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Signs He is Falling For You

My friend Jamie talked to me the other day and asked me a great question, “What are some signs he is falling for you? Like if I wanted to know if he’s feeling something special, what should I do?” Great question, Jamie!

All of us have had crushes at least once in our lives. So it is easy to understand that talking to your crush is not the easiest thing in the world. You get butterflies in your stomach; you get a little shy and even develop anxiety when they are around.

But once you make the first move and you are at the talking phase or starting to get to know each other, you are finally at a place where you get to uncover many things about the person you have been interested in for the longest time.

However, there have been many instances where the other person had no idea what was happening during that phase because you didn’t directly tell them your feelings. But we all know being upfront about your feelings is difficult, especially for someone you crush.

Signs he is falling for you! How to tell and what to do about it!
Signs he is falling for you! How to tell and what to do about it!

Sure Signs He is Falling For You

If you ever find yourself stuck in such a dilemma, don’t worry. The good news is a few signs will tell you how the other person might be feeling. These are not sure signs, and these gestures could have different meanings concerning the scenario, but there are a few general signs you can look out for.

He Is Always The First One To Make Contact

The most obvious of all the signs that point towards a man falling for you is someone who always initiates contact. If your man is always the one who texts or calls first or makes plans for you to meet, it’s sure that he is already head over heels for you and will do anything to see you every chance he gets.

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He Starts Using The Word WE

Perhaps when you were single and ready to mingle, you always considered yourself a singular person. Now that you’re talking to somebody, you might find yourself talking in a collective noun using words like WE and US.

If your man starts using such words, just know he has already fallen for you. It shows that the person feels a sense of belongingness with you, and by using such terms, you are showing your sense of togetherness in the relationship.

You Are Always His Priority

When a man starts to fall for you, he will start putting your needs before his own. This means that you are the number one priority in his life. It also shows how much value you hold in his life that he will give up everything if and when you need him.

A man genuinely in love with you wants to be there for you and make you happy in every way he can, so prioritizing you is a way of showing his level of care and love.

He Starts Getting More Affectionate

If your man goes out of his way to make little gestures of affection for you, like brushing your hair out of your face or holding the door open for you, it is sure he has already fallen for you. He might start becoming more touchy and initiating conversations with a flirtatious tone.

Perhaps it is too early to start telling you all his feelings, so he might begin by subtly showing you affection and then slowly ease into telling you about his feelings.

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He Wants To Make You Smile Every Chance He Gets

Nothing is more obvious about a man falling for you than the efforts he puts to make you happy. A man who is falling in love with you will do everything in his power to keep you content and happy. His only goal is to see you smile. It shows that he values your happiness so much that he can even sacrifice his joy if it makes you happy.

He will be down to do the little things like give you compliments, send you cute messages, be there for you, listen to you, and everything else that makes you happy. He pays attention to everything that can make you smile and does them for you.

Showers You With Compliments

Someone falling for you sees you as the only light in their lives, so they cannot stop admiring and complimenting you. It could be about your physical features, clothes, or even your attitude and personality. When a man is falling for you, you’ll hear them praising you nonstop for everything they love about you.

Someone who has fallen in love with you will compliment you on the nontangible attributes like your sense of humor, how you carry yourself, your thoughts, intelligence, and so on. It means they are paying attention to more than what meets the eye. They are interested in you so much that they are listening, observing your every move, and complimenting you on them.

He Wants You To Meet His Family And Friends—Easy Signs He is Falling For You

The biggest telltale sign about a man and his commitment to you is when he starts introducing you to the closest people in his life. He wants them to get to know you and also get their opinion of you.

AndhHe wants his nearest and dearest ones to know you and accept you into the circle because he is committed to making you part of his inner circle.

He Is Concerned About Your Well-Being

A man who has feelings for you will be concerned about your well-being. He is constantly worrying about your health and self-care, and he wants to be able to take care of you or protect you. Perhaps some people might find this suffocating, but it’s how a man can show you that he cares about you so much that he gets worried in case something happens.

He Wants To Know Everything About You

Someone who has fallen for you is most definitely interested in knowing everything there is to know about you. They want to know what your favorite color is, the favorite memory you have, and everything in between. It doesn’t matter if these are happy or sad things about you. They are interested in getting to know the person you are and how you came to be this person.

Things that might seem insignificant to you might be the most significant information for them because you have been on their mind for a while now, and they have wanted to know you and your thoughts. So when you finally get the time to have a sit-down, they are always interested in listening to you talk about your life.

He Is A Good Listener—Easy Signs He is Falling For You

One of the key aspects of a successful and strong relationship is finding someone who will listen to you. If your man is a good listener and listens to your words, you have found yourself a keeper. It also shows that he has very strong feelings for you, which is why he is attentive to what you say.

Sometimes he might be the one to initiate a conversation where you share your passion, dreams, stories, and other things while he attentively listens to you speak. The act of active listening is one of the signs that your partner is invested in what you’re saying and wants to weigh in on their opinions as well.

He Is Always There When You Need Him

It doesn’t matter where he is or what he is doing. He will be at your door in time if you tell them you need him. That’s how you know the feelings are real. Only when you have fallen for someone genuinely will you be willing to put aside your pride and ego and put someone else’s needs above your own.

Rain or shine, he is there for you when you feel scared, hurt, sad, or alone. Your man being there with you is the only comfort you need, meaning you feel safe and secure around him. 

He Comes To You When He Feels Down

Today, vulnerable men are seen as weak and not “man enough.” But it’s normal for everyone to feel vulnerable in certain situations. However, because of this stereotype, when a man starts seeking comfort in you and comes looking for you when e is at his lowest, know that he is truly comfortable being vulnerable around you.

Perhaps he had a bad day or argued with his mother. If you are the first person he comes looking for, then know that he is already knee-deep in love with you and has fallen for you.

It shows that your partner trusts you wholeheartedly and is not afraid of being judged. Instead, they know you will be their stronghold and comfort them when they need it the most.

He Shows You His Vulnerable Side—Easy Signs He is Falling For You

It is common knowledge that most men don’t like showing their vulnerable side to anyone, alone the person they are interested in. However, when they start feeling comfortable with you and showing genuine feelings, it becomes easier for them to show their vulnerabilities.

This is how you can know if a guy is truly invested in you and the relationship. In most cases, men will fake it to seem like the stereotypical strong, mysterious, and confident man that every woman longs for. Still, when they start developing feelings for you and wanting to be with you, they break down these walls to show you their vulnerable side.

They will start sharing things with you that sometimes make them insecure or uncertain. This means they see you as a partner for life and someone they can trust so much that they are not afraid to show their true self. They want you to accept them for who they are.

He likes talking about you

A man who has fallen for you will not back away from a chance to talk to his friends about you. He is always willing to make you the center of the conversation and tell people everything he loves about you.

He Wants To Get To Know His Friends And Family

A man interested in you is automatically interested in your life and the people in your life. Sure, he might not dig into your whole family tree, but the ones who are closest to you, like your family members or your best friends, are people that he would like to get to know.

It shows that he is interested in knowing everything there is to know about you, and it is only through the closest people in your life that he can get a clear picture of how you are as a person.

He Talks About The Future With You

Are you seeing someone who likes to plan out the future with you? If you find yourself and your partner constantly making plans for the future or talking about your future together, chances are that he has already fallen for you.

When someone is truly in love, they cannot help but envision their future with you because you are all they need. He wants to plan the rest of his life around the central point: you.

He Wants To Be With You All The Time

Everyone has schedules and routines to follow, but when a man falls in love, he will make time for you. The more his efforts are in talking to, meeting, and spending time with you, the more you will realize how smitten he is by you.

It doesn’t have to mean that he is clingy or has attachment issues but that he would rather spend his free time with you. It shows he loves spending time with you and wants to form a deeper relationship.

In Conclusion—Signs He Is Falling For You

If you go out looking for the best love stories in the world, it is the ones that are not rushed. Everyone knows not to rush delicate things like relationships. The more time you take to understand the person, build the bond slowly and give the relationship its space to grow, you have a chance at a good relationship.

The first few weeks when you start falling for someone are the best. You feel excited to see them and giddy every time you spend time with them. The almost childlike innocence that comes with the early stages of relationships makes them so magical. However, instead of rushing into things, it is always better to take things slow and enjoy the process.

Embrace all the good and the bad that comes with the relationship and take things steady while also enjoying the process with your partner.

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