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Second Date Ideas

Looking for second-date ideas? The second date is an excellent opportunity for both parties to connect on a deeper level. It allows for the build-up of more attraction, especially if you’re unsure about someone after the first date. The second date is simply the ‘get to know you’ stage which lets you discover the true potential of that person as a long-term partner.

Research studies show there’s a 70% chance that both men & women will agree to a second date if they’re trying to find a long-term partner. Meaning yes, ask her/him out!

My own experience on dates…

I hate to admit it… I’ve been on a lot of dates. But here’s the thing. I always wanted to show the person I’m with a special time. And I’m proud of that. I always wanted to be “the one that got away.” And I think that you should, too!

Here’s how to do that. If you want to be the one that got away, I have three tips for you.

First, pick a date night that compliments your date as well as shines who you are. Always pick something that has her/him in mind—although it says who you are. Go to one of your favorite places, too.

Second, know the place you’re going. Pick a day and time when you know the mood will be special. For example, avoid rush hour times.

And lastly, come to the date prepared. A small yet thoughtful gift is always a great thing. Flowers work, yes… Although a small gift that speaks to that person is even better. It can be under $5! It’s the thought that will matter.

What makes a great second date?

It becomes much easier to engage with the person on the second date. This is when you can show your authentic self without feeling shy (hopefully). The main objective should be to understand each other better without getting too intimate. You should make sure that you feel comfortable on the date and vice-versa.

second date ideas

Any highly engaging activity that shines light into each other’s personality—is the way to go. The second date is about ensuring you are compatible with the other person and vice-versa. This is the phase when you learn new things about each other while partaking in an activity you are both fond of.

If both of you are operating on the same wavelength and enjoying each other’s company, you shouldn’t worry about doing your favorite thing.

Expert advice: Studies have shown that it’s important to show who you are. Don’t hold back. You might have a few bumps and bruises from prior relationships. Although if you want it to succeed, wear your heart on your sleeve.

second date ideas

60 great ideas for a second date

1. Checking out the new chic restaurant

This is a great option for foodies. Trying out new appetizers, main courses, and desserts while discussing the likes and dislikes of each other is always a foolproof option.

2. Become the tour guide in your own town

It is a lot of fun playing the role of a local tour guide to help your date discover the best places your town offers. You can set up any time between the afternoon and evening to check out the local landmarks again to get a fresh perspective.

3. Prepare a special recipe at home

This is great for food/cooking enthusiasts. You can impress your date by cooking their favorite food with a surprising twist. If your date is a foodie, this is undoubtedly the way to go!

Expert advice: According to this study, younger men (college-age) are more likely to have sexual intentions on the first and second date than women. If you’re a young woman, understand that this could be a goal of your dating partner. Have a plan ahead of time to protect yourself.

second date ideas

4. A romantic picnic trip

A picnic trip is undoubtedly a great idea if the weather is pleasant. The fresh air and a new location can brighten your spirits and make for an energetic day. Pack a light meal with some classic beverages to enjoy with your date.

5. Hiking on a unique trail

If both of you are into exploring landscapes, adventure sports, fitness, or photography – hiking is a great idea. Get your heart racing along with your date while exploring nature. Make sure to take all the safety precautions before heading out.

6. Chilling on the beach

There is nothing wrong with having some beachside fun in the afternoon with your date. You can walk along the shore discussing events, ideas, or politics. The combination of sand and ocean breeze will always be a mesmerizing combo.

7. Skiing can be fun

If the weather is not ideal for hitting the beach, you can certainly try skiing. It can be incredibly fun in winter, especially if both of you are into adventure sports. Also, the warm sip of hot chocolate is downright irresistible.

Expert advice: Funny or witty banter helps people to get to know each other. Yes, you knew this. However, it is backed by real studies. Banter (especially funny chit-chat) can have strong psychological effects on the person you’re communicating with.

8. Playing your favorite board game

Enjoying your afternoon or evening while playing your favorite board game with your date can bring plenty of playful fun and competition. It is a great way to get close to each other while having some nostalgic fun!

9. Trying your luck at the casino

This is a risky choice, but it can bring huge rewards if you have luck by your side. Nothing is better than impressing your date by winning the game of luck by stylishly throwing the dice.

10. Camping in the woods

Building a campfire with your date can be an enjoyable experience. This is perfect for those who are not into adventure sports but want to have some sense of adventure in the outdoors. Roasting marshmallows in the fire while having a deep, interesting conversation is the way to go!

second date ideas

11. A spa session for two

You can book a premium spa session for the two of you to rejuvenate together after a long week. This can be a great bonding experience as you both undergo an intensive detox regimen. Make sure to buy enough DIY self-care packs, face masks, essential oils, etc.

12. Go for a long drive

Going for a long drive in a remote, scenic area with your date can never be dull. Make sure your car’s gas tank is filled to the brim, and hop in! You can also enjoy some karaoke action in the car with your favorite songs.

13. Shop for groceries together

If you’re running low on your grocery supplies, you can ask your date to help you out for the same. It can be a cool team-building exercise and make the whole process a lot easier and fun!

14. Build skills together

Learning a new skill is never a bad idea; doing it with your favorite person can motivate you to complete the education process faster and with more effort. You can start by learning simple skills like drawing, card tricks, composing chess puzzles, finger tricks, magic tricks, etc.

15. Watch your favorite childhood shows

Watching your favorite childhood TV shows with your date can make for some fascinating conversations. You can prepare some popcorn and soda and chill out on the sofa, remembering your best childhood memories with your favorite person!

16. Looking at the old family albums

Clean the dust off those vintage family albums and enjoy looking at them once again with your date. This is a great way to strengthen your bond while feeling nostalgic. You can share some of your favorite childhood stories with your date and vice-versa.

Second date ideas

17. Shopping at a vintage store

Checking out a vintage or antique store with your favorite person is a unique second-date idea. Finding strange artifacts and discussing the weird stories involving the same can be quite fascinating. This is perfect for those who love history, culture, and anthropology.

18. Go for a yoga session together

Practicing yoga with your date is a great way to wind off a rough day. You get to release all that tension and stress while having the company of your favorite person. You can also practice couple-centric yoga routines and connect with your date on a deeper level.

19. Volunteering together

Working together for a good social cause is a great way to connect with your date. It doesn’t matter what you do as long as you know you’re improving the lives of many less fortunate people along with your favorite person. It is also a great way to make meaningful social connections in your locality.

20. Head over to an aquarium

If you like watching beautiful fishes of different varieties, you’re going to have a great time visiting the local aquarium with your date. You can also feed the fish with your favorite person and discuss how mesmerizing each of them is!

Expert advice: Clinical psychologists frequently refer to this study. It shows that laughter truly is a “medicine.” When meeting new people, getting a laugh from them won’t simply make them appreciate you; it may improve their health, too. Make sure to have fun! Laugh together on your second date.

21. Reading some light erotica

If you want to explore the realm of sexual intimacy without doing anything too crazy, this is surely the way to go. You can read your favorite erotic novel to your date and vice-versa either in your home or the local library.

second date ideas

22. Organize a treasure hunt

You and your date can participate in a treasure hunt to make the second date much more interesting & fun! You can ask your friends to help you organize a treasure hunt and give it a theme of romance to make it a special weekend activity for the two of you.

23. Have some Karaoke fun!

Having a weekend Karaoke competition with your favorite person will fetch you some amazing memories. You can also invite your friends over to make the evening even more fun & engaging! You also get to dance to all your favorite songs all night long as a bonus.

Second date ideas

24. Do an art project together

Teamwork makes the dream work! Ask your date to help you complete your artistic initiative and connect with each other’s creative side. You can let loose and let the creative juice flow through you as you enjoy a fun evening with your favorite person.

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25. Check out your favorite stand-up comedian

Stand-up comedy shows are fun; laughing together is a great way to feel close to each other. So, book that weekend comedy special by your favorite comedian and keep laughing with your favorite person.

26. A backyard barbecue session 

Who in their right mind would not like having a backyard barbecue session with their date? This is a great option for meat lovers who want to try out their new barbecue grill and some great food. Ask if they’re a vegetarian or enjoy meat before you jump in!

27. Enter a cooking contest

Challenge your date to a casual cooking contest for a fun, engaging, memorable second date. This is perfect for foodies and cooking enthusiasts. You also get to know how much of a cooking expert your date is. Once you’re done with cooking your special recipe, you can enjoy it with your favorite person!

28. Explore a remote local area

It is a special feeling when you wander off to a completely new area in your locality and explore it together with your date. You can also find some great picnic spots while doing this activity. You can walk around blocks holding hands & discuss which house has the best color combination and so on!

29. A joint workout session at the gym

Working out with your gym date can make for an interesting evening. Your favorite person can be your trainer and vice-versa. So, put some workout music on speaker and sweat it out together at the gym!

30. Play the game of ‘Truth & Dare’ at a pub

Playing Truth & Dare at the local pub with your date can be highly engaging and interesting. You can also go on a double date with your best friend and make things even crazier!

second date ideas

31. Go to your favorite water park

Feeling like a child again is something most adults long for. This is why spending your weekend getting on all the rides with your date in your favorite water park can be a lot of fun.

32. Go shopping at the local farmer’s shop

You and your favorite person can shop around the local farm shop and support these small-time traders. There will be plenty of healthy food options you and your date can enjoy while holding hands & walking around the premise.

33. Gaze into the starry night

One of the most romantic options – watching the sky full of stars while holding the hands of your favorite person can be a wonderful experience. You can do this on the rooftop, in your backyard, or in the local park.

34. Explore a vineyard

Checking out a fancy vineyard can be a lot of fun and enlightening experience. You’ll understand how impressive the wine-making process is along with your date, and if you get lucky, you could also try out a fresh bottle. There are also samples available for visitors to try out.

35. Try solving a puzzle together

Trying to solve a complicated puzzle along with your date can help you learn how to work together and take advantage of each other’s strong points. It can be a satisfying experience once you’ve put the final piece in the right place.

36. Have fun at the shooting range

This is a great option for gun enthusiasts. You and your date can have a lot of fun shooting different guns and get a lot of target practice. You can also see who among the two of you is a better shot.

second date ideas

37. Play your favorite video game

These days co-op games are all the rage, and there are plenty of fantastic multiplayer games to choose from to play with your favorite person. It can be an awesome experience once you clear all the levels and finish the game together. Some of the best multiplayer games you can play are – It Takes Two, Deep Rock Galactic, Overcooked, Dying Light, etc.

38. Go see a piano concert

This is a classic option for all audiophiles and lovers of classical music. You can surprise your date by taking them to a piano concert by your favorite pianist. You may find the tune that resonates the most with your relationship.

39. Watch a cabaret show

Cabaret shows can be extremely unpredictable and entertaining and are much less expensive than most live shows. The cool thing is that sometimes the performer can incorporate audience members into his routine to make things more exciting.

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40. Remote work for two

It is okay if you can’t make time for a date, especially if you’re a workaholic. If your date also works from home, you can rent a fancy co-working suite and work together. Make sure to take frequent breaks and try out new work snacks together.

41. Try baking together

Baking your favorite cake along with your date can test your cooperation skills and develop your bonding. As a bonus, you and your favorite person get to eat a delicious cake together!

Expert advice: A recent Harvard study showed that men and women who continue to share their aspirations in life (whether they are changing or staying the same) have a greater likelihood of long-lasting relationships. Richard Schwartz, associate professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School (HMS) and a consultant to McLean and Massachusetts General (MGH) hospitals suggests that love does seem to have a strong impact on hormone and immune levels. All pointing to the significance of communication in relationships/couplehood.

42. Visiting your place of birth

You can take your date to your hometown and show them your first school, place of work, the hospital where you were born, etc. This can be a nostalgic and fun experience to catch up with your close friends and relative there, along with your favorite person.

43. Have fun at the arcade

You can challenge your date to several arcade games and see who gets the high score. This will surely bring out the competitive spirit in both of you. You can keep things mellow and have fun playing the classics – PAC-man, Tetris, Space Invaders, Donkey Kong, Street Fighter, etc.

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44. Learn a new board game

Learning a new board game together with your date can be highly engaging and fun. It will be a great workout for your brain. After learning it, the two of you can also play a few rounds to see who is better at it.

45. Play the game of ‘Who is most likely to’

It is a simple and fun game you can play with your date. There can be couple-centric questions that are sure to make for a highly engaging and exciting evening between the two of you. Do some research online and set the perfect questions for some frisky fun!

Try out these most likely to questions.

46. Prepare a Spotify playlist for each other

This is a great way to get to know the music taste of each other. You can make a romance playlist for your favorite person and ask them to do the same. Then you can rate each other’s playlists and have to keep doing the same with other music genre playlists.

47. Check out the local handicrafts market

You can take your date to explore some of the best handmade items. Supporting a local business is always a good idea.

48. Paint your room together

Putting a fresh coat of paint in your room is never a bad idea, especially if your favorite person is there to help you out.

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49. Watch your favorite YouTube live-stream 

Watching your favorite YouTube channel live-stream along with your date can be highly entertaining.

50. Watch your childhood family videos 

Watching your awkward & cute family videos together with your date can make for some beautiful memories.

51. Attend a public seminar

If you need some food for your brain, you can attend a public seminar along with your date.

52. Attend a public conference

If you and your date have a common interest, the both of you can attend the relevant conference and have a lot of fun together!

53. Play paintball in the woods

You can never be too old for the game of paintball! You can also invite some of your friends to make things interesting.

54. Train for a marathon together

Doing some cardio along with your date is a great way to prepare for a 5k event.

55. Change houses with your friends

Any change in scenery is always a positive change. A staycation can be a fun way to have a great second date!

Expert advice: Harvard researchers suggest asking basic questions like, “How are you?” Or, “What do you like to do?” won’t be sufficient in creating strong, long-lasting relationships. Instead, try the A.C.T method—which stands for authenticity, connection, topic/taste. Find mutual ground between the two of you and move past surface-level questions.

56. Go bird-watching

This is great for bird lovers! You should bring a pair of binoculars and appreciate the beauty of nature along with your date.

57. Listen to your favorite podcast

Listening to your favorite podcast together with your date can be a fun experience!

58. Make a TikTok video together

Making a TikTok video along with your date can be a fun evening for the two of you!

59. Disconnect for the evening

Stop using all electronic devices for one evening and spend that time having an honest conversation with your date.

60. Try writing a poem or song

You and your favorite person can write each other a romantic poem or song.

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