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Signs He is Fighting His Feelings For You

Ian, a good friend of mine—wanted to know an answer to a question he had. He asked me, “Ryan, what are signs he is fighting his feelings for you?” Well, whether you’re in a straight or LGBTQ+ relationship, the signs are still the same! So I decided to tell Ian everything I knew about telling whether a guy was into you or not!

Men tend to show how they feel through body language. By doing this, it means that they are easily readable… If you know what you’re looking for. In addition, when you start to look at general signs of interest in a long-term relationship (think: supportive over physical attraction), you can really tell what’s happening in a guys head!

Signs he is fighting his feelings for you: He treats you just slightly different than everyone else!
Signs he is fighting his feelings for you: He treats you just slightly different than everyone else!

12 Signs He is Fighting His Feelings For You!

How to tell! These signs will tell you the absolute truth!

1: He avoids eye contact with you

Not making eye contact with you might seem like a bad thing. But in reality—it could mean that he’s fighting some feelings that he has for you and he doesn’t want you to be able to see it.

By avoiding eye contact with you he can hide his body language better and make sure that you’re not able to read him as well.

2: Makes up reasons to try and see you

When he tries to make up some reasons to come and see you—that’s a great sign that he’s into you. And when the reasons to come see you sound a little bit odd—that could also mean that he’s looking for any reason possible.

While it might be a little awkward, it means that he’s really into you and doesn’t know how to say it!

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3: Texts you at odd times during the day/night

Look at the time of day that he texts you. Is it in the morning or late at night? If it’s in the morning, it’s better than late at night. It could indicate that you’re one of the first things that he thinks about when he wakes up in the morning.

When that’s the case—that’s a strong sign that he has significant feelings for you.

4: Tries to be funny around you

A guy that’s trying to be funny is someone who is surely trying to flirt. Whether he’s trying to be flirty or funny over text or in-person—it’s all the same. He’s attempting to use humor to try and get you to be attracted to him.

Pay close attention to whether or not he wants to make everyone laugh or JUST YOU!

5: Is interested in how he looks when around you

Someone who pays close attention to how they look when they’re around you is a great sign of wanting to get into a physical or emotional relationship. Does he dress up more when you’re around then when he’s around others?

You might need to get some help from your friends in telling whether or not he’s dressing up for you. But if he is—that means he cares about what you think!

6: Gets close within your personal space and physical space—a big sign he’s fighting his feelings for you!

Getting somewhat close to you by accident might be a significant signs that he’s into you but doesn’t know how to tell you. His subconscious is coming out when he accidentally comes into your personal space.

You’ll know when this occurs because you’ll be able to feel him being in your physical vicinity much more so than a typical conversation (this usually happens in a deep conversation).

7: Attempts to “show off” when he’s around you

A guy who shows off around his friends is one thing. But when you’re around, does his energy levels rise? Is he concerned with trying to show you the absolute best parts of himself?

For the most part—many men will try and “show off” around women they’re interested in. This is a natural response to wanting to be the “best suitor” for the one that they’re physically around.

8: Gets flirtatious when no one is around

If people are gone and he gets a little flirtatious with you—this could be a sign that he’s willing to open up more when there’s no one watching him. This could be an attempt to try and get comfortable with you when there’s an opportunity.

When this happens, this is definitely a sign that he’s fighting his feelings for you—since his goal is to build more of a connection with you and when the opportunity arises, he takes it!

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9: Asks personal questions and wants to know about your love life

Personal questions can help to establish and deeper and more meaning connection. If he’s asking you these types of questions—that could be a very strong sign that he wants to take your relationship to the next level.

Generally, friendship (or friend zone only) relationships won’t ask these type of questions. If he’s doing it, it means he wants to get out of the friend zone entirely!

People having a picnic. Signs he is fighting his feelings for you!
Signs he is fighting his feelings for you: Does he point his body toward you a lot?! If yes—he’s wanting to draw you into him!

10: He remembers a lot of things that you said—a big sign he’s fighting his feelings for you!

Does he remember situations that you both were in? Note, it needs to be somewhat personal and romantic situations. If he remembers things that are things most friends would also remember—that doesn’t count.

Think of it this way: as long as he remembers very unique details about the situation or details about you—that’s a good sign that he’s paying more attention to you than he is other people!

11: You swear he gets a little awkward when you’re around

Is he getting just a little bit awkward around you? For example, does he stand oddly? Does his face look away from you? Is he just behaving differently around you than he is other people? When the answer is yes—then this is a great sign that he’s hiding a way that he’s feeling.

His body is saying—”I feel a certain way but I don’t know how to express it.” And so he he can’t help but get a little odd!

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12: Wants to be there for you—a big sign he’s fighting his feelings for you!

Does the guy you’re thinking likes you say that he wants to support you? For example, is he willing to come get you from the airport? Is he willing to go the distance for you to feel special and different? If he does that for you but isn’t doing that for other friends—this is a great sign!

Friends laughing - both men and women

My Experience Fighting Feelings for a Girl…

Whenever I was fighting feelings for a girl—it was really hard to hide it. I would get different when she was around… And that was because I was always THINKING about what I wanted to say to her. I wasn’t sure that she liked me… So I withheld how I felt.

Although, the reality was that most people who were standing around me or near me when she was around could easily tell. I was always surprised that people didn’t tell the girl in question more in advance.

Another shocker was that she didn’t know! Other people knew! But she didn’t! So if you’re looking for the best way to cut through the signs you need to see… The best way is just to ask each other how you feel about each other. It might be a hard conversation at first—but it will save tons of time and difficulties in the long run!

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