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12 Reasons Why A Friend Can Be A Soulmate

My friend Adam asked me, “Ryan, can a friend be a soulmate?” Well, actually, yeah they can be! It’s not uncommon to have a friend be someone to is meant to be with you here. Here are the main reasons why a friend can be a soulmate!

A common misconception about soulmates is that it’s primarily associated with romantic type of relationships. Well, blame it on romantic books and movies! The good news is you can find it in a friend too.

It doesn’t need to have a romantic inclination which most people assume it to be. In fact, you can have a deeper connection with your friend that understands you and is reliable. A rare platonic bond is priceless and eternal.

Can your friend be a soulmate? Read below as a list of twelve reasons to identify it. But before that, let’s briefly understand what a soulmate is.

Understanding The Concept Of A Soulmate—Reasons Why a Friend Can Be a Soulmate

What is a soulmate? Merriam-Webster defines it as a person who resembles another in attitudes or beliefs.” According to Psychology Today, the feeling of special affinity, a powerful or understanding bond between individuals, makes a soulmate.

Books and movies have associated it more with romance; hence many think that it’s a type of romantic feeling. Some even think it’s the ultimate or true love, Or a person waiting out there for their other half that is destined to be.

It’s also subjective, as it can vary from person to person. However, it shouldn’t only to romance. There are various reasons why friends can be soulmates.

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12 Reasons Why A Friend Can Be A Soulmate

Here is a list of reasons why a friend can be a soulmate:

Ability To Communicate Even Without Looking At Each Other

Do you have a friend who can understand you even without talking or looking at you? If yes, your friend is likely your soulmate. You are super close to your friend, and both of you can communicate without uttering a word. It’s rare and special.

Sharing Almost Everything

Humans are complicated beings, and even in a lifetime, it would be hard to define one’s true nature. Also, we rarely share and keep it primarily to ourselves. However, if you have one friend with whom you share everything, even secrets, and they do the same, you are soulmates.

The First Person You Call When In Trouble—One of the Main Reasons Why a Friend Can Be a Soulmate!

Who do you call when you’re going through some issues? If your friend is the first one to come to your mind, another reason that to call them your soulmate. You trust them without the fear of being judged, thus sharing a special affinity.

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Blend Perfectly With Your Family

Another reason a friend can be a soulmate is if they blend with your family. Both of you are so close that you are comfortable with each other families, even having a good bond with the family members.

Being Truthful Without Hurting You—One of the Main Reasons Why a Friend Can Be a Soulmate!

Very rarely do we come across a truthful person. The ability to tell the ugly truth without being harsh or hurting you can’t be done by many. If you have that kind of friend, cherish it.

Never Ending List Of Inside Jokes

Some jokes may not make sense or even be funny to others, but you’re the only two that catch the humor. Even if nobody understands, both of you find it funny and laugh hysterically.

Finishing Each Other Sentences

One of you is narrating an incident or a story, and the other ends it with what you have to say. It’s only possible because you know each other well and can predict, hence sharing a special bond.

Ability To Pick Up Right Where It’s Left Off Even After Not Seeing For Months Or Years

In a busy and chaotic world, we often stay out of touch or lose contact with even some of our close friends. However, we all have that one friend that can pick up right where it’s left, regardless of the time gap.

Constant Support From Your Friend

You find a soulmate in a friend if they keep supporting you consistently. They are there for you in your highs and lows. Always congratulate you on your achievements, whether it’s big or small.

Nothing Can Break The Friendship—One of the Main Reasons Why a Friend Can Be a Soulmate!

It’s natural to have arguments or disagreements in a friendship. Regardless, both of you patch up and come to an understanding.

Both Of You Are Basically A Pair

You find a soulmate in a friend when you are always together. Whenever there is an event or a party, people invite you guys or make sure not to miss any of you.

Your Friend Comes To Your Mind When People Talk About Soulmates

Does conversation about soulmates make you think of your best friend? If so, you have found one in your friend. It’s great to have a pal there for you through thick and thin.


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