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Questions to Ask a Girl

Looking for the perfect questions to ask a girl? Asking a girl the right questions to establish a rapport or to get her to know better is not always easy. If you are getting tongue-tied or running out of questions, here are some questions to strike up a conversation with a girl.

To play, it’s simple. Prompt the other person with the questions below and allow the questions to turn into an interesting conversation. The interesting answers from each prompt will help you to get to know each other. Ask deep questions, a fun question, a flirty question, and more.

Good luck and have a great conversation!

Disclaimer: If you’re struggling to make connections with others and are feeling like this is a serious problem, it can be beneficial to seek the help of a licensed therapist, counselor, or life coach. For a good resource, visit the Mental Health America’s list.

Question to ask a girl
Question to ask a girl

My experience talking with girls…

It’s better to know this… I didn’t have “GAME.” I was kind of a geek growing up… But I learned a couple of things that benefit me now. And here they are!

Firstly, talk to her about something she likes. Listening to a woman/girl is the best way to win their heart.

Second, be yourself. It’s never fun pretending. The real person who loves you will love you for your true geek! Don’t ever walk away from that.

Lastly, show your intent through effort. Talking to her, a small gift, whatever it is. Try! She’ll notice.

Best questions to ask her

—Questions to ask a girl

  1. Do you have a BFF?
  2. Are you emotional?
  3. Do you like cartoons or rom-com?
  4. What is your favorite color for summer?
  5. What is your dream job?
  6. Are you a dog or a cat person?
  7. What is your sun sign?
  8. Which is your favorite song?
  9. What do you love about yourself?
  10. Who do you think is the smartest person?
  11. Do you mostly listen to your parent’s advice?
  12. What’s your dream job?
  13. Are you friendly with your co-workers?
  14. What are your three favorite books?
  15. What are your secret talents?
  16. What group game was your favorite as a child?
  17. What is your best friend’s name?
  18. On what day were you born?
  19. Which day of the week is your favorite?
  20. What do you like to wear to work?
  21. Do you like house chores?
  22. What brings you joy?
  23. Are you a nature lover?
  24. ‘Vocal for local’, is it your ideal?
  25. Where do you feel most yourself?
  26. Would you change anything about yourself?
  27. Which is the place you would like to escape to?
  28. Who is the person you could share your secrets with?
  29. What is the quality you like most in your BFF?
  30. Who do you resemble in your family?
  31. What’s your favorite flower?
  32. Which is your most loved candy flavor?
  33. How many close friends do you have?
  34. Do you have siblings?
  35. A smurf or a minion, what would you like to be? 
  36. Would you like to go to Jurassic Park or Disneyland?
Question to ask a girl
Question to ask a girl

Good questions to ask her

—Generally good question to ask a girl

  1. How would you like to spend your birthday?
  2. Which is your favorite season?
  3. Do you like to ride motorbikes?
  4. Which TV show cheers you up?
  5. Crossword or word search, what do you prefer?
  6. Who is your favorite cousin?
  7. Three words your friends use the most to describe you.
  8. If your life was a movie, what would it be called?
  9. What’s your guilty pleasure?
  10. What is your favorite nickname?
  11. Which celebrity would you love to meet?
  12. What is the most upsetting thing you’ve heard recently?
  13. Which color do you most avoid?
  14.  What food do you relish?
  15. Are you a spiritual person?
  16. How different is your life from five years ago?
  17. What is the silliest thing you have ever purchased?
  18. If you could speak three languages, which would you choose?
  19. Which is your favorite number?
  20. What’s the luckiest thing that’s ever happened to you?
  21.  What clothing describes your personality best?
  22. What is your first memory of school?
  23. Would you ever try skydiving?
  24. What is the TV show you can rewatch?
  25. Do you enjoy people-watching?
  26. What would you choose if you had to pick a name for yourself?
  27. What is the first thing you notice in coworkers?
  28. What do you drink more often, tea or coffee?
  29. Who is your most competitive friend?
  30. What things do you associate with old age?
  31. Which party theme excites you the most?
  32. The weirdest food combination you have ever eaten?
  33. Do you prefer going to art galleries or visiting museums?
  34. What is the best musical concert you have attended?
  35. What is your favorite summer activity?
  36. Is camping in the wild, your thing?
  37. Which is your go-to comfort food?
  38. How do you avoid people you don’t like?
  39. If you don’t like someone do you tell them or do you hide it?
  40. Which is your favorite animal?
  41. How good are you at hiding your feelings?
  42. Which is your favorite season? What’s the reason?
  43. Do you believe in luck?
  44. What is your favorite song?
  45. Are you in the habit of collecting anything?
  46. Does massage relax you?
  47. Do you find it easy to make friends?
  48. What sentence would you want it to say if you had a talking parrot?
  49. Who was your childhood crush?
  50. Do you collect anything?
  51. What is your favorite sport?
  52. What is your greatest pet peeve?
  53. Do you have a bucket list?
  54. Where would you rather be, in the mountains or on an island?
  55. Are you a good cook?
  56. Do you play any musical instruments?
  57. Which place do you go to when you need to be alone?
  58. What is your worst childhood movie memory?
  59. If you could live anywhere in the world, which place would you choose?
  60. Do you take time to decide things? 
  61. If you could master any skill, what would you go for?

Kevin Darné
Kevin Darné

Expert advice: Kevin Darné, author of “My Cat Won’t Bark! (A Relationship Epiphany)” suggests that men fall in love with their eyes and women fall in love with their ears. Don’t just ask any question you can think of to a woman. Try to personalize what matters to you and to her.

Question to ask a girl
Question to ask a girl

Basic questions to ask her

—Get to know her questions

  1. What’s the most embarrassing moment that happened to you?
  2. Would you rather stay up all night playing video games or watching movies?
  3. If you could be any television or movie character, who would it be?
  4. What’s the most bizarre dream you’ve ever had?
  5. What’s the biggest lesson life has taught you so far?
  6. What’s the weirdest thing that’s ever happened to you?
  7. Tell me the most romantic proposal story.
  8. What is your favorite movie?
  9. If you could marry any fictional character, who would it be?
  10. Which TV family reminds you of your own?
  11. What’s the worst pickup line you’ve ever heard?
  12. What’s your go-to karaoke song?
  13. What’s the most famous celebrity you’ve ever met?
  14. Who was your celebrity crush growing up?
  15. What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?
  16. Tell me an interesting story about when you were growing up.
  17. What are your most encouraging words to share with friends?
  18. What is your favorite joke?
Question to ask a girl
Question to ask a girl

Flirty questions to ask her

—Flirty questions to ask a girl!

  1. A sunrise picnic or a sunset candlelight dinner, what would you choose?
  2. Roses or tulips, which flower impresses you more?
  3. Which romantic movie do you wish was your life?
  4.  What are your biggest turn-ons?
  5. What physical features in guys attract you the most?
  6. Love at first sight, have you ever experienced it?
  7. Drinks and dinner, hiking and camping, what would you prefer to do with me?
  8. A crazy night at the club or a relaxing evening by the pool, what will you pick?
  9. Are you open to trying new things?
  10. What is the best romantic gift you’ve ever received?
  11. Do you hide secrets from me?
  12. What is your idea of a perfect date?
  13. Did your first kiss feel magical?
  14. What is your dream home like?
  15. What is your dream wedding destination?
  16. What is your idea of a perfect marriage?
  17. Am I your type?
  18. Can you tell what my thoughts are right now?
  19. Would you go for the truth or dare?
  20. Have you ever tried to catch anyone’s attention and failed?
  21. Do you prefer no strings attached, or commitments?
  22. Are you a heartbreaker?
  23. What would you do if you were heartbroken?
  24. What superpower would you choose?
  25. What’s your usual type of guy like?
  26. Do you support lies in a relationship?
  27. How soon do you think is too soon to say ‘yes’ to a relationship?
  28. Are you comfortable dating a guy from a different faith?
  29. What song would you choose for your first dance with your beau?
  30. Would you like fun or a romantic weekend with me?
  31. Would you travel thousands of miles to meet someone you love?
  32. Do you think we are soulmates?
  33. Do you still talk to your exes?
  34. Do you consider yourself a reliable person?
  35. What is your favorite scent?
  36. Have you ever been in a secret relationship?
Question to ask a girl
Question to ask a girl

Funny questions to ask

—Generally funny questions to ask a girl you like!

  1. What is your most heard joke?
  2. Which TV show makes you feel romantic?
  3. What’s something you couldn’t live without?
  4. What’s the weirdest punishment you have ever got?
  5. You would like to jump into a pool full of what?
  6. Have you ever considered changing your name?
  7. What would it be if you had to choose a food that you could eat for the rest of your life?
  8. What is the boldest thing you’ve tried?
  9. Are you a starter, a main course, or a dessert person?
  10. What was the craziest adventure of your life?
  11. Have you ever fallen off your bike in front of a crowd?
  12. Do you smell things in a supermarket?
  13. What is your funniest school memory?
  14. Which movie do you find the funniest?
  15. How long do you think you would survive in a zombie apocalypse?
  16. Why are roses red?
  17. Which comedian do you find the funniest?
  18. Does the chicken or egg come first?
  19. Why are violets blue?
  20. Have you ever stolen candy from a store?
  21. Did anyone ever catch you dancing in front of the mirror?
  22. Have you ever failed a driving test?
  23. What would you call a male ladybug?
  24. Lights off or on, what do you prefer while sleeping?
  25. Can you whistle?
  26. What would you like to name your pet dinosaur?
  27. What hilarious incident do you tell people the most about?
  28. Have you ever tried a phone prank?
  29. Have you ever been banned from the library?
  30. Have you ever been arrested?
  31. Have you ever been caught sleeping in a class?
  32. What funny question do you ask people?
  33. Do you fill in false information on dating apps?
  34. Do you drink or eat soup?
  35. What would be your last favorite meal?
  36. Have you ever forgotten your wallet at home?
  37. Do you sleep with a stuffed toy?
  38. Do you think mermaids have babies or lay eggs?
  39. Do you think aliens exist?
  40. If you could, what body parts would you change?
  41. The sound of what musical instrument irritates you the most?
  42. What is the most harmless lie you have ever told?
  43. Have you ever secretly taken out money from your mother’s purse?
  44. Can I ask you one question?
  45. A dog or a cat, what would you like to be?
  46. A dodo or a dinosaur, which one would you bring back to life?
  47. Are you scared of flying?
  48. Do you have nicknames for your clients?
  49. Has there ever been a rumor about you?
  50. Do you sleep or walk?
  51. Early morning runs or late-night parties, what would you go for?
  52. What would you call a girl who is named after her mother if a boy is called junior and named after his father?
  53. What is the weirdest name a patent could choose for a child?
  54. Have you ever gone skinny dipping?
  55. Do you give nicknames to your colleagues?
  56. What is the worst tagline you have ever heard?
  57. After 500 years, what will people be nostalgic about?
  58. Did you ever wear anything embarrassing to school?
  59. What was your favorite color as a child?
  60. What torture would you choose?
  61. What do you admire and despise most in a person?
  62. What is the most annoying unwritten law at your workplace?
  63. How do you think people came to know you could milk a cow?
  64. How many mice do you think could lift an elephant?
  65. What is that one memory you have never shared with anyone?
  66. What is the soundtrack that is too similar to your life?
  67. Why was Donkey Kong named that way in spite of being a monkey?
  68. Would you like to sleep with your eyes open?
  69. If you suddenly unearthed human remains, would you freak out?
  70. What is your favorite planet? Would you like to go there someday?
  71. Do you ever dream of traveling to the moon?
  72. An alarm or a cock-a-doodle-doo, what would you prefer?

Tip: A recent study by Cigna found that nearly 58% of all U.S. adults struggle with loneliness. If you’re trying to make a new connection with someone, realize they are desperately waiting for you to do so.

Question to ask a girl
Question to ask a girl

Questions to ask her to get to know her

—Get to know that girl better!

  1. What do you like to do on weekends?
  2. Are you very close to your parents?
  3. Can you speak freely to your mother or father?
  4. What is your favorite color?
  5. Who are you more comfortable with, your parents or siblings?
  6. Are you an outdoor person?
  7. What is your signature dance move?
  8. Do you visit a coffee shop or a bar more often?
  9. Do you like to go to the zoo?
  10. Are you a nature lover?
  11. Do you like gardening?
  12. Does country life excite you?
  13. Are you a city or a country person?
  14. How is your relationship with your family members?
  15. Who do you resemble more, your father or mother?
  16. What do you like in a guy?
  17. Do you believe in soulmates?
  18. Are you comfortable with public displays of affection?
  19. What, according to you, is the kindest act?
  20. If you were to be an animated character, what would you be?
  21. Who is the person outside your family you trust the most?
  22. What is the most useful skill you possess?
  23. What do you think makes people look stupid?
  24. What sports do you find most exciting?
Question to ask a girl
Question to ask a girl

Freaky questions to ask

—A little shock and awe is a good thing! Freaky questions to ask a girl!

  1. What jokes irritate you?
  2. What decade is your favorite?
  3. Do you believe in ghosts?
  4. If you could choose when and how you would die, how would it be?
  5. Do you think you are lucky?
  6. If you could go somewhere right now, what would you choose?
  7. What is your idea of a soulmate?
  8. Have you ever thought of kissing a stranger?
  9. Have you ever thought of running away to a distant fairyland?
  10. A desert or an ice-capped mountain, where would you like to live?
  11. Motor travel or sailing, which do you prefer?
  12. Are you outspoken?
  13. If you are annoyed, would you like people to know?
  14. Are you a feminist?
  15. Do you keep secrets in a relationship?
  16. If you were granted one wish, what would it be?
  17. Do you feel butterflies in your stomach often?
  18. Would you ever go to a nude beach?
  19. What is the longest number of days you have gone without a bath?
  20. What five things would you carry with you if you go to a secluded island?
  21. Have you ever cried yourself to sleep?
  22. A vulture or a hawk, what would you like to be?
  23. If you were a dog, would you choose furry or fierce?
  24. Would you like to be remembered for being bold or beautiful?
  25. How would you think life would be without the internet?
  26. What one thing do you wish you had known ten years ago?
  27. Would you rather be smart or serious?
  28. Would you like to be invisible?
  29. Would you brag about your achievements?
  30. Do ‘Buy one, get one free’ sales promotions catch your attention?
Question to ask a girl
Question to ask a girl

Random questions to ask her

—Totally random questions to ask a girl!

  1. Where would you like to sail for a holiday?
  2. What is your favorite pizza topping?
  3. What is the most exciting event you’ve ever attended?
  4. If you had one hour to live, what would be the first thing you would like to do?
  5. If an earthquake strikes, what thing will you run with?
  6. In case of a power outage, what thought crosses your mind first?
  7. Are you scared of darkness?
  8. Do you like your workplace culture?
  9. What mistakes would you like to alter in your career?
  10. Who has been your longest friend?
  11. How do you relax after a tiring day?
  12. Do you love candles?
  13. Have you ever boycotted anything?
  14. Sunrise or sunset, what do you like better?
  15. Dialogues from which movie comes easily to you?
  16. What keeps you up at night?
  17. Do you like bugs?
  18. Are you a shy person?
  19. What is your oddest embarrassing moment in life?
  20. Do you enjoy going to reunions?
  21. Do you like your name?
  22. A sports car, a luxury jet, or a yacht, which one would you choose?
  23. Does darkness freak you out?
  24. Pop or rock, what music could you listen to at any time of the day?
  25. Numbers or words, what are you more comfortable with?
  26. Hot or cold, what do you usually go for?
  27. What do you want to be famous for?
  28. What is your favorite pizza topping?
  29. What is your favorite ice cream flavor?
  30. Small gatherings or crowded parties, what do you choose?
  31. What are you most afraid of?
  32. What future plans do you want to execute desperately?
  33. What would you get annoyed if I kissed you?
  34. What’s your idea of a perfect marriage?
  35. Would you like to have a sugar daddy?
  36. What is your spirit animal?
  37. Which character from the ‘Friends’ series would you like to be?
  38. If you could have a celebrity friend, who would you choose?
  39. Can you think you could ever pull off a perfect crime?
  40. How would you kill zombies if you needed to?
  41. A vampire or an alien, who would you choose as your best friend?
  42. What sports do you find most boring?
  43. Which piece of clothing would you get rid of from your cupboard?
  44. What is the funniest movie name you have ever heard?
  45. Have you ever slept till the afternoon or later?
  46. Did you ever break a bone?
  47. If you were a dessert, what would you like to be?
  48. How would you like to be remembered?
  49. What would you choose between money and ethics?
  50. What stage name would you choose?
Question to ask a girl
Question to ask a girl

Romantic questions to ask

Romantic questions to ask a girl!

  1. Who was your first crush?
  2. Would you like it if you got marooned on an island with me?
  3. Do you immediately know when you are in love?
  4. Which color dress would you choose for your dream date?
  5. Do you believe in ‘Love at first sight’?
  6. Do you take love and relationship horoscopes seriously?
  7. When was your real first kiss?
  8. Do you believe in soulmates?
  9. Do you want our relationship to last forever?
  10. Are you confused about love?
  11. Which song do you wish was created for you?
  12. Do you like my cologne?
  13. How often do you fall in love?
  14. What are your relationship goals?
  15. Is mental matching important to you?
  16. Who are your favorite TV show couples?
  17. What is your ideal Valentine’s Day celebration?
  18. Have you ever thought of kissing me?
  19. Can you describe your relationships in one sentence?
  20. Do you have pet names for your boyfriends?
  21. Do you like to stay single?
  22. What are you thinking of right now?
  23. Is physical chemistry important to you?
  24. Do you enjoy slow dancing?
  25. What do you find unique about me?
  26. What color do you think suits me the most?
  27. Would you like to change anything about me?
  28. Would you like to change anything about our relationship?
  29. Would you like to go on an adventurous date?
  30. Do you see me in your future plans?
  31. A quaint cottage or a palatial house? Where would you like to live with me?
  32. Was any of your past relationships like ours?
  33. Do you think I am romantic?
  34. What is your most treasured gift from me?
  35. If you were a butterfly, would you choose to sit on me?
  36. What is the funniest joke you have heard from me?
  37. If you had to dump me, would you do it suddenly?
  38. Would you rather have candles or flowers as a gift from your boyfriend?
  39. Honey or money, what’s more important? 
  40. Will you ever break my heart?
Question to ask a girl
Question to ask a girl

Intimate questions to ask

Intimate questions to ask a girl to get to know her!

  1. Are you close to your family?
  2. What scares you about getting old?
  3. Do you admire your looks?
  4. Do you use makeup?
  5. What is your political ideal?
  6. What do you wear to bed?
  7. How long did your longest relationship last?
  8. What is your secret fantasy?
  9. Do you think you were lucky to meet me?
  10. Has a guy ever sent you an embarrassing message?
  11. What embarrasses you the most?
  12. How do you like to express your love?
  13. What are your relationship goals?
  14. Do you feel embarrassed to be loved in public?
  15. Which of the five senses do you feel is the most sensual?
  16. How do you see a younger version of yourself in our relationship?
  17. What things would you like to try with me?
  18. Which is your favorite memory of us?
  19. Do you feel a lasting connection between us?
  20. Which is the best quality in me that attracts you?
  21. Do you think we met by chance?
  22. What do you think we should do more often?
  23. Who among us is more romantic?
  24. Do you think it’s worth investing time in this relationship?
  25. Do you hesitate to ask me intimate questions?
  26. Do you look at other men while in a relationship?
  27. Did you ever run a background check on me?
  28. Would you like to have special occasions with me?
  29. What compliments do you like to hear from me?
  30. How can I be a better partner for you?
Question to ask a girl
Question to ask a girl

Serious questions to ask

—Getting serious now! These are serious questions to ask a girl!

  1. Do you plan to get wed someday?
  2. Would you consider having children?
  3. Do you believe in superpowers?
  4. Do you believe in God?
  5. What social cause do you find thought-provoking?
  6. What work do you want to be remembered for?
  7. Who has been your most loyal friend?
  8. Have you ever participated in a protest?
  9. Do you meditate?
  10. How long did your longest relationship last?
  11. What is your favorite subject?

Personal questions to ask her

—Personal questions to ask her!

  1. Did you ever have a crush on a teacher?
  2. Can I have your number?
  3. Do you like talking to me?
  4. What could you care less about?
  5. Which skill did you wish you had when you were younger?
  6. What song makes you think of your boyfriend?
  7. Have you ever burped in public?
  8. Do you secretly admire your boss?
  9. Do you sing loudly in the shower? 
  10. What clothes do you wish you never wore?

Questions to ask a girl over text

—For when you want to text her.

  1. Do you have plans for the weekend?
  2. Would you like to try a new cuisine?
  3. Can I call you sometime?
  4. Right at this moment, what do you miss most about me?
  5. What’s something that you always wanted to say but couldn’t express to me?
  6. What would you like me to do when we meet next.?
  7. Do you like to spend time with me?
  8. When was the closest you ever felt to me?
  9. Would you like open communication in our relationship?
  10. Is there a dream you want me to help you achieve?

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Questions to ask a girl you just met

—For that girl you just met!

  1. What makes you happy?
  2. What is your go-to drink?
  3. What movie genre is your favorite?
  4. Do you feel comfortable talking to me?
  5. Do I scare you?
  6. Do you find me funny?
  7. What is your nickname?
  8. Which is your favorite cuisine?
  9. What makes you unique?
  10. Who are the two most special friends in your life?

Questions to ask her over Tinder

—Questions to ask her over tinder!

  1. Do you like your life?
  2. How would you describe a perfect day?
  3. What are some random facts you have learned in life?
  4. If you had to cook in one hour, what would you cook?
  5. If you had a time machine, which year would you travel to?
  6. What were you like in high school?
  7. If you had a rope, safety pin, and a pillow, how would you use them on me?
  8. Do you believe in the power of prayers?
  9. What do you prefer, red or white wine?
  10. Would you rather have coffee or tea, or neither?
  11. What are you bad at?
  12. What do you find difficult to express?
  13. What new word would you like to make?
  14. If you were extremely rich, would you still be the same person?
  15. How was your last Tinder date experience?
  16. Do you choose printed books or ebooks?
  17. What would you want to be famous for?
  18. Love or unlimited money, what do you choose?
  19. Do you think sarcasm is good for a healthy relationship?
  20. Do you pay attention to global issues?

Juicy questions to ask her

—Juicy questions to ask a girl

  1. What was your first impression of me?
  2. Which is the most memorable day in our courtship?
  3. Do I make you feel respected?
  4. Would you like to date me frequently?
  5. Do I meet your emotional and physical needs?
  6. What kind of kiss appeals to you most?
  7. Do you think anything has changed from the time we first met?
  8. How could I be a better boyfriend/husband?
  9. Do I make you feel special?
  10. What is your favorite physical feature?

Fun questions to ask her

—Fun questions to ask a girl!

  1. Which is your favorite dinosaur character?
  2. If you were a farmer, what would you grow?
  3. A fly or a butterfly, what would you rather be?
  4. What was the strangest dream you’ve ever had?
  5. Who is your favorite superhero?
  6. Who inspires you?
  7. If you had a factory, what would you produce?
  8. Do you talk in your sleep?
  9. Do you lick your plate?
  10. Do you eat food off the floor?
  11. Would you cry if someone spoiled your favorite dress?
  12. What would you do if left alone in a jungle?
  13. Have you played a prank and got caught?
  14. Do you swear often?
  15. Which animal resembles your eating style?
  16. If you run out of toilet paper, what would you do?
  17. Do you like someone to rub your back?
  18. Who is your favorite couple?
  19. Cola or beer, what could you drink anytime?
  20. Do you believe in horoscopes?
  21. Are you happy?
  22. What can make you a better person?
  23. What makes you feel free?
  24. What is your guilty pleasure?
  25. What thing can you throw away instantly?
  26. Should Siamese twins pay for one ticket or two?
  27. Which fruit would you like to be?

Hard questions to ask her

—Hard questions to ask a girl!

  1. Would you rather speak the human language or the animal language?
  2. Do you believe in second chances?
  3. A soulmate or purpose in life, what is more important?
  4. To what extent would you go to impress a person?
  5. What was the saddest day of your life?
  6. What was the most challenging situation for you?
  7. Did you feel sad to leave home for work?
  8. What is the meaning of life?
  9. What good thing comes from suffering?
  10. Have you ever been let down by someone close to you?
  11. Do you feel beautiful?
  12. Do you wear makeup to work?
  13. What made you feel deeply inspired?
  14. What is your worst fear?
  15. What stands in your way to success?
  16. Who did you find difficult to say goodbye to?
  17. When do you get stressed?
  18. What is one unique quality you love about people?
  19. Does anger management come easily to you?
  20. Are you good at managing time?
  21. Are you comfortable with household chores?
  22. Do you break promises often?

Easy questions to ask her

—Easy questions to ask a girl!

  1. Can you do a magic trick?
  2. Do you feel comfortable when people talk about you?
  3. Do you like foot massages?
  4. Do you text a lot?
  5. What is your favorite emoji?
  6. Wings or strong limbs to run, what would you choose?
  7. What is your sun sign?
  8. Do you have a favorite sports team?
  9. Do you read daily horoscopes for fun?
  10. Do you love burgers?
  11. Do you daydream?
  12. Who is your favorite sportsperson?
  13. Do you like football?
  14. Have you ever been to a concert?
  15. Do you like to play board games?
  16. Are you sporty?
  17. Do you have pets?
  18. Does music make you happy?
  19. What accomplishments are you proud of?
  20. What is your biggest strength?

Truth or dare questions to ask a girl

—Get ready for game play!

  1. What is something about you that you don’t want anyone to know?
  2. What secret do you hope your parents will never find out about?
  3. Who was the last person you searched for on Instagram?
  4. How old were you when you experienced your first crush?
  5. Who was your first kiss?
  6. Have you ever betrayed anyone?
  7. Why did you break up with your last boyfriend?
  8. Have you ever betrayed anyone with their secret?
  9. What weirdest things do you do in front of the mirror?
  10. If you had to impersonate an animal, what would you choose?
  11. Have you ever cracked an egg between your hands?
  12. Have you ever read an embarrassing message aloud? What was it?
  13. Have you ever sent a wrong text message to someone by mistake? To whom and what was the message?
  14. Have you ever stayed for days without brushing your teeth?

Playful questions to ask her

—Generally playful questions to ask a girl!

  1. Have you ever danced in the rain?
  2. If ever in a rock band, which instrument would you play?
  3. What are you grateful for?
  4. Would you like to live in a condo or a log hut?
  5. Fishing or sailing, what is your pick?
  6. What was your first-ever email screen name?
  7. Have you ever used a fake name?
  8. Have you ever worn a wig?
  9. What are the fashion trends that you dislike?
  10. What body part could you live without?
  11. Which mythical character would you like to be?
  12. Which fictional friends group would you like to join>
  13. Sherlock Holmes or Hercule Poirot, which detective would you choose to be?
  14. Whom would you employ to solve a mystery?
  15. Which celebrity would you like to see in a reality show?
  16. Which actor would you like to have an intimate dinner with?
  17. Who can impress you easily?
  18. Truth or lies, what comes to you naturally?
  19. If you had to eat bitter gourd or raw radish, which would you pick?
  20. Would you fake an illness to avoid school?

Stupid questions to ask her

—Stupid questions to ask a girl!

  1. Have you ever broken a bone?
  2. Did your pet ever bite you?
  3. Have you ever slept through a movie?
  4. Are you on social media?
  5. Have you farted loudly in class?
  6. Have you ever walked into a mirror?
  7. Would you trade your friends for a million dollars?
  8. What children’s movies do you still watch?
  9. Do you have bad body odor?
  10. Have you ever been arrested?

Silly questions to ask her

—Silly questions to ask a girl!

  1. Do you own a pair of cartoon print pajamas?
  2. Do you drool while asleep?
  3. Do you snore?
  4. What is your go-to song in the shower?
  5. Would you dance in the rain with your boyfriend?
  6. Did you wish people did not see you doing something in any situation?
  7. Do you have nicknames for your plants?
  8. How many pancakes can you eat in one go?
  9. How many times have you been in love?
  10. Have you ever shoplifted?

Thoughtful questions to ask her

—Thoughtful questions to ask her!

  1. Are you good with financial investments?
  2. 2. What are your occupational goals?
  3. What’s your idea of freedom?
  4. Which challenging experience has made you stronger?
  5. Who do you look up to?
  6. What do you consider cheating
  7. What one change would you make to the world?
  8. What do people find most surprising about you?
  9. Were you ever discriminated against?
  10. Do you believe honesty is the best policy?

Embarrassing questions to ask her

—Embarassing questions to ask a girl

  1. Do you chew your nails?
  2. Do you often fall in and out of love?
  3. Have you ever eaten your booger?
  4. Do you cheat in exams?
  5. Have you ever peed in the pool?
  6. Do you have an imaginary friend?
  7. What is your most embarrassing habit?
  8. Do you hug strangers?
  9. Do you cheat in games?
  10. Do ‘birds and bees’ discussions embarrass you?

How to deliver the best personal question prompt to a girl

Trying to build a connection with someone is challenging. Yes, it is! Although, here are some simple tips that can help to increase your chances of getting a positive response.

1. Be confident

As a guy, delivering any type of confidence to a women can be tough. Watch your body language. Stand straight, put your shoulders back, and don’t make any awkward hand movements.

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2. Make eye contact

Don’t keep your eyes down to the left or not facing him. Make direct eye contact when asking the question.

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3. Be prepared for a response

Women appreciate when they are being heard. To show her that you care, make sure you’re not distracted. Don’t look at your phone or other people around you. Watch her lips as she expresses herself. And take what she’s saying very seriously.


What are some ways to avoid having a woman respond poorly to questions?

Make sure that the timing is right. Do the both of you have the opportunity to create a discussion? Are you going to be able to listen attentively? Choose the right setting to create success.

What should I avoid asking?

Avoid questions that don’t seem personal. Make sure that you have a good understanding of who they are and what they stand for. Then pick questions that you know will have a good chance of success.

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Question to ask a girl
Question to ask a girl
Question to ask a girl
Question to ask a girl
Question to ask a girl
Question to ask a girl
Question to ask a girl
Question to ask a girl
Question to ask a girl
Question to ask a girl

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