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10 Signs Your Twin Flame is Communicating With You

Sarah, a friend of mine who just absolutely loves astrology, asked me, “Ryan, what are signs your twin flame is communicating with you?” Well, Sarah, I really love that you asked me that question and so I decided to write up as much as I know about it!

Ever experienced an unexplainable bond or a connection so strong with someone that you feel like you’ve known each other forever, yet you’ve never met this person before, or it’s just been a short while since your first conversation?

While people may refer to this deep connection you feel as meeting your soul mates, studies suggest that this special feeling occurs only when you meet your twin flame, and it’s the perfect example of a certain type of soul connection. 

Soulmates and twin flames do not belong in the same spectrum since soulmates are two different souls that meet through fate, while twin flames belong to a single soul split in half.

More importantly, twin flames come in both forms, meaning you could either have a romantic connection with them or a platonic one. Most people live out their lives without meeting their mirror soul, while many are overjoyed with the experience.

Signs Your Twin Flame is Communicating With You!

We hope you’re lucky enough to share the joy with your twin flame someday, and to prepare you for the fated meet better, here are 10 signs your twin flame is communicating with you. 

Experiencing Déjà vu

This re-experiencing feeling can indicate that your twin flame might soon enter your path. While it may feel plenty odd, we believe that since you’re mirror souls, the Déjà vu happens when your twin flame has done the exact same thing you’re doing at the moment.

Accelerated Temperature Changes

Unless you have a medical condition or a female undergoing menopause, the quick temperature shifts from hot to cold or cold to hot could indicate that your twine flame is communicating with you. 


Your twin flame might be communicating with you if you had a vivid dream of an individual you’ve never met in real life, yet you were so warm towards them in the dream and couldn’t resist the feeling of meeting them after waking up.

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Sudden Fondness Of Exploring 

It could be a sudden longing to have a random trip to a nearby bookstore or just the urge to explore somewhere new for a vacation or a hike; these are signs that your twin flame is communicating with you and sometimes a push to find them.

Experience Extreme Life Changes

Most sudden shifts in your life, like losing your job unexpectedly or breaking up with someone you thought was your soul mate, could indicate that your twin flame is on their way into your life.

Unexplained Dizziness 

If you’re a healthy individual who eats right, not sick at the moment when you feel dizzy, or has done anything that could explain the dizziness, this is considered a sign that you’re twin flame is communicating with you.

Missing Someone

Ever experienced the feeling of missing someone, yet you can’t particularly name this person or explain why you’re feeling this? You’re not crazy nor alone when you feel this unexplainable deep longing.

This indicates that your soul is yearning for its other half and is a sign that you’re twin flame is communicating with you.

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Heart Palpitations 

Unless you’re working out, have a medical condition, are on medication, or having the time of your life with illegal drugs, it could be a sign.

Since your heart normally doesn’t pound hard when you’re healthy and not doing things that could be the cause of it, unexplainable heart palpitations are a sign that your twin flame is calling out to you.

Yearning To Walk On A Different Path 

Have you recently and suddenly wanted to close this chapter of your life and start everything from scratch and onto a new path? 

Like one day, you just realize and decide without any external influence from people that this isn’t the correct path for you? Best believe that your twin flame communicates with you and leads you to a path where you will find them.

Doors Opening Up

Unless you have all the luck in the world, doors rarely open up for people. So if you’ve recently experienced various opportunities coming your way, maybe try taking it.

It could be the opportunity to live somewhere else, a new job offer, or time opened up for you to take on the vacation you’ve always wanted to take; your twin flame is longing for you and calling out to you.

Maybe you’ll get to meet them if you take the opportunities that are presented to you!

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