKR means, “I know, right?” This is usually someone who is trying to agree with you about something that you’re saying. Like, for example, if you’re sharing a story about almost getting hit by the bus—well then they might say, “That’s crazy! I know, right?”

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Alternative meanings

  • Little Kids Rock

Examples in a text

—Examples of LKR in a text!

Example one

  • Ian: It’s going to be crazy tomorrow night. I seriously can’t wait.
  • Amy: LKR!

Example two

  • Brian: What time do you want to go? I feel like it’s going to be crazy!
  • Caleb: LKR!

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Responses to LKR

—Responses to LKR!

Expected responses to LKR in a text

  1. Do you mean, I know right?
  2. Did you mean to say IKR?
  3. I know, right!
  4. Agreed, it’s interesting!
  5. What?

Funny responses to LKR in a text

  1. You’re meaning to say IKR, right? Haha.
  2. What are you trying to say? That abbreviation means nothing!
  3. What… That’s not right.
  4. I don’t think that’s slang, okay?
  5. Love that you DON’T know slang!

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Q&A about LKR

—Questions about LKR.

What does LKR mean when a guy texts it to you?

Usually means that the guy is trying to say, “I know, right?” This means that he’s trying to agree with you about something that you’re saying or talking about.

What does LKR mean when a girl texts it to you?

If a girl texts you LKR, that means that she is trying to agree with you. It means the same thing as when a guy would text it to you.

Does LKR mean the same thing on social media that it means in text?

Yes, LKR means the same thing on all social media channels as it does through texting! That includes Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Threads, TikTok, and more.


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