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Silly Pickup Lines

If you’re like me, you’re probably always on the hunt for a few brand-new silly pickup lines that you’ve never heard of before…

Okay, we all know that pickup lines don’t really work. In fact, there are some studies that go as far as to study their effectiveness. I’m not kidding… There’s one study that looks at how effective men think they are and another at how effective women think they are.

We should probably break the ice on that before we keep going…

My experience with pickup lines…

I’ve found that the best use of any type of pickup line is to use them as a type of joke. Which you may already know… At least, I hope you do. Use them as a type of joke to break the ice with someone that you like.

It’s when they’re taken too seriously that they’re not that effective. I can speak to this… since I looked at pickup lines as real lines to use to get someone to like me. 😉

Don’t do that!

Although, when you want to brighten up someone’s day, try a few of these.

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10 silly new lines to use on anyone

—Silly pickup lines to use

Picture this, you’re walking right up to her at a bar (or somewhere else), your palms are sweaty, and you’re a little scared. Your heart is beating fast! Here we go! It’s okay! 30-seconds of courage is all that you need.

  1. Are you Willy Wonka? Because you look like my golden ticket.
  2. Whenever I see you, I hear chimes and choir… it must be residual from when you were in heaven, I don’t know.
  3. I just had to call Billboard because I’m not seeing you on the top 10 charts…
  4. You’re kind of like… Hot. Did you know that?
  5. If I were a middle school guy looking at you… I would need to put a school book in front of my shorts.
  6. Do you know God’s phone number? I figured you knew him well…
  7. Is it weird? [She asks what’s weird?] Knowing that you make every girl in here jealous?
  8. When do you think we should get married? Spring or summer?
  9. Do you smell that? [Smell what?] Love at first sight… It’s got a weird smell.
  10. I can’t seem to figure out a good word to describe you… I’m torn between beautiful and gorgeous.

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Funny ones you can use on anyone

Funny and silly pickup lines for a guy or a girl

Every single girl in the world wants to date a “funny guy.” It’s kind of an eye-roll. What are we here for? To amuse them! To be their clowns? Okay, I don’t want to go overboard with it. Bringing humor into a relationship is a good thing.

  1. I kind of want to do CrossFit with you… in my bed.
  2. Looking at you, I know I will need sweat-resistant bed sheets.
  3. On a scale of 1 to 10… 1 being hot and 10 being super hot, where do I sit?
  4. Would you swipe left or right on me if this was a real-life Tinder profile?
  5. Pretend that I’m a TV—would you surf to the next channel or keep watching me?
  6. Do you think that we’re going to make people super jealous? [What?] You know, when we start our relationship…
  7. Do you have your dad’s phone number? I just want to thank him for his service.
  8. I’m pretty sure that if I brought you home to mom, she’d be proud of me.
  9. Can you help me figure something out? [Sure, she says] Are you a bad girl or a dirty girl? Or are you both?
  10. When people talk about dime pieces… I’m pretty sure that you’re a whole quarter.

Expert advice: In a study done by Jessica Tracy and Alec Beall, they found that men who smile, using their whole face (including teeth, cheeks, and eyes) had a stronger positive first impression upon women. When using pickup lines, make sure that you’re smiling during your delivery—happiness, as displayed by men, is quite literally a strong turn on for women.

Totally silly lines for a guy

—Silly pickup lines for a guy

Guys aren’t the only ones that should be using pickup lines. Girls use Tinder and Bumble, too, right? If that’s you, then it’s time that you use an opening line that’s going to get him to respond. And hopefully, respond with a big smile on his face.

  1. Where do you see this relationship going? I know where it’s going. It’s a place called B-E-D.
  2. If I said that you had a hot body, would you hold it against me?
  3. Pretty sure Brad Pitt would be jealous of that jawline…
  4. A couple of places started to sweat when I saw your picture… Can you guess which places I’m referring to?
  5. They say don’t go chasing waterfalls… But honey, you’re sure giving me a waterfall (down there, if you know what I mean).
  6. My mom said I should never date bad boys… So tell me something nice.
  7. If I could swipe right twice, I would totally do it for you.
  8. I wouldn’t call myself a professional photographer. Although, I would totally say that I could easily picture us together.
  9. I feel like I’ve met you before… It’s so weird. Oh yeah, I’ve seen you… In my dreams.
  10. Is it weird that I call you Dr. Hunky?

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