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Nicknames to Call Your Ex-Boyfriend

Looking for savage nicknames to call your ex-boyfriend? Okay, so, yes—relationships end. Marriage and divorce rates continue to climb. Reaching numbers that are clearly above 50%. So what does this mean for you? Well, you’re more than likely going to have an ex-boyfriend or two. Or maybe even an ex-husband or two.

When they’re hurt you, sometimes it’s so bad that you don’t even want to call them by their original name. When that’s the case, you can choose from a few of the nicknames below. They’re going to be perfect for those moments when you’re venting with your girlfriends or family.

Nicknames for an ex-boyfriend

—Savage names to call that ex-boyfriend of yours

Here are some nicknames to use when you want to reference your ex-boyfriend. And do it in a way that expresses how you truly feel about him.

  1. Pot licker
  2. Dummy
  3. Turd
  4. Idiot
  5. Waste of time
  6. Waste of space
  7. Cheater
  8. Dumb dumb
  9. Waste
  10. Garbage
  11. Meanie
  12. Ugo
  13. Ugly duckling
  14. Hinge surfer
  15. Tinder surfer
  16. F*ck boy
  17. B*y toy
  18. Moron
  19. Boot licker
  20. Turd licker
  21. Tiny pee pee
  22. Small d*ck

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“Thanks for the memories” nicknames for him

—Terrible nicknames for your ex-boyfriend

Nicknames that you can use when you still think he’s okay but would never want to say his name again. Did he hurt you? If he did, he doesn’t deserve to have you say his name ever again.

  1. That guy
  2. My ex
  3. The ex
  4. Worst ex
  5. Waste of my time
  6. The traveler
  7. Loser
  8. Lost in time
  9. That self-centered guy
  10. Narcissist
  11. Crap pants
  12. Small pecker
  13. Pecker wood

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