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Signs a Woman is Jealous

A good friend of mine asked me, “Ryan, what are some signs that a woman is jealous?” Well, that’s a great question! I can certainly answer that!

Jealousy is an emotion that appears when a person is envious of other people’s success or happiness. Everyone feels jealous of something at a point in their lives, and women are no exception.

A jealous woman can be more dangerous than a man because of the scenarios they can create in her mind. You can see examples of this female jealousy when it comes to relationships. Jealousy can also appear between female co-workers at the workplace because of comparisons.

Jealousy unsettles a woman’s peace of mind and can push near and dear ones away from her life. In this article, we will look at the most common signs a woman is jealous.

My experience with jealous women…

Here’s the thing, jealousy is not always a bad thing. What is bad is how it comes to light. For example, if she’s jealous and sends you pictures of her around other men—that’s not good. Huge red flag!

If she’s jealous and just feeling hurt by it—that’s a good thing.

How jealousy presents itself is a very important trait. When it’s about making you jealous over and over, then run away. When it’s just about someone sharing their feelings, embrace it!

Signs a woman is jealous: It's not just being protective, it's something else!
Signs a woman is jealous: It’s not just being protective, it’s something else!

Signs a woman is jealous

—Signs a woman is jealous

Commenting On Another Woman’s Appearance

When a woman is jealous of another woman, the first thing she comments on is the other person’s external appearance. Appearance is the most common feature they pick out to insult someone else.

You can quickly tell a woman is showing signs of jealousy if she talks badly about other women’s looks. This happens when she feels the other woman is better-looking than her. This makes her feel like she will lose all the attention.

She will feel intimidated by the other woman’s presence in her life. This will lead her to spread false rumors about the other woman among her peers. She does this to gain leverage and give other people false ideas about the other woman.

If a woman is jealous of your appearance, she will always be critical of your appearance. Even though it is invalid, she will tell you you look much better wearing something else. She will always be critical of you even if everyone compliments your appearance.

Celebrates Your Failures

A jealous woman will never be joyful when you are doing something right. She will always be waiting for you to slip up to use it against you in the workplace.

Her jealousy toward you fills her with so much hate that she will celebrate whenever you fail at something. It is wise to understand how women talk to you. You must look for genuineness when other women talk to you or compliment you.

A jealous woman always says things to hurt other women. When you fail at something, she will keep talking about it whenever she can. Her mission will be to bring you down so people do not have the same opinions they had about you.

Signs a woman is jealous: She may start to invade your personal space.
Signs a woman is jealous: She may start to invade your personal space.

Will Always Check Your Phone

If you are in a relationship with a jealous woman, she will make it a point to check your phone every time it rings. If she notices you are talking with someone she disapproves of, you will have to face the brunt of her aggression.

She will be unwelcoming towards anyone she thinks threatens her position in your life. Women are even jealous of their partners’ mothers sometimes, and this will lead to a toxic relationship. The guy will be made to choose between her and his family for silly reasons.

A jealous girlfriend will invade your privacy and watch every step you take. She does not want to lose you to any person, so she will use unfair means to keep you on her side. She can also befriend your closest friends and force them to spill everything they know about you.

A jealous woman is always suspicious and will find it hard to trust you even if you tell her the truth. She will want you to report back to her when you go out with your friends or family. The toxicity in your relationship will be on another level when you are with a jealous woman.

Will Make You Feel Guilty

A jealous woman will make her partner feel guilty for no reason. She does this because she wants her partner to stay on his toes. She knows that is the only way she can control him.

She knows you will do everything to make her feel better if you are at fault for something. Once you let this happen, she will always communicate with you in this manner.

If you are going away on a trip or a night out, she will tell you how nobody spends time with her. Such statements make the partner feel guilty, and he is forced to cancel the plans with his friends because of his emotional connection toward her.

When dating a jealous woman, you sacrifice your duties and fun because you don’t want her to feel left out. She is guilt-tripping you because she doesn’t like to share you with others.

Allowing a jealous woman to treat you like this will harm your mental and emotional health in the long run. Guilt-tripping can lead to arguments and fights and losing people you love.

Signs a woman is jealous: She might be a little "too" attached to you!
Signs a woman is jealous: She might be a little “too” attached to you!

Upgrading Her Lifestyle

You can tell a woman is jealous of another person when she suddenly starts changing how she dresses and looks. She will change her hairstyle to stand out and gain all attention.

This is especially true when a woman thinks she has to compete with other women in her environment. Jealousy rises in a woman when she feels insecure about her influence among her peers. She will try to learn new things or hobbies to keep up with the rest.

If a woman is jealous of you, she might try to copy whatever you do since she is obsessed with you. She will make it a point to be exactly like you in the way she acts and looks. It might seem complimentary initially, but you will get annoyed in the long run.

There are fewer chances she takes a liking to your personality. A jealous woman will only do these things because she doesn’t want you to get your share of praise and attention.


One characteristic all jealous women have is making a big deal out of something minor. They like exaggerating many things to feel important in front of others.

One such example is when they achieve a target at the workplace. They will make you feel like your achievements are insignificant compared to theirs. It will not be satisfactory for them to keep the achievement to themselves.

A jealous woman will look for attention when she feels she deserves more. She can’t stay humble in victory. This behavior occurs when she is insecure about her position in the workplace.


If there is one thing jealous women excel at, it is the power to spread rumors like wildfire. They gossip around with people so much, giving them false information about a person they feel insecure about.

There is no sympathy from them when they spread these lies. They do this to malign other women’s images in the community. Spreading gossip is triggered by their inability to control their anxiety and aggression.

A jealous person is always unhappy and will do anything to bring down others doing well in life. These gossip mongers are low on confidence, which helps them to take people down to their level. They feel better when they know that other people are unhappy.

They Will Counter Your Ideas

If a woman is jealous of you, they are ready to spoil your plans with negative news. If it’s your birthday and you want to have a dinner party at home, she will point out how inconvenient it will be for everyone to come there.

She will try to suggest you take them out to a restaurant instead. It might seem like she is trying to help you, but there are hidden agendas behind her suggestions. She will make you feel like you should have put more thought into your plans.

A jealous woman will always create self-doubt in your mind. You will start believing that your ideas are not worth it and that you should listen to others instead. This is how a jealous woman will make you worry about things you are already good at.

You should learn to read between the lines when encountering such people. They do not want you to be happy and will do anything to spoil your happiness.

Expert advice: Watch out for the woman who has delusional jealousy—this is a form that might be indicating some type of narcissistic behavior.

You Won’t Find Them Rooting For You

A woman becomes jealous because she is envious of how you live your life. She does not want you to have anything which you currently enjoy. So, when people celebrate your success, you will find them missing from the party.

A jealous woman cannot bear to see you succeed. Any success you achieve only makes her despise you more. She will find all the excuses to tell you she cannot make it to your promotion or birthday party.

This is one of the worst traits a jealous woman can possess. The inability to celebrate another person’s success shows how low someone can stoop to satisfy their bloated egos.

Some women are so jealous that they know precisely when to disappear from your sight. They will not allow you even to ask them to attend your celebrations.

A jealous woman will not even congratulate you, let alone be part of the celebrations. You will also notice this on social media platforms, where everyone is messaging you or commenting on your posts. However, she will refrain from giving you any accolades.

Will Humiliate You

If you know of a woman jealous of you, you should be careful about what might come your way. They are forever ready to mock you in front of others.

She will make a big scene out of a simple mistake. Her will to humiliate you might stem from not liking you or because you did something against her in the past.

A jealous woman will deliberately humiliate you to make you feel guilty in front of other people. She intends to make you feel vulnerable in everything you do because she knows you will create self-doubt from that moment onward.

She can humiliate you by mocking or hurting you in front of others. For example, a woman can get jealous if you outperform her in all departments. When this happens, she will start gossiping about your habits to your colleagues, pointing out all your mistakes, making sarcastic comments, etc.

How Can You Avoid Jealous Women?

No matter how well we behave, jealous people will always be there in some capacity. We cannot avoid them even if we try our best.

If you know a woman who is jealous of you, you can confront her or let it slide.

Confront Them

One way to deal with jealous women is to confront them before it becomes a big issue. You can sit down with her and ask her why she is behaving that way.

Most of these jealous women are insecure, so it will be a relief for them also if you can talk it out. You should stand up to these jealous women and give them a piece of your mind.

Let It Slide

Another way to deal with jealous women is to let them do whatever they want and bear their attitude. It is not the best way to approach this problem, but you can still make peace with the thought that you don’t care.

You will achieve this peace when you accept that other women are jealous of you and trying to tarnish your image. They talk behind you, but you also have a core group of people you trust.

Understanding that it is not your fault why people despise you is the key to coming to terms with yourself. When you achieve this, you will realize it is not worth paying time and attention to such jealous women.


Jealousy is a vice that can break even the best people when affected by it. Some women can show signs of jealousy, which can go to extreme levels.

Humiliating you in public, talking behind your back, giving backhand compliments, invading your privacy, etc., show a woman is jealous of you. However, you can deal with such people by confronting them or making peace with the fact that they will never change.

Jealousy is toxic and can even break friendships that have lasted for decades. So, it is best not to envy other people’s lives and enjoy what we have.

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