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25 Powerful Steps to Stop Narcissistic Behavior

How can you stop narcissistic behavior? Is it you? Or maybe other people? What are some ways to curb this! Well, that’s what my friend James asked me! Saying, “Ryan, what are some steps to stop narcissistic behavior in other people?” Well, great question my guy!

If you’re reflecting on past behaviors and trying to figure out how to deal with narcissistic tendencies, this article is for you. A study on Narcissistic Personality Disorder by Paroma Mitra & Dimy Fluyau states that 15% of the US population coexists with this disorder. So if you think you’re one of them, and looking forward to setting your goals, remember that a step, even if it’s small, is still a step ahead.

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25 Steps to Stop Narcissistic Behavior

—Take these steps to stop narcissistic behavior!

Pause and Reflect

Self-preservation is an ingrained part of the narcissistic personality. When you acknowledge your bad behavior and control your actions, you can make a significant change.

People’s Feelings Matter

Stop & listen to what the other person is trying to express to avoid putting your needs first.

Do Away With Manipulation 

Righting your wrongs by analyzing your actions to benefit yourself can prevent guilt trips and maintain a stable connection with people.

Stop Rejecting 

Rejecting how people feel about your behavior can only lead to more problems. Validation is a must, and change is the next step.

Acknowledge Love Bombing Is Wrong

Rushing into intimacy results in love bombing will be a short-lived romance. There is no happy ending without the inclusion of trust and patience. 

Take Responsibility 

Every person makes mistakes. Only a narcissist doesn’t. If you upset another person, apologize and reflect on why they were upset about your actions.

Eliminate Mirroring

Mirroring a person’s behavior to get into a romantic relationship is the main game of narcissists. Breaking this habit and displaying differences from the start will greatly help long term.

Self-aware but not Self-absorbed 

If you find yourself making your loved one’s accomplishments about yourself, redirect your behavior and allow the other person to feel appreciated. 

Stop Using Silent Treatment As A Weapon

Get rid of any passive-aggressiveness you may be inhabiting, and clear your head in case of any conflict. Know that the person on the other side has no idea what happened unless you communicate.

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Disregard The Need For Praise

A person with narcissistic tendencies loves adoration and almost craves attention. They will look for people who will idealize them and remove anybody who doesn’t provide them with what they want.

Detach From Fantasies 

Although having a vivid imagination can be exciting, realizing the idea of perfection is unreal can be difficult for a narcissist. Letting go of expectations and looking for a realistic life with someone can positively impact life. 

Narcissists Don’t Know They’re Narcissists 

There are five kinds of narcissistic personalities. One can have the traits of a type of narcissist without realizing it, so addressing any symptoms can help identify if you are one. 

Bid Adieu To Gaslighting 

Allow people to approach you and say how they feel without invalidating them or making them question their truth.

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Accept Your Narcissism 

Acceptance is the first move, and then comes practice.

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Remember Your Self-Worth

Many narcissists are who they are because of a lack of self-worth and fear of rejection. Having confidence in yourself and approaching your insecurities will remove any shame that makes you act unhealthily. 

Create A Separate Path

Determine another reaction that can bring peace and harmony to both you and others and solve the problem that arises without snarky arguments.

Be Nice To Those Around You

If you feel loved when people praise you, do the same for others. Doing good deeds like encouraging people when they need support can be a significant step towards defeating narcissism.

Don’t Be Hard On Yourself 

Finding the comfort and space to heal is an excellent step towards compassion for yourself and others. 

Analyse What Triggers You

The outbursts you get will always stem from a tipping point, and you need to understand it before overcoming bad habits altogether.

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Dig Deeper

Whether strange or familiar, every feeling will be felt eventually, so sitting with them can help you react differently the next time you are triggered.

Nurture Your Mental Wellbeing

Journalling and practicing mindfulness can be a great task to promote when you’re on the path of healing.

Don’t Rush

Nobody can get rid of narcissistic behavior on a whim after reading tips on how to do it. Giving yourself time with a little push every day will slowly build your mental strength to overcome narcissism.

Open Yourself Up To Feedback

Ask a loved one if they’ve felt manipulated or gaslighted by you. Take what they say and add it to your list of ingredients to make a life-changing recipe.

Develop Perspective 

Narcissists can only truly overcome their behavior if they entirely alter their perception. Taking into account other people’s perceptions can lead to success.

Engage In Therapy

When all effort has gone, and nothing is fixed, a trusty therapist is essential. Finding someone who you can talk to about past trauma and dig deeper into your actions can help more than trying to figure it out on your own.


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