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17 Best Surprises For Your Girlfriend

My friend Paul was talking to me the other night and asked a great question… He asked me, “Ryan, what are surprises for your girlfriend that are really going to knock her out?” Well, doing something kind for your girlfriend is always a great idea… I came up with some of my favorites…

You’ve bought her a gazillion flowers. Even more chocolates than that. And that expensive accessory that she has been eyeing for months? That’s off the list too. Now what?

If you’re looking for more surprises for your girlfriend, we’ve got your back! Listen up, fellas; it doesn’t take much to make a woman happy. Women are emotional beings by nature. Hence, even the smallest act of love can take her on cloud nine.

Whether it’s for her birthday, anniversary, or just because we have penciled down 17 surefire ways to surprise your girlfriend, scroll down and explore.

Surprises for your girlfriend: Even though flowers are common, women still love them!
Surprises for your girlfriend: Even though flowers are common, women still love them!

17 Best Surprises For Your Girlfriend

—Surprises for your girlfriend

Make Her A Romantic Playlist

In season six of FRIENDS, Chandler Bing’s mixtape for Monica was a major failure. But yours doesn’t have to be. In the series, the mixtape contained the famous tune “My Funny Valentine,” sung by his ex-girlfriend, Janice. What a way to surprise your gf (lol).

Nevertheless, making your loved one a playlist is considered as romantic as buying her flowers. So, get on your preferred platform and start working. Pro tip– if there are songs that remind you of her, be sure to add them. She will probably listen to the lyrics closely and feel extra special.

Write Her A Love Letter

In a world of DMs and snaps, be the guy who puts his heart and soul on paper. As traditional as it is, surprising your girl with a sweet love note never goes out of style. She’ll appreciate it more than you can imagine.

Writing love letters shows your special someone that you care about her and are willing to make an effort for her. Of course, pulling out a sheet of paper and pen is no hard work. But spending the time to pen down the right words and expressing how much this person means to you speaks volumes about her importance in your life.

Besides, a love letter gives your partner a chance to see herself through your eyes. So, make it worthwhile.

Make A Bubble Bath

It’s okay if your surprise sometimes doesn’t include you in the picture. Women love their me-time. Even more so if they’ve had a long week or day at work. So, before she reaches home, draw her a bubble bath and make it as relaxing as possible.

Does she have a favorite essential oil? Be sure to add that to the bath. If not, vanilla and patchouli are always a hit. Remember to use scented candles and music to make the room even more inviting and soothing. 

This surprise never gets old. And no matter how often you do it, your girlfriend will always appreciate and enjoy it. 

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Surprises for your girlfriend: Sometimes, just a really good and emotional text message can do the trick!
Surprises for your girlfriend: Sometimes, just a really good and emotional text message can do the trick!

Plan A Picnic Date

Ah! Picnic with your special person on a sunny and mild afternoon amidst nature- it can’t get better than this. A temperature of 70-80°F is usually considered ideal for a day out at the park. So, check your city’s weather forecast, and get going.

Once you have the perfect weather and partner, all you need is a large, checkered blanket big enough for the two of you, a straw basket with your girlfriend’s favorite food and dessert, and colorful napkins. You can even bring a bottle of champagne if you’re feeling fancy.

The park seems too far? No problem. You can bring the picnic to your backyard. 

Use Your Talent

Do you have a particular talent or skill? Perhaps you can sing or play the guitar? Or, maybe you’re skilled at carpentry. Whatever it is, put it to good use for surprising your girlfriend.

Such a surprise can be impromptu. Just grab your guitar after dinner, pick a romantic song, and serenade her with it. Don’t worry about sounding perfect, though; she will love it. If you don’t know how to play an instrument, you can have a karaoke session instead.

For those crafty minds, one of the best surprises for your gf would be a personalized item built by you. It can be as small as a stationery holder or a cute frame she can keep on her worktable. Don’t know where to start? Check out some easy DIY tutorials on YouTube; easy peasy!

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Pay A Visit To Her Workplace

For this surprise, you must first ensure your girlfriend is fine with having you at her workplace. Most people prefer keeping their professional and personal lives apart, which is fine. 

Once you get the green signal, surprise her by bringing her lunch during her break. Another idea is to pick her up from work and go to the nearest drive-through restaurant to get some delicious food. 

A Road Trip To Watch The Sunset

Sunsets and romance go hand in hand. Nothing beats a breathtaking sunset view at the end of the road with your partner beside you. While not every city is blessed with a sunset as colorful as Santorini’s, there’s something magical about even the usual yellow-orange sky when the sun is close to the horizon.

Sunsets are nostalgic and can stir up some pleasant memories you share with your girlfriend. So, make sure to hit the road this weekend and take her to a great sunset spot. 

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Cook Her Favorite Meal

There’s nothing more attractive than a man in the kitchen with a chef’s hat and an apron. Many would agree. So, spice things up by cooking her favorite meal. No matter how it tastes, any woman would appreciate the effort.

You can make her breakfast in bed with a plate of toast, sunny-side-up eggs (or however she likes it), bacon, with a glass of her preferred drink. If it’s for dinner, set the mood right with dim lights, scented candles, and great music. Believe us; the setting is just as important as the food.

Buy Her A Dress 

Clothes make the perfect gift for various occasions. However, the purchasing process can seem daunting. To save you the trouble, get your girlfriend a nice dress (in her favorite color), but one that comes with pockets.

We bet you’ve seen one of those videos on TikTok where women are jumping with joy for having pockets in their dresses, or everything else they wear for that matter. Who knows! You might just win the Boyfriend Of The Year Award after this surprise.  

Buy Matching Pajamas

Women love to match their boyfriend’s style and clothes, more aptly known as twinning. Hence, they’re also usually the ones making all the purchases. So, this time, why don’t you surprise her with something cute like matching pajamas?

To add more to the experience, set up a movie night. Get a mini projector, lay out a cozy mattress, or make a teepee tent with some bedsheets, get some movie snacks or a charcuterie board for your fancy lady, and of course, slip into the matching PJ sets and enjoy. Don’t forget to click some cute pictures for the ‘gram!

Leave Love Notes On Mirrors

Want to surprise your girlfriend without spending money? It’s simple. For couples that live together, you can easily surprise your partner by leaving love notes on mirrors. It could be anywhere from her vanity mirror to the bathroom or refrigerators to her car’s side mirror. 

Just make sure to do it quickly when she’s not around. This way, she’ll be really surprised when she finds the note. As for what to write, keep it sweet and simple. Words like “I Love You,” “Can’t Wait To See You Tonight Babe,” or just a short note wishing her good luck for the day always works.  

Plan A Scrapbooking Date 

In simple words, scrapbooking refers to a crafting activity where you paste photographs or other memorabilia on a scrapbook (a book with blank pages) to preserve them. Just imagine how cool it would be to flip through this book five years from now and revisit those good old days.

To plan the surprise, here’s a quick guide:

  • Select a theme – All the Firsts (first date, first hike, first anniversary, etc.), Best Dates, Funniest Moments, etc.
  • Gather photographs based on the theme (polaroid prints are cool too).
  • Gather as many mementos associated with the pictures. That could be a bill, movie ticket, etc.
  • Buy some stationery, patterned papers, glitters, markers, highlighters, adhesives, scissors, and trimmers. You can even check scrapbook kits on Amazon.
  • Once you’ve gathered all the supplies, select a vibrant corner at home for the activity or at a nearby park. Both you and your girlfriend will enjoy this activity, and it’s a great way to spend quality time together too. 

Request A Celebrity To Give Her A Shout-Out

Currently, there’s a video circulating on social media where a boyfriend is seen requesting Black Lively, a sweet shout-out for his girlfriend. And she actually got one; how lucky!

This is a long shot, but if you can get it, it’ll be the best surprise any girlfriend could receive. Today, reaching out to a celebrity has become easy; you can DM on social media sites like Instagram and Twitter. So, take the chances, and if it comes true, the look on your girlfriend’s face will be priceless.

Get Her Skin Care Products

Another great way to surprise your girlfriend would be to buy her favorite skincare line. It could be a great and unique gift for her birthday. After all, most birthday gifts don’t go beyond chocolates, clothes, accessories, or perfumes.

However, ensure you get the right products before hitting the purchase button. If you don’t already know, skincare is very personal, so customer reviews and brand reputation can’t guide you here. Instead, do some digging and try to find out what her holy grails are- products she uses on a daily basis. 

Turn Your Bedroom Into A Spa

Who can turn away a free spa coupon? Whether she’s having a stressful week or sometimes for no reason at all, surprising her with a complete spa experience will make her extremely happy.

To get started, create a relaxing setting by decluttering the space, lighting some eucalyptus and lavender candles, and putting on some easy instrumental music. You might want to soften your hands using a homemade honey and sugar scrub. Then soak them in a bowl of warm water for about 10 minutes. To finish, apply hand moisturizer before giving your partner a whole-body massage. To take it up a notch, end the spa with a hot oil hair massage and paint her nails.

Do Some Chores Around The House

If your girlfriend is the one always cleaning the house, washing the sheets, and doing the dishes, surprise her by taking things at your hand from time to time. 

Got some dirty laundry? Toss them in the washing machine. Dirty dishes in the sink? Pop them in the dishwasher. What else can you do? Vacuum the house, pick up groceries, dusting, clean the bathrooms, organize the closet, change out the bedding, etc. So, look around and get started. Your girlfriend will be super happy about this.

Set Up A Treasure Hunt

This is one of the most exciting surprises for your girlfriend. You can plan a sweet treasure hunt around the house that ends with an expensive gift or a candlelit dinner. In the end, you can meet her at the final spot for the big treasure reveal.

For this, all you have to do is leave clues that will lead her from one place to another and ultimately to you. But ensure you keep the clues short and simple; it won’t be fun if she can’t crack the code.  

Wrapping Up—Surprises For Your Girlfriend

Now that you’ve reached the end of our list, we hope you now realize that surprising your girlfriend isn’t as difficult as you thought. Most of these surprises wouldn’t cost you much, and the effort that goes into planning one is also minimal. However, the happiness on your girlfriend’s face would be worth more than a million bucks. 

So, don’t wait any longer; pick one or more surprises from our list and make your girlfriend the happiest woman on earth, starting today. 

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