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Questions to Ask Your Girlfriend

Wondering what questions to ask your girlfriend? These fun questions and romantic questions are a perfect way to stay connected with the one you love. Questions like, “What makes a healthy relationship?” Pick from weird questions, cute questions, interesting questions, serious questions, and more.

My experience asking my girlfriend questions…

Here’s the thing… I found out very quickly that many women find me more attractive when I listen to them and inquire about their life.

Oh boy, shocking, right?!

Okay, it’s not a new discovery. Although, I would say that knowing the right questions to ask at the right moment is truly the key. That’s why I sat down to think through every potential moment that you and your girlfriend might have… And made these!

Questions to ask your girlfriend—the best ones

  • What is a tale you’ve always wanted to share but haven’t had the opportunity to?
  • What do your buddies find enjoyable that you don’t?
  • Do you notice there are any terms you speak differently from other people?
  • What song from a band or genre do you enjoy listening to?
  • Is there anything you could quickly eliminate from your life that would help you save a lot of money?
  • What activity do you enjoy that is under-appreciated?
  • Have strange things recently happened to you?
  • What did you not know about yourself that someone else had to tell you?
  • What is your favorite party tale?
  • What would you win if you could have it for the rest of your life?
  • What is your preferred pastime?
  • What is a local fable about your hometown?
  • Which drinking game’s “create a rule” is your favorite?
  • What annoys you the most?
  • What would you do with $10,000 if you discovered it tomorrow on the ground?
  • What dating counsel would you provide someone about starting a relationship?
  • Have any books ever brought you to tears?
  • How would you like to be remembered?
  • Are you content?
  • Are you involved in a distant relationship?
  • What wish, if any, would you make?
  • What was your favorite playground game?
  • How would you plan a surprise party for me?
  • What’s your favorite memory as a child?
  • Do you think that we’re on the same page about being in a serious relationship?
  • When was your last relationship?
  • What was your first kiss like?
  • If you were on a reality TV show, which one would it be?
  • What was your favorite toy growing up?
  • When is the last time that you didn’t feel heard?
  • What do you enjoy doing?
  • What movie or book is your favorite?
  • Which animal is your favorite, and why?
  • What three wishes, if any, would we give to a genie?
  • Have you ever shed a tear in front of others?
  • Have you ever been snowboarding or skiing?

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Fun questions to ask your girlfriend

  • Do you have any moves à la Napoleon Dynamite?
  • Which sinful pleasure is your favorite?
  • Would you ever accompany me on the back of a motorcycle?
  • What was the funniest practical prank you ever played on someone?
  • Would footie pajamas look nice on me?
  • Would being bald be fun?
  • If you were a supervillain, what horrific crime would you commit?
  • What peculiar piercing, if any, would you get?
  • What kind of eggs, if any, would you use to characterize your sexual life?
  • What action did you take that caused you the most embarrassment?
  • Do you believe in ghosts?
  • What ingredients, if any, would I include if I were the pizza you adore?
  • Hot chocolate or whipped cream?
  • Which toy, Buzz or Woody, is better?
  • Which kid-friendly cereal is your favorite?
  • Which superhuman guise do you wear?
  • Do you and animals communicate?
  • What five things never leave your possession?
  • What dream did you have recently that you can remember?
  • What is the strangest cuisine you’ve ever tried?
  • What movie from the 1980s is your favorite?
  • If someone had anything in their teeth, would you let them know?
  • Which film do you dislike the least, and why?
  • Which Dunkin’ Donuts treat calls your name?
  • Which pick-up line has made you laugh the most in the past?
  • How would you feel if I started dressing like a pirate?
  • How long could you survive in a zombie-infested world?

Deep questions to ask your girlfriend

  • You picked me out of the more than eight billion individuals on the earth. Why?
  • How long can you maintain your composure while gazing into my eyes?
  • Don’t you believe that you unintentionally violate the law by being so attractive?
  • Which love song would you want to hear me sing?
  • Which music makes you suddenly think of me?
  • Did you fall in love with me immediately, or did it take some time?
  • Do you wish to confide in me a secret from your heart?
  • What are you appealing to me with such a powerful force that I find impossible to resist?
  • Have you ever hurt someone else’s feelings?
  • When is the perfect season for a couple to travel together?
  • Do I still need to do anything to win your heart, or have I already won it?
  • What role do you envision for me in your future?
  • I felt a rush of emotion when I saw you. Was the situation similar on your end?
  • What is your favorite experience you’ve had with me thus far?
  • Can I provide you with the right amount of emotional support?”
  • Which of my qualities do you value the most?
  • What do you think are my areas of strength and weakness?
  • Which hue should I emphasize more?
  • Is our union perfect?
  • What can I change to improve our relationship?
  • What is the one aspect of my personality that you would change?
  • What distinguishes me from others and makes me unique in your eyes?
  • What do you think I am worth to you?
  • Do you find my tendency to be annoying? If so, what exactly?
  • Are you happier with me here?
  • Do you recall the moment we first met as a couple? Which hue did I have on that particular day?

Romantic questions to ask your girlfriend

  • Where have you gone that was the most romantic?
  • Which romantic movie have you ever seen?
  • Describe the perfect romantic date night in your opinion.
  • What romantic music is your all-time favorite?
  • Do you enjoy lighting candles on dates?
  • How deeply in love are you with me, on a scale of 1 to 10?
  • Do you cherish our relationship beyond all else?
  • Are you attracted to me?
  • Do you enjoy snuggling or having sex?
  • Do you enjoy going barefoot on the beach?
  • Given the option, where would you want to spend the weekend—Venice or Paris?
  • Do you like silence when you’re with someone or want to talk?
  • Do you like it when I hold you?
  • Do you enjoy being intimate in public?
  • What does “real happiness” mean to you?
  • What did you think of our initial kiss?
  • What would be the perfect proposal?
  • Are you aware of how fantastic you are?
  • What were your thoughts when I first asked you out?
  • Do you have any suggestions for improvements to ours?
  • Would you pick me if you had a second chance to make your decision?
  • What is the one thing I do that you feel I love you the most?
  • What about me do you find the most appealing?
  • What can I do to improve your quality of life?
  • Can you list the top five things I do that irritate you?
  • If I needed your life, would you give it to me?
  • Can we have a fantastic future together?

Good questions to ask your girlriend

  • Do you recall how we originally got together?
  • What was your favorite book as a young child?
  • What playground game is your favorite?
  • Who truly brings you joy?
  • Do you take pleasure in spending time with kids?
  • What dish made at home is your favorite?
  • What jolts you out of bed?
  • How do you maintain such good health?
  • What do you prefer to do on rainy days?
  • Do you frequently daydream?
  • Describe a memory that you would never want to lose.
  • Do you prefer giving or receiving presents more?
  • Has someone ever surprised you with a party?
  • Do you mention me to your pals while you’re with them?
  • Who do you call for guidance when you need it?
  • Which of the finest compliments have you ever received?
  • When you consider old age, what do you most anticipate?
  • Who did you think was your best teacher?
  • Which do you prefer, the sunrise or the sunset?
  • Have you ever had plush animals by your bed?
  • What strange item have you kept for sentimental reasons?
  • Which academic topic did you enjoy the most?
  • Have you ever lied blatantly just for laughs?
  • Don’t you consider each of our interactions to be priceless?
  • Do you prefer serious men over attractive men?
  • Have you ever spoken a lie to a friend?
  • Which food has been your all-time favorite?
  • What one thing are you unable to live without?

Dirty questions to ask your girlfriend

  • Do you ever view porn when by yourself?
  • What do you think is the weirdest aspect of our sexual life?
  • Have you ever experienced a sexually suggestive dream concerning a close friend?
  • Where would you prefer to go if we could go right now?
  • Ever try to see my nude physique in your mind?
  • What would be the sexiest dress you would want to see me wear right now?
  • Have you ever made out with someone after flirting with them because you were horny?
  • How would you imagine receiving a full-body massage from me?
  • If we’re dating long-distance, would you be open to phone sex?
  • Do you have any one-night stands?
  • How does it feel to be touched by me?
  • Do you enjoy being made fun of?
  • Would you ever think of sharing a shower to conserve water?
  • Do you want to irritate the neighbors slightly?
  • How would you react if I murmured anything inappropriate in your ear?
  • If the mood strikes, would you dress differently for bed, and if so, what?
  • What would you do for me that would be the naughtiest?
  • How do you think your first and finest orgasms compare?
  • What do you consider your most humiliating relationship experience?
  • Would you ever give me an explicit picture of yourself?
  • Suppose we have 30 minutes to ourselves, and no one is around to disturb us. What do you want us to do?
  • Quiet or a screamer, according to you?
  • Have you ever boasted about my prowess in bed to a close friend? If so, what did you tell them?

Trap questions to ask your girlfriend

  • If I had no money, what would you do?
  • What would you pick, me or your career, if you had to decide?
  • Can I succeed at your job better than the boss?
  • Who would be the boss if we were both employed there?
  • According to you, who is more intelligent? You or I?
  • Can I get to know your best friend? How many guys has she ever dated?
  • Do you mind if I add my ex-girlfriends as friends on Instagram or Facebook?
  • When did you decide that you liked me more than simply as a friend?
  • Have you ever felt resentful when I chat with other girls?
  • Did you ever imagine that our relationship would last this long?
  • How many times in the last several days have you lied to me?
  • How many times have you cheated on a previous partner?
  • What was the worst thing I ever did to you?
  • How would you react if I made a marriage proposal to you right now?
  • Why would you rather be my best friend or my girlfriend?
  • Why do women cheat on excellent guys?
  • Considering how frequently you’ve lied to me, why should I believe you?
  • Given that I know you will lie to my face without hesitation, why should I believe anything you say?
  • Why did you not inform me of it before it was too late?
  • Please list your top five preferred locations for a kiss, and I’ll give you one now.
  • Do you appreciate foreplay, or would you instead get right to the point?

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Serious questions to ask your giflriend

  • Have you ever attended an unexpected party?
  • Have a favorite reality television program
  • What is your fondest college memory?
  • Which random act of kindness did you carry out most recently?
  • Which flower is your favorite?
  • Do you consume a lot of junk food?
  • How well do you maintain secrets?
  • Which animal do you prefer, a dog or a cat?
  • Are you a night owl or a morning person?
  • What party tale do you always tell?
  • What was your childhood playground game of choice?
  • Which movie is your favorite?
  • Have you ever been put in jail?
  • Do you sing while taking a shower?
  • Have you ever mounted a steed?
  • Did you achieve high academic standing?
  • What are the top three items you’d take on a desert island?
  • What about your work annoys you the most?
  • Which author is your favorite?
  • Do you have any talent for impressions?
  • Which domestic task do you like the most?
  • What do you prefer to do after work?
  • Do you possess numerous pairs of shoes?
  • Which form of transportation is the least appealing to you?
  • What number of pillows do you use to sleep?
  • Which hue would you select if you had to color your hair a different shade?
  • Do you believe that people who speak various languages have different perspectives on some issues?
  • Which of your scars is the largest, and how did you receive it?
  • Do you think ghosts exist?
  • Which pastime have you always yearned to engage in?
  • What would you do with an extra two hours if you had them in your day?
  • What piece of literature, film, or art has most affected you?
  • How did you two first meet, best friend?

Juicy questions to ask her

  • What clothing do you have on right now?
  • What body parts do you prefer?
  • Which sensation is your favorite?
  • Have you ever imagined how a kiss between us might feel?
  • Do you feel comfortable when I embrace you?
  • When did you start to perceive me differently?
  • Did you put on this outfit for me?
  • In your opinion, when should two individuals start having sexual relations?
  • What do you consider to be the finest aspect of kissing?
  • When do you believe it is appropriate to “move”?
  • Have you been considering me?
  • What was the first thing you noticed about me?
  • What craving do you feel wrong about?
  • What was your most recent private thought toward me?
  • Would you say you’re more of a friendly or naughty girl?
  • What do you think makes a man most alluring?
  • What about being a woman is the best physically?
  • Would we look well together?
  • What, if any, clothes do you wear to bed?
  • What benefits most from flirting?
  • What portions of a man’s physique do you find most appealing?
  • What have you ever worn that you think is the sexiest?
  • Want to move this to a more peaceful location?
  • Where would we be if we could be anyplace right now?
  • What would I be wearing now if you could see me wearing any outfit?
  • What about my physique do you like?
  • Have you ever thought of me as naked?
  • What fictional character do I resemble?
  • Will you let me accompany you home?
  • Could you demonstrate your “Move” for enticing a man?
  • How do you imagine receiving a massage from me will feel?
  • Is it just me, or is this place starting to grow warm?

Random questions to ask her

  • What one item brings back your childhood fantasies?
  • What do you like best about being a woman?
  • Do you like long, warm hugs more than intense kisses?
  • Do you have any OCD behaviors?
  • Who in your life inspires you?
  • What auto do you want?
  • You’d risk your own life to save mine, right?
  • What is the most swoon-worthy film you’ve ever seen?
  • Would you consider dating a man who is divorcing his wife?
  • Have you ever found someone appealing that you ought not to?
  • What was the last purchase you regretted making?
  • What is the craziest clothing you have ever worn?
  • Which movie brought forth the biggest cry?
  • What has ever happened to you that you find strange?
  • Do you possess any hoards?
  • Why do you believe men are so drawn to bums and boobs?
  • What is the strangest dish you have ever consumed?
  • Would you instead discover real love or a lot of money?
  • Which kids’ program did you watch much over your “proper” age range?
  • How would you feel if you dated a hot, stupid guy?
  • What animal best represents you?
  • Which aspect of your personality causes you the most significant trouble?

Funny questions to ask her

  • Guess what I admire most about you?
  • What was your most outrageous action?
  • Which pick-up line has been the worst and funniest you’ve ever heard?
  • Who was your child’s favorite cartoon character?
  • What do you think about public kissing?
  • What one superpower would you most wish to possess?
  • What activities do you enjoy performing alone?
  • Who is the person who knows you the best?
  • What do you think about landscaping for men?
  • What is your favorite vice?
  • What is your preferred daydream?
  • What would you ask me if you could ask me anything?
  • What has ever happened to you that has made you feel the most embarrassed?
  • What is the sweetest compliment a guy or female has ever given you?
  • Which animal would you most like to converse with if they could speak?
  • What area of study would you prefer to pursue further?
  • Do you prefer men wearing boxers or briefs?
  • What would occur if the two of us were confined to a room for a full day?
  • Which would you choose, a dad-bod or a ripped body?
  • What would the subject of your YouTube channel be?

Important questions to ask her

  • Do you believe we could raise our kids successfully as a team?
  • Who would you like our kids to emulate?
  • What makes you feel the worst?
  • What did your previous relationship teach you?
  • What was the most challenging experience you ever had as a child?
  • Have you ever wanted to give up before?
  • What was a simple error you made that had a significant impact?
  • Has anybody ever betrayed your confidence irreparably?
  • Looking back, what have you accomplished in your life that you are most proud of?
  • Do you miss talking to someone you haven’t spoken to in a while?
  • How would you quantify success?
  • What one aspect of our relationship would you most miss if it ended?
  • What is the boldest deed you have ever committed?
  • What is your greatest love?
  • Do you struggle to trust others?
  • Is it ever justified to tell a lie?
  • What goal have you set for the two of you for this time next year?
  • What attempt have you failed miserably at?
  • Would what you’ve accomplished thus far make your younger self happy?
  • What was a goal you once set for yourself but no longer wish to accomplish?
  • What do you do if you’re brokenhearted?

Relationship questions to ask her

  • Do you like dawn or sunset as a scene?
  • What, in your opinion, defines romance?
  • Which of my compliments to you do you think was the best?
  • What is the most romantic quote you can think of from a film?
  • Which female film would you make me watch if you could make me do it?
  • Would a romantic gesture make you feel swept off your feet?
  • What is the one thing I can be guaranteed to make you smile?
  • Which of your first kisses was the worst?
  • What was the corniest pickup line a guy ever used?
  • When was the last time you falsely claimed to be a certain age?
  • Which of your closest pals has ever challenged you to do anything crazy?
  • For how long do you think you can look at me without giggling?
  • What term has the worst ring to it that you have ever heard?
  • If you had to choose between always itching and constantly sticky, which would you prefer?

Hard questions to ask her

  • Is romantic love the most significant type of love there is?
  • Do you believe that once you fall in love, you will ALWAYS adore that person? Or do you believe that love may deteriorate with time?
  • When you fall in love with someone, what do you notice about them right away?
  • Do you think that if someone loves them, they can change?
  • Do you believe that how long you’ve known someone affects whether you can tell whether you’re in love?
  • How long do you believe it takes to realize you are in love?
  • Physical or emotional intimacy—which is worse?
  • Can you forgive someone for being disloyal or cheating if you love them?
  • Forgive and forget, forgive but don’t forget, or don’t forgive at all when it comes to cheating?
  • Do you think love alters who you are?
  • Do you believe that individuals should alter who they are in order to find love?
  • Could you still love someone if they had cheated on you?
  • What, in your opinion, qualifies as infidelity or cheating?
  • What aspect of love terrifies you the most?
  • Do you think there may be true love at first sight?
  • With me, was it love at first sight?
  • Should love always feel cozy, or should it always be novel and exciting?
  • What, in your opinion, causes people to lose their love?
  • What triggers your breakup?

21 questions game questions to ask her

  • Ever dated someone significantly older than you?
  • Which of your dates was the most passionate?
  • How important is appearance to you?
  • Which would you prefer: being beautiful but stupid or ugly but intelligent?
  • What causes you anxiety before dates?
  • Did the person you went on a blind date with end up becoming your soul mate?
  • Whose voice do you prefer the best among those you’ve dated?
  • What did you get on a date that you liked best?
  • What would you do if a celebrity you admire asked you out?
  • Have there ever been rainy dates for you?
  • Which particular statement made by your companion will you never forget?
  • Will you accept a date partner’s offer to drive you somewhere yourself?
  • What would you want on your date if you had superpowers?
  • Which of your date outfits was the sexiest?
  • What would you do if the ideal man proposed to you during your first date?
  • What kind of attire would you want for your date?
  • What kind of proposal would you want to make to your crush?
  • Which would you prefer: dating online or dating in person?
  • What did you order that was the most costly on a date?

Unique questions to ask her

  • What do you suppose a black hole’s inside will contain?
  • Do you believe our life does pass before our eyes just before passing away?
  • Do you believe that when you experience Deja Vu, you are just reliving an event that a previous iteration of you has already gone through?
  • Do you believe that plants communicate with us?
  • Which conspiracy theory do you believe makes the most logical, in your opinion?
  • When did things suddenly make sense in your life?
  • What are the most interesting historical developments you are aware of but have been lost to time?
  • Is there any music or art that speaks directly to your soul?
  • Have you ever experienced a prophecy?
  • Which of your fears is most irrational?
  • What happened to our old memories, do you think?
  • What is your first recollection involving a sense—touch, sight, sound, smell, or taste?

Intimate and personal questions to ask her

  • What is it that you initially noticed about me?
  • Do you usually identify with a type? Do I suit this kind in any way?
  • What do you say about me when you tell other people?
  • How frequently should we have sex, in your opinion?
  • What is the most profound thing I taught you?
  • What do you do that you genuinely dislike doing to make me happy?
  • How can I maintain physical closeness outside the bedroom throughout the day?
  • Which of our past sexual encounters is your favorite?
  • Does what we have here represent real love?
  • How did your first sexual encounter go?
  • Would you rather have someone do something kind for you out of love or receive a gift?
  • What information about you would you like me to share with others?
  • Do you feel at ease starting sex?
  • How many committed partnerships have you already had?
  • What were your thoughts throughout our first date?
  • Do you think our relationship will last?
  • Do you favor thoughtful presents over more useful ones?
  • Have you ever been in a relationship?
  • How do you respond to praise?
  • When we met, were you seeking a relationship?
  • What sticks out as a positive development for you during the past month?
  • Which aspect of your physical appearance causes you the most anxiety?

Questions to ask your girlfriend when bored

  • What was the wisest counsel your grandmother ever offered you?
  • When we discuss sex, do you feel strange?
  • Where are you most comfortable being touched?
  • What do you like best about the way I kiss you? Do you wish to explore novel methods?
  • What do you consider the perfect date night to be?
  • Which hue would you be if you were one?
  • What was your childhood favorite television program?
  • What dish are you now craving?
  • What items are on your bucket list, specifically?
  • What is your primary objective for the upcoming year?
  • Where would you reside if money were not an issue?
  • What do you believe has the most excellent chance of making me famous?
  • What is your embarrassing favorite book, musician, or TV show?
  • What famous people would make up our fictitious threesome?

Questions to ask her by images

Questions to ask your girlfriend
Questions to ask your girlfriend
Questions to ask your girlfriend
Questions to ask your girlfriend
Questions to ask your girlfriend
Questions to ask your girlfriend
Questions to ask your girlfriend
Questions to ask your girlfriend
Questions to ask your girlfriend
Questions to ask your girlfriend
Questions to ask your girlfriend
Questions to ask your girlfriend
Questions to ask your girlfriend
Questions to ask your girlfriend
Questions to ask your girlfriend
Questions to ask your girlfriend

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