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30 Powerful Signs Your Ex Misses You! (WOW!)

It sucks, but about 70% of couples break up in their first year of dating. Which means you’ve probably broken up with someone. Or had someone “dump” you. That’s why when my friend Greg asked, “Ryan, what are signs that your ex misses you?” I felt like I could properly answer that!

While there are signs that you could start to look for today—my ultimate recommendation is to simply talk to the person that you miss. If you are wondering if they miss you—then that means that YOU miss them, yeah?

Well, that’s not really going to get you anywhere. Playing emotional games. These mind games are really bad for progress. It does not exude good and clear communication that helps two people reconnect and stay connected. It also does not build trust.

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30 signs your ex misses you…

—Powerful signs that your ex misses you!

General signs

  1. They’ll text you out of the blue.
  2. They might send you a picture by text trying to talk about the past.
  3. You’ll see them intentionally ignoring you whenever you try to engage.
  4. They send you a text in the morning.
  5. A text gets sent to you at night.
  6. They stumble over their words when they’re trying to talk to you.
  7. There’s a lot of emotion behind everything they say.
  8. They’re generally curious about whether or not you’ve moved on with your life.
  9. You’re being asked to hang out a lot.
  10. They text you during times when you know they would otherwise be busy or occupied.

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Emotional signs your ex misses you…

  1. You start to think about them in the most random moments.
  2. The two of you are seeing each other in passing a lot (in real-life).
  3. Places you shared are still being visited by one or two of you.
  4. There are repeated thoughts that go through your mind that you can’t get out of your head.
  5. Every other relationship you try just doesn’t seem to work out.

When you have no contact (and he/she misses you)

  1. They’re not being very vocal about the things they are doing to occupy their time.
  2. They are trying to be TOO vocal about how much fun they are having without you.
  3. Friends are telling you that they are talking about you when you’re not around.
  4. They post something on social media that sounds sad (like a song or a video).
  5. You can’t seem to text them back without them responding (no response to a text).

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Signs your ex misses you but won’t admit it

  1. There seems to be a lot of aggression in every conversation that you have.
  2. They won’t stop looking at you when you’re both near each other.
  3. You get a few butterflies in your stomach when he/she is around you.
  4. Friends are telling you that he/she is still rehashing stories about the two of you.
  5. They are expressing a lot of anger toward you (anger is close to love, don’t forget!)

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Sure signs they miss you on social media

  1. You see them viewing your stories or pictures or a lot.
  2. They post stories about sad songs they are listening to or sad movies they are watching.
  3. You’ll see them post stories or pictures of places or things you both used to enjoy together.
  4. They started following social media accounts that you care about.
  5. You suspect that they are visiting your profile a lot (unfortunately you’ll never be able to tell).

How to validate the signs you’re seeing…

The best way to validate the signs you’re seeing is to have someone that you can consult. Like an advisor, a family member, or just someone close o you that you can confide in.

This person needs to be someone that you can trust with your inner thoughts. And isn’t going to be someone that you have to question.

Ask them if the signs and things that you’re feeling are valid. Usually, from the lists above, if you have just one of the signs pop up—that might not be enough.

But if you’re seeing two or more signs coming up, then that could be a really strong indicator that you need to look into this.

Try to make sure that you’re eliminating emotion from the picture before you analyze the situation. Make sure you aren’t seeing something that you WANT to be seeing. That could put you into a very vulnerable position and set yourself up for hurt or pain.


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