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Political Pickup Lines

Are you looking for a few political pickup lines to help to get a conversation started between you and a potential crush?

Politics seems to be a major part of our lives now. It’s here to stay it seems like. And well… Instead of making it a serious subject, why not use it as a great icebreaker?

My experience using these lines…

I’ve used a line or two on a dating app, especially for those that are open about their political viewpoints. For example, when someone shared that they had different views than me, I often used a political pickup line to try and bridge a connection.

It’s important in these times… To be able to display that you’re open to new ideas or new viewpoints. A simple pickup line can help to get that ball rolling.

Expert advice: In a study done by Jessica Tracy and Alec Beall, they found that men who smile, using their whole face (including teeth, cheeks, and eyes) had a stronger positive first impression upon women. When using pickup lines, make sure that you’re smiling during your delivery—happiness, as displayed by men, is quite literally a strong turn on for women.

Funny political lines to use

Funny political pickup lines to use

Here are a few of my favorite political lines to use when you want to open the stage for a discussion and see where it takes the two of you!

  1. Hey, are you Trump? Because you’re as important as CHYNA to me.
  2. If Obama was still president, I’m pretty sure that he would elect you as my boyfriend/girlfriend.
  3. What color do you think my heart is? Red or blue?
  4. I don’t even care that you’re liberal— I’m going to marry you anyway.
  5. I’m glad that you’re conservative because I could easily see you conserving your energy for later tonight.
  6. Did you vote? [What for he/she asks] For me to be the one who marries you?
  7. I wonder if the IRS is going to call you and ask for you to pay taxes on your purchase. [Which purchase he/she says] Buying all my love.
  8. On a scale of one to North Korea, how free are you to go out with me later?
  9. Do you have your mom and dad’s phone number? Apparently, this is a socialist society now, and I need to get everyone’s permission first.
  10. You must be the governor of a blue state—because you don’t have to do anything to earn my love.

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