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The BEST Minecraft Pick Up Lines to Use

My friend’s are always asking me for funny jokes. Or for pick up lines that they can use! My friend Eric is a big Minecraft guy… He asked me, “Ryan, alright! What are some Minecraft pick up lines that I can use the next time that I’m out with the guys?” Well, alright! Here they are!

Have someone in Minecraft that you’ve got your eyes on for a minute? You’re in luck since name a better way to strike up that conversation you’ve been dying to have and initiate the romance than with clever Minecraft-related pickup lines.

You already know what you have in common, so skip the usual boring “hey, nice to meet you’s” and get her giggling! 

We’ve included some of the wittiest play items, enemies, and other Minecraft-world-inspired lines that will surely be the ice-breaker. Get the best reactions and, hopefully, help you score the girl of your dreams.

My experience with Pokemon pickup lines…

Cute pickup lines are perfect for a guy/girl that you are probably already with… These lines, at least, are probably not the best to use on someone that you just met. I mean, technically… you could. Although, I wouldn’t advise it.

My experience with pickup lines is pretty bountiful (sadly!)… And here is what I would recommend:

  • Use them to cheer someone up: When the person you want to make smile, needs a smile—pull out a line that you like.
  • Choose a pickup line that compliments her/him the way they like: Pick a line that perfectly complements the person you’re looking to make feel good. All you have to do is be yourself, really!
  • Lastly, yes—be yourself: It’s not fun to tell a pickup line that doesn’t match who you are as a person. If you’re going to share a line or two, make sure that it displays your character.

Okay, those are my best tips from personal experience… I would highly recommend reading those again before you go sending out a few text messages to someone that you care about. Or worse yet… sending out a text message to a crush!

The very best MINECRAFT pick up lines to use!
The very best MINECRAFT pick up lines to use!

Minecraft Pick Up Lines to Use!

So without further ado, let the crush impress session BEGIN! Pick the one that speaks to you.

Cutest Minecraft Pick-Up Lines

  1. I feel like you’re an expert builder in Minecraft. Wanna build the perfect relationship with me?
  2. Did I forget to tell you how opti-FINE you look tonight?
  3. I hope you’re not an Enderman because I can’t stop looking into your eyes.
  4. Are you a dragon egg? Because nothing is as rare as you.
  5. It’s pretty hot in here. You must be a blaze!
  6.  I can be your Enderman if you’ll be my pumpkin.
  7. Are you a health potion? Because my heart is full.
  8. You must’ve hexed me. Are you a witch?
  9. You’re a Glowstone, aren’t you? I always light up when I’m around you.
  10.  You’re more precious than my diamonds. 
  11.  I feel like sand because I’m falling head over heels for you.
  12.  You must be a block of dirt ’cause I dig you.
  13.  You make me feel like a creeper because I wanna explode when I’m near you.
  14.   You must be an expert at fishing cause I’m entirely hooked.
  15.  I’m in desperate need of a journey map cause I’m lost in my feelings whenever I’m around you.
  16. Are you a brewing stand? Because you surely are brewing some strong feelings inside me.
  17. You must be obsidian because you are making my heart imperishable. 
  18. Are you a fishing rod? Because you’ve hooked me in with all that charm.
  19. Are you sure you’re not a bed? Because I really wanna respawn right next to you each morning.
  20.  Are you sure you’re name isn’t Minecraft? Cause time flies by whenever I’m with you.
  21. You must be TNT cause you surely blow me away.

Naughty Minecraft-Pickup Lines

  1. Can you come over tonight? I want to introduce you to my Under Dragon.
  2. Hi there, diamond armor. It must be lovely to be in you.
  3. You should be my furnace. There’s some meat I wanna put inside you.
  4. They call me the pig. If you have the saddle, come ride me anytime you want.
  5. Sup, honey block. Let me taste your sweetness.
  6. Let’s go to my place and change your spawn location.
  7. Are you a Redstone torch? Cause you easily activate my sticky piston.
  8. Pick a time. Let’s go strip mining.
  9. Are you sure you’re not a Minecraft wolf? Cause I wanna give you my bone.
  10.  You must be a lever cause you turn me on.
  11.  Please tell me you’re a Diamond pickaxe cause I’m harder than obsidian right now.
  12.  I call myself a professional miner cause I can easily make your bed-rock.
  13.  Is that a creeper in your pants, or are you just happy to see me?
  14.  You must be a slimeball cause you’re making my piston sticky.
  15.  Can you please strip your armor so I can see your beautiful skin?
  16.  You should come to my dirt house so we can engage in dirty things.
  17.  Hey there, pressure plate! You absolutely turn me on.
  18.  Are you a fan of the love mode? We should switch to it and get to breeding.
  19. I sure would love to strip-mine you.
  20. Are you certain you’re not a bone meal? Cause you’re making my wood grow.
  21.  Is the creeper in your pants ferocious?
  22.  Do you, by any chance, have a tree farm? I need some wood.
  23.  My sapling grows whenever you’re around.
  24.  I’d mine you all night if you were ore.
  25. Can you be my zombie? I wanna get eaten out.
  26. You must be a diamond ore. My pickaxe is quite happy to see you.
  27.  Please be my chest? I have a lot to put in you.
  28. Is it possible to tame you and ride you for eternity?
  29.  Someone told me you’re like an obsidian. You love it hard.
  30.  Can we go back to my base, and you let me explode my creeper inside your mine tunnel?

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More Flirtatious Minecraft Pick-Up Lines

  1. I can confirm that my whole life has officially lightened up because of you. You truly are a Glowstone.
  2. You’re hotter than my pc after several hours of Minecraft.
  3. You’re as perfect as the 512×512 texture pack.
  4. Do you, by any chance, wanna have me touch your fuel rod?
  5. You make me get the easiest “getting wood” achievement every time you’re around.
  6. Can you be my horse so I can ride you all night long?
  7. My face might be up here, but I want your attention on my diamond sword down there.
  8. Petition to let me chop your wood with my mouth.
  9. Are you a diamond armor? Because you’re just my type.
  10.  Are you sure you’re not an enchantment table? Cause you sharpen my sword.
  11.   Health potions are red, Lapis is blue, I’d give all my diamonds just to be inside you.
  12.  I can trade my diamond leggings for your stick piston if you’d like.
  13.  Hey, wanna put our beds together?
  14.  Sup babe, wanna play with my ender pearls?
  15.  How does breeding together sound?
  16. Only the best golden apples and roasted pork for you if you come over.
  17.  Pixelated or not, you give me butterflies.
  18.  Call me a creeper cause I’d like to go into your room and explode all over you.
  19.  Are you willing to let me fertilize your crop with my bonemeal?
  20.  Zombie under the sun cannot even compare to how you light me on fire each time I see you.

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Wrapping Up—Minecraft Pick Up Lines to Use

Expert advice: In a study done by Jessica Tracy and Alec Beall, they found that men who smile, using their whole face (including teeth, cheeks, and eyes) had a stronger positive first impression upon women. When using pickup lines, make sure that you’re smiling during your delivery—happiness, as displayed by men, is quite literally a strong turn on for women.

So there you go, folks! We surely hope you found the wittiest Minecraft pick-up lines you were looking for. Use them on any average Minecraft enjoyers and get the best reaction out of them. 

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