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EPIC Mottos to Live By (10+ LIFE CHANGERS!)

A friend asked me the other night, “Ryan—what are mottos to live by? Or rather, which ones do you live by?” Well, I think having a statement or some type of definition of your values is very important... So I gave it some thought and here are my favorites!

A motto is an idea or a principle that guides us through life in challenging situations. It can be a saying, phrase, word, or idea that gets us going when times are tough.

Having mottos in life can help change your perception and approach toward complex situations. Whenever you are forced to make tough decisions, your life’s mottos will help you make the right one.

Mottos to Live By (The Best Ones!)

You should have a motto for every target you set for yourself so you can turn back to it for retrospection whenever you stray from your goals. In this article, we will take a look at some of the best mottos to live by throughout your life.

Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milk

Humans tend to look back at some mistakes they have made in the past and regret them. The guilt and sadness we feel after a negative situation hold us back.

Wherein feeling guilty might show you have empathy, crying over spilled milk does not do you any good in the long run. Regrets are part of life, and you cannot change them no matter what you try to do.

You cannot alter what has already happened since it is impossible to turn back time. Instead of regretting your past actions, it is better to forgive yourself and move on. Even better, you can approach the person or people you have hurt and do something good for them.

Replacing the wrong things you’ve done with good deeds is one of the best ways to stop having regrets. The main point this motto preaches is to let bygones be bygones. It’s how you would imagine a glass of spilled milk.

Once you spill the milk on the floor, you cannot put it back inside your glass. Similarly, it is also essential to let go of what you did in the past because you cannot change it.

Be the change you wish to see in the world! Mottos to live by!
Mottos to live by!

Be The Change You Wish To See In The World

If you want to see a change in your community, you cannot expect it to appear out of thin air suddenly. Change does not come simply by wishing for it. You must be the change you want in your community or world.

This motto is very helpful when we are looking for motivation to bring about change in our lives. If you want your children to be hard-working, you cannot be laid back around them. You must set an example for your children by working hard and achieving your goals.

Your hard-working energy will rub off on your children, and they will cultivate the same habit, which will help them in their lives. This is an example of being the change you wish to see in the world.

The world can never change on its own. Someone has to step up and pave the way for others to follow. The change will come whether you like it or not, but bringing the right kind of change depends on you.

If you want others to follow a specific kitchen habit, you should do the same. Only preaching without practice will not help your cause.

Most people do not want to risk being the bearer of change because they fear the unknown. If we could predict the future, taking risks wouldn’t be that challenging. However, bringing change takes a lot of courage, but you must do it to make the world better.

Life is a journey, not a race! Mottos to live by!
Mottos to live by!

Life Is A Journey, Not A Race

Every life is unique, and we are not obligated to replicate other people’s lives. There is no need to compare yourself with someone else since two individuals are different.

Most of us are worried about how we fare compared to other people around us. If you are always looking at people around you for validation, you will not live a happy life. You will feel devastated when you idolize someone so much and try to become like them but do not make it.

The idea is to focus on yourself and your strengths. Something easy for you will be challenging for someone else. This life is not about competing with one another.

Instead, you should live your life and enjoy your journey. You can take some ideas to improve yourself from people you encounter, but you don’t have to compare your life to theirs.

Everybody has different purposes in life, and you should work towards finding yours. You cannot compare your qualities with a doctor if you are a dancer. That will cause you significant mental stress.

Love conquers all! Mottos to live by!
Mottos to live by!

Love Conquers All

Love is an emotion that is filled with warmth and care, which makes everything better when given to others. You must remember while going through challenging times that love conquers all.

Showing love to people can be challenging sometimes, especially to those that despise you. We cannot please everyone, so there will always be people who might not like us. However, if you forgive them out of love for people, they will understand that you have always been a good person.

You can earn the trust of another person by treating them with love. Even people who others have mistreated throughout their lives will start believing in humanity if they are treated with love and affection. You should have compassion for every person in this world.

A Ship At Harbor Is Safe, But That’s Not What Ships Are For

The purpose of building ships is to use them for sailing through different parts of the ocean. Leaving a ship on the docks after taking so long to build it defeats its purpose.

You can argue that the ship is safer on the shore, but what good is it if it’s not used for navigating the waters?

The same can be said for us and our potential. If you are someone who is always living in a comfortable space, there is no chance for you to reach your potential. Humans are born with unlimited potential to achieve great things, but having a laid-back mindset will not help.

You must step out of your comfort zone to find out how far you can go. For example, you can take the dock representing an addict’s drug or friend’s circle. The addict can vow to stop using drugs daily, but it is impossible if they stick with the same group of people who enable drug use.

However, with willpower, if the addict is able to leave that peer circle, it can lead to a start of a new journey. The journey is the addict’s road to recovery and sobriety. Once you get the courage to overcome your fear, you can sail the waters and reach great heights.

Time heals all wounds
Mottos to live by!

Time Heals All Wounds

Since humans are emotional beings, we are bound to be disappointed and hurt at some point. No person can prevent this from happening to themselves.

It is hard to bear the brunt of disappointment, especially from loved ones. However, we should remember that it is not the world’s end. As time passes by, you will realize the hurt you experienced was just a stumbling block in your life’s journey.

You should not make hasty decisions when going through a challenging time. Your sadness, anger, and pain will gradually fade away as time passes.

A friend to all is a friend to none
Mottos to live by!

A Friend To All Is A Friend To None

Being a friend means putting your time and energy into someone else. Treating everyone with the same care and compassion is impossible since everybody is different.

It is only natural that we click with some people, and with others, we don’t. This is because everyone has a different idea about life. Your interests might be boring for some people and vice versa.

A person who is a friend to everyone is not a friend because it is impossible to invest the same time and energy toward everyone. Also, we can only like some people. Depending on who is worthy of your attention and energy, you are bound to like some people more than others.

This motto also means the same for the people you think are your friends. Some people will not like you for who you are even though you mingle with them. You should not believe you can turn to everyone when you need a friend.

You don’t have to try and please everyone you know. Maintaining a small circle of friends who give you the most love and care is the best way to go about it. Trusting everyone you know will cause you recurring inconveniences.

When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Lemonade

Lemons are usually sour, but if you add sugar and water, you can enjoy sweet lemonade. You can equate the same analogy to explain life’s journey. Sometimes life gives you challenges and difficulties, which you must rise above and conquer to enjoy the sweet nectar of victory.

What you expect is not always what you get, so you have to make the most of any situation. You must have a positive attitude when things don’t go as planned. If you let your emotions get the better of you in unexpected situations, you will be the one at a loss.

You must learn to be grateful for what you have experienced, even if that wasn’t what you expected. Accepting the outcome and making the best of it is what the lemonade is referring to in this motto.

Making lemonade when you receive lemons means being optimistic in every situation, no matter how bad it is. There is always a positive to take from every negative situation you face.

You Only Live Once

We have been taught since childhood that we only live once in this world. You must make the best of this life and take every opportunity that comes at you with the right spirit.

Everyone worries about living a comfortable life in this world, so they work hard to achieve success. Only through success can one live an ideal life. However, people need to remember to take a pause from their busy lives and experience the small joys in life.

Life would be meaningless if you didn’t experience the things you’ve always wanted to try. Travel the world, ask your crush out on a date, experience other cultures, go bungee jumping and sky diving, visit the places you’ve always wanted to see, etc.

If you don’t experience the finer things in life when you are young and able, you will be filled with regrets when you grow older. Always working towards your financial goal will make your life dull. You will be unhappy even though you are a successful person financially.

Sometimes you have to let loose and go all out to do what you’ve always dreamt of doing. Many people leave this world with discontent because they do not take time off to enjoy the simpler things in life. You want to be a person who is content in knowing that you will leave this world doing all the things you want and not the other way around.

What's yours will find you
Mottos to live by!

What’s Yours Will Find You

Young people should implement this motto because it will save them much misery. When we want something, we become desperate till it is in our hands.

However, this desperation can make us feel miserable if we do not get what you want. Young people tend to make the mistake of searching for things they have lost, like a lover or their careers. They must understand that if something is meant for them in this life, they will come to them no matter how hard they try to avoid it.

Similarly, even if you try to possess something you love so much, it will not find its way to you if you are not destined to receive it. When you lose something or someone you love, it means it wasn’t meant for you. It will return in good time if it is intended for you.

If you are young, you should take this motto on board so that you can fall back on it when times are challenging.

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