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Replies to a “How Are You” Text from a GUY!

Did you get a “how are you” text from a guy? There are so many mind games that people play between them in relationships. It’s actually a little bit annoying, isn’t it? Getting a text message like this might seem like a completely innocent thing—but it can really set a person back! That’s why it’s important to think through all the replies to a “how are you” text from a guy that you can possibly think about!

If you got a text message like this and you don’t exactly know what to say, let’s see what your options are.

But first, what you should consider…

Do you even want to be texting this person? I would say that a generally good response is no response at all. Sometimes, you can get away with simply ignoring the person.

In reality, if this person is a bit of a toxic person or toxic relationship—then why allow them to come back into your life?

There’s potential that you’ve moved on with your life and that you’re “doing better” than when you were with them in the past. Don’t allow them to renter your life and ruin your progress!

A “how are you” text is usually sent after a long period of time (you didn’t hear from him for anywhere from 4 weeks to 6-months). And a lot of life can happen in that period!

Replies to a “How are you” text from a guy

—Here is how to reply to a “how are you” text from a guy!

I’m great, how are you?

A polite and generally good way to tell them how your life is going. If you feel like you want to respond but don’t really want to engage, then simply say this!

Oh, this again?

If you’re trying to call the other person out for playing mind games and you don’t really care about the negative response you might get, then you can send this.

I didn’t really want to talk anymore, sorry

This is a very polite way of shutting the door. You don’t have to block them—since sometimes that can feel a bit immature. But in this case, you can at least just close the door.

Can we not pretend like this is a healthy relationship?

Sending this a reply generally calls out the other person for what it is that they’re tryin to do, here. You can say this if you have the guts to do it.

I’m doing better without this relationship, sorry

Wow, what a harsh response to the message—but sometimes, if the other person was really a crappy partner, you might want to go ahead and just send it.

Reply with just an emoji

A confused face emoji or just a crazy face emoji might do. It sends the message that you’re not going to engage with him.

You’re going to need to move on

Quite the harsh way of putting it, again—but maybe you’ve already moved on with your life. Or are with another boyfriend. In that case, you can just close the door here with this type of a response.

Appreciate you texting, but this relationship is over

It’s when you want to let the other person know that you’re still very mature. And that you’d like to continue to be the mature one in the relationship. But you’re absolutely done with it, going forward.

Life is going well, how’s yours going?

A polite and simple way to say that all is well. This lets him know that you’re appreciative of the text—but that you’re still not going to engage in the relationship.

My life is looking fantastic, what’s yours looking like?

Almost shoves it in his face that you’re doing quite fine. In most cases, you’re not trying to be hurtful. But it will still send a strong signal that you don’t really need him.

I don’t really want to play games, sorry

A mature way to call out the other person for what it is that they’re trying to do with this “how are you” text.

Conclusion—Replies to a “how are you” text from a guy!

If you truly want to move on from this person. And you’re feeling like they are dragging you down—then don’t let that happen. The best thing you can do is to simply shut them out of your life, completely. So that you can entirely move on with your life.

Blocking them might be the best thing to do so that you can completely disconnect from the reminders that might be occurring. There’s nothing wrong with respecting yourself and deciding this isn’t the best thing for you to engage with!


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