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Picnic Ideas for Couples

Someone emailed in the other day and asked, “Ryan, what are some picnic ideas for couples that you’ve tried out before? Which ones do you like the best?” Well, I’m a big fan of date night ideas, you know this!

There are tons of ways to spend a date with your significant other. While going to the movies and eating out could be great ideas, having a picnic together is a much more versatile option.

In fact, with some simple ideas, you can create a wonderful picnic experience for you and your loved one, and that’s what this article is all about!

In today’s guide, we’ll walk you through 18 of the best picnic ideas for couples to try out together and create wonderful memories together. So without further ado, let’s dive right in!

Look at this cool outdoor spot for a date day/night picnic and camping for an overnight!
Look at this cool outdoor spot for a date day/night picnic and camping for an overnight!

1. Try Out Unique Locations

Kicking off the list with one of the simplest ways to mix things up on your picnic day! One of the things that make a picnic date special is the surrounding view.

For that reason, planning a picnic in a unique location can make the experience more enjoyable.

Instead of heading to the park, you can plan a picnic on a special spot on the beach or a scenic lookout where you can gaze upon the beautiful sunset or nature together!

If you don’t mind the hike, you can also plan the picnic near a creek or a waterfall in a state park.

Other great places to have a romantic picnic include orchard farms and vineyards where you’re allowed to pick fresh fruits together!

2. Incorporate Games into the Picnic

Playing games with your significant other can be an excellent method to make the picnic more fun. The best thing here is that there are plenty of game categories that you can engage in.

For example, board games offer a ton of options to choose from, which makes it a great idea if you’re into this genre.

Alternatively, you can try out different game formats, such as truth or dare, Jenga, or even solve couple quizzes and personality tests together!

Themed picnic being had between two people! How cute, right!?
Themed picnic being had between two people! How cute, right!?

3. Create a Theme for the Picnic

This idea is a great alternative for couples who have limited location options to plan a picnic. For example, if you’re into traveling and experiencing different cultures, you can choose a specific culture as a theme for the picnic.

In that case, you can also introduce theme-appropriate music, food, and beverages to the picnic.

For instance, if you’re having a Paris-themed picnic, you should try and introduce French wine, cheeses, baguettes, french cured meat, etc!

4. Bring Your Pets

If you want to make your picnic a lot more exciting and active, you might want to bring your pets along!

According to many studies, having your pet around improves your mood and self-esteem, which makes you more open to conversations with your significant other.

Remember to check that pets are allowed where you’re planning to have a picnic and also bring some games that you can both enjoy with your pets, such as frisbee discs, toy balls, ropes for tug of war, etc!

5. Have a Fishing Picnic

Whether you’re into angling or you’re open to trying something new in your next couple activity, you can try planning a fishing picnic!

According to many studies, fishing is a great mood lifter and stress reliever, so it’s a great bonding activity for couples.

Additionally, if you know your way around fish cooking, you can bring a small grill and some condiments to enjoy some freshly grilled fish together!

Couple picnic ideas! Look how cute!
Couple picnic ideas! Look how cute!

6. Decorate the Picnic Location

Another excellent way to make your picnic more enjoyable is to have the picnic spot decorated!

In fact, a 2015 study found that romantic colors can have a remarkable impact on couples and increase intimacy and attraction, which is also confirmed in more recent studies.

Luckily, there are tons of romantic picnic ideas online to pick from, and you can use simple items like balloons, colored wood shavings, and flower petals to create something truly special!

Of course, this idea is perfect if you have time to arrive at the spot earlier. Yet, you can always use the help of an artistic friend to prepare the picnic location for you!

7. Paint Portraits Together

Painting is a great activity that is proven to relieve stress and make you feel at ease. That’s why on your next picnic date, you should grab some art supplies and start painting together!

You can try painting anything you like, whether it’s the view, something you like, or even each other!

You don’t need to be great artists to enjoy such an activity, as it’s simply an excuse to have some good quality time together and look each other in the face (if you’re going to paint each other).

The best part about this idea is that you have the painting as a keepsake to remind you of that day forever!

8. Enjoy a Stargazing Session

Who said that picnics are only enjoyable during daylight?

If your free time is only limited to times when it’s dark outside, you can always plan a stargazing session and enjoy the clear night sky!

Although you can bring any equipment to make your stargazing session even more impressive, you don’t really need any extra items to enjoy the night.

Instead, you only need to lie down next to your partner and have conversations about the stars and constellations you see.

Look at this beautiful private location that's perfect for your couples picnic! Always pick a good location and then think of your picnic extras from there!
Look at this beautiful private location that’s perfect for your couples picnic! Always pick a good location and then think of your picnic extras from there!

9. Consider Bird Watching

Bird watching is another highly enjoyable and therapeutic activity that you can easily incorporate into your picnic date.

For this idea, you’ll need to set your picnic date at a state park or wilderness area. You can also check local ornithology guides to find the hottest locations for bird watching where you live.

We highly recommend that you both bring binoculars so that you can have a closer look at birds without disturbing them. Of course, you can also take memorable pictures to save the date!

10. Visit a Petting Zoo

In addition to birds, you can also set your picnic date in a zoo, especially a petting zoo where you can get closer to the animals, enjoy some unique moments, and take some amazing pictures together with your favorite animals!

Petting zoos are a terrific way to make your picnic date special in a carefree and pleasant setting. They’re also diverse enough to give you something new every time you visit!

11. Practice Some Meditation Together

If you want to make your picnic a little more spiritual and relaxing, you can try practicing some meditation or yoga together.

Even if you don’t like yoga, taking some time off to practice some breathing exercises could be great for your physical and mental well-being.

According to studies, meditation and therapeutic breathing are great ways to connect with others and bond with your partner!

Additionally, marking the picnic as the beginning of such a healthy habit is a great way to encourage each other to maintain it.

12. Bring Some Wine for Tasting

Wine tasting allows you to learn more about your partner’s wine preferences and is also a great conversation starter that lets you branch into tons of various discussions.

You can plan a simple wine-tasting picnic by bringing some wine and wine-tasting supplies. Wine and cheese are a match made in heaven, so don’t forget to pair them together for an exquisite experience!

Alternatively, you can plan the picnic along with a day trip to a winery if that’s available near you.

This is also a great opportunity to bond together while enjoying wine and munching on some delicious goodies!

13. Create a Keepsake for the Day Together

If you don’t mind having a small DIY project to keep you busy during the picnic, this one would be a great idea for you!

You can create just about anything together, and luckily, there are DIY projects for all levels of proficiency out there.

After all, you don’t need to create something super elaborate. Instead, you only need to create something simple to remind you of the day and bond together while working on it. For instance, you can create bracelets, keychains, dream catchers, etc.

If you want something even simpler, you can simply create a simple time capsule by writing a handful of small messages that you can read on the same date in the following years!

You don't have to hire a band, you can be the band! If you play music, then add that to your list of activities and on the "to-do" for your couples picnic ideas!
You don’t have to hire a band, you can be the band! If you play music, then add that to your list of activities and on the “to-do” for your couples picnic ideas!

14. Hire a Small Band to Play Live Music

Enjoying some nice music while on a picnic is a great way to set the mood, especially for a romantic date.

However, if you don’t mind spending some extra cash to make the picnic date really special, you can book a local band to play your partner’s favorite music while you enjoy the date!

Alternatively, if you’re good at playing certain musical instruments, you can try writing your partner a song and playing it to them on the picnic, which is both an awesome idea and a heartfelt gift to show how much you care for them!

15. Reading and Poetry Date

A lot of people enjoy a good read after eating on a picnic, so why not do it together?

If you’re both into literature, you can bring short books to the picnic or exchange them together as a good way to pass some relaxing time while learning more about each other’s reading preferences

You can also bring a romantic collection of poetry to read to each other, which is a good way to keep the conversation going!

16. Organize a Boat Picnic

If you’re bored of planning a picnic on land, why not plan your next one on a boat?

For this one, you’ll need to rent a boat that is large enough to accommodate the picnic blanket and basket. You can sail the boat yourself or have the boat’s sailor handle the job.

For this one, try bringing light food and skip messy items to avoid spills and other unexpected surprises. You should also make sure that both you and your partner don’t suffer from seasickness.

17. Set Up a Make Your Own Sandwich Station

Food is an integral part of picnic dates, which is why it’s always fun to prepare it on the spot with your partner.

For this idea, all you need is to bring some bread as well as a variety of cheese slices, cold cuts, and sauces. It’s also a subtle way to learn more about your partner’s food preferences for future surprises!

18. Keep It Simple with a Backyard or Balcony Picnic

At the end of the day, a picnic date is all about you and your partner. If you don’t mind keeping things simple, you can set one in your backyard or balcony.

For that, all you need is some picnic supplies and home-cooked goodies. You can also incorporate some of the ideas mentioned above to make the day special and engaging.

Wrap Up

This marks the end of today’s guide that walks you through some of the best picnic ideas for couples to try on your next date!

As you can see, the sky’s the limit when it comes to picnic themes and ideas. Not only that but, you can also incorporate more than one idea within the same picnic to make it even more special!

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