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Metrosexual Beta Male

Someone asked me the other day, “Ryan, thanks for always writing the best resources on men, women, relationships, and more. I have a question for you, what is a metrosexual beta male?”

That’s a great question!

Before we jump in, the beta personality in men…

I’ve written about the beta male, the beta male provider, and the differences between a beta male and alpha male… You could certainly say that I’m a subject matter expert on this topic.

The beta personality is exactly how it sounds: it is the “second in command” to the alpha personality. This can be an alpha male or even an alpha female. The study I mostly refer to is one that shows the rise of the beta male personality in the United States and the correlation with the rise of the alpha female personality.

It’s critical to get educated on these new dynamics that exist in our modern society.

Ok, I’ve educated myself, what’s a metrosexual beta male?

A metrosexual male was someone who was originally defined as the type of male who focused on their looks. This doesn’t make them g*y, rather it means that they care about their appearance. The classic joke is that a metro male might take more time getting ready than their female counterpart.

Common metro males are: David Beckham, Brad Pitt, and George Clooney. These gentlemen spend a great deal of time focusing on their appearance.

But when you look at these men, you would classify them as alpha. You can tell that they are. George Clooney created a $1B brand around spirits and David Beckham has gone to create a number of football clubs around the world.

So who is the metro beta male?

The perfect person to describe this is Joseph Gordon-Levitt. He’s the best description of a metro beta male. He focuses on his appearances while still being second in command.

Are metros and beta males the same?

No, they are not. In fact, many beta males who want to become alpha should focus on their appearance first. Think of this as having a type of “makeover” for the male gender. Fun fact: This is where the show “Q*eer Eye for the Straight Guy” came from!

Should I date a metro beta male?

It’s up to you! It depends on your personality and preferences. Although, if you’re a woman, it’s going to be quite difficult. The reason for this is that many women want an alpha male, regardless of what they suggest or how they behave.

In conclusion—the metrosexual beta male personality

To conclude what to consider a metro beta male, here are the basic characteristics:

  • Stays quiet and to “himself.”
  • Focuses on his appearances a little “too much.”
  • Spends money on clothing, facial creams, and other pampered items.
  • Acts as the “second in command” to other men or women around him.

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