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BEST responses to “How Is Your Day Going?” (15+)

My friend James asked me a funny question the other night. He said, “Ryan, what are some responses to ‘How is your day going?'” I kind of chuckled. But then realized that it’s probably a good thing to talk about this. Because the phrase is used in both work and non-work situations (informally).

So I decided it was probably a good idea to give James (and you) some great ways to respond to the question that we all ask, “How is your day going?”

First, my experience with this…

Generally, I’ve heard this question get asked informally. Sometimes, I’ll get a text from someone and it says, “How is your day going?”

I’ve gotten the text from a girl, before. And normally, I just respond with something kind of bland. I’ve realized, it’s more of a conversation starter question than I’d like to think.

If someone texts me this—I had to learn that it meant they wanted to start a conversation. So I began to reply back with some details of my day and then a question. Avoiding a dry text response was what helped me the most.

Here are my personal favorite responses to “How is your day going?” (both in text and when someone asks you in person!)

15 replies to “How is your day going?”

—Responses to “how is your day going?” in a way that starts a conversation!

1. It’s not that bad, actually! It could be worse, how’s your day going?

When the day isn’t going that terribly, but it’s not going that well, either!

2. Fantastic. I’d say today is one of the better days I’ve had. What’s going on in your world?

Some days are better than others. But when it’s a good day, it’s okay to go ahead and let them know!

3. Finishing up some work right now and then going to the gym. What’s going on with you?

Giving someone a status update can be a great way to tell them that you’re interested in having a conversation. Asking a question at the end is the best way to keep the text thread going.

4. Hey! Thanks for asking! It’s pretty good, I’d say there’s a few things that stand out today as being a positive day. How about you?

If someone sent you this as a text message throughout the day, it’s a great idea to inform them that you’re happy that they texted you!

5. Well, today certainly could be going better. I’ll have to tell you about it later. But it could be going worse, too. How about you?

Mediocre days are still days. And they happen. It’s okay to let friends or family know that today is just another day!

6. Oh boy, well, I’ve had some fun today at work—it’s one of those annoying days. What going on with your day?

When something exciting is happening—both good and bad. This way it entertains the idea that there’s something else to talk about with your friend or family member.

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7. Today is really testing me! School, work, people, it’s all stacking up! Haha! How’s your going?

Is it really testing you? There will be days when that happens. It’s kind of fun, when you really think about it! Just tell people how you really feel—and see where it goes!

8. Well, how much time do you have!? Haha! What about you? (A funny response!)

A funny response that is going to get someone to react and ask more about what’s going on!

9. Is it Friday yet!? (Funny response!)

A typical funny response from someone who texts you “How is your day going” on a Monday or earlier in the week!

10. The whole day has been a blur. Can we get to the weekend! How’s your day going? Is it going easier than mine I hope?!

When everything is just blurring together because the day is just… well, a DAY!

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11. I’d be lying if I didn’t say that today was testing my patience! Tell me something good happening in your side of the world.

Haha, sometimes the world just does test our patience, doesn’t it?

12. After work today, I will surely be taking a long bath and trying to forget today happened. What’s going on with you?

It might also include some beverages that make you feel a little bit fuzzy! 🙂 😉

13. I’d rather not say… It will depress you. (Funny response)

It might depress you if I tell you everything that’s going on today!

14. You’re not going to believe what happened today—can I call you later?

Today is a day that contains a lot of news! Both good and bad news.

Telling someone that you want to call them later is a great way to build a bridge.

15. It’s just one of those days!!! How about you?

A simple and dramatic response that people often use! Don’t forget to ask them a question about their day!

It helps to continue the conversation and build a friendship.

What does it mean when a girl or a guy asks “How is your day going?”

Generally speaking, it just means that they want to start a conversation with you. It’s not a great way to start a conversation—that’s for sure.

The reason why it’s not a great way is that it’s kind of dry. It doesn’t have a lot of depth to it. And so your response is going to be the same—somewhat lacking depth.

Your best bet is to try and respond in a way that gets a conversation started and see where it takes you.

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