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Savage Nicknames for Your Ex-Girlfriend

A frequent reader emailed me the other day and asked, “Ryan, what are some good savage nicknames for my ex-girlfriend that I can use?” Well, I have some good answers. But let’s be honest, should you really be bad-talking someone? Maybe yes, maybe no.

With marriage and divorce rates on a continual incline, it’s probably only a matter of time before you have an ex-girlfriend or ex-wife that you need to create a fun nickname for.

My experience with nicknames…

Here’s the thing, when we call people names, we often are showing our true colors more than throwing some great “shade” at the other person. For example, telling friends that we had a real “wench” of an ex-girlfriend might sound great, but it doesn’t come off as very mature.

While having some fun nicknames can be a good thing. Just consider what you’re getting yourself into.

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Savage nicknames for your ex-girlfriend

—Savage nicknames for your ex-girlfriend

For when you need to say something not so nice but you don’t want to use her real name:

  1. Ms. Hoe’s a Lot
  2. Wench
  3. Big B
  4. Sucka Lot
  5. Uga Ho
  6. Dr. Ugly
  7. Mrs. Slutzville
  8. Ms. Terrifying
  9. Miss Needy
  10. Yucky Ducky
  11. NeighborHOE
  12. Miss Needy
  13. Gave Me The Ghon
  14. Glad She’s Gone
  15. Miss Dum Dum
  16. Loser Magnet
  17. Carb Crusher
  18. Zombie Brain
  19. Ms. Loud Mouth
  20. Dr. Who Needs Ya

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Bad bad bad nicknames for your ex-wife

—Terrible nicknames for your ex-wife

If you’ve got an ex-wife, then it’s probably time to give her a name that will make her last. Especially when you’re talking to your friends about all the positive experiences you’ve had with her (this is sarcasm).

  1. Sl*tty McNutty
  2. McNutz Every Guy
  3. Bar Hoe
  4. Ugly Duckling
  5. Miss Nasty
  6. Coo Coo Bird
  7. Nada Motha
  8. Sicko
  9. Dr. Needy
  10. NarciSISSY
  11. Cares Only About Herself
  12. Been With Every Guy
  13. Miss No Future
  14. Biggest Losah
  15. Dr. Fatty
  16. Saddle Bags
  17. Wide Hips
  18. Ugo Bugo
  19. Fart Doctor
  20. Big Ol’ Fatty

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