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100 Super Sweet Things To Do For Your Girlfriend

Some people really appreciate acts of service. This is the idea that for that person to feel love—they want you to spend their energy and effort on them. I mean, that’s absolutely reasonable! That’s why when my friend Erin asked me, “Ryan, what are super sweet things to do for your girlfriend to show her that you love her?” Well, I wanted to come up with the ultimate list!

What is love exactly? Well, based on a paper published at Harvard, “According to a team of scientists led by Dr. Helen Fisher at Rutgers, romantic love can be broken down into three categories: lust, attraction, and attachment. Each category is characterized by its own set of hormones stemming from the brain.”

It’s really important to learn exactly how your girlfriend feels love before you decide to jump into some ideas! A framework for communication, that I really like, is the 5 love languages framework.

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100 Super Sweet Things To Do For Your Girlfriend

—Super sweet things to do for your girlfriend (no fluff ideas!)

First 25 things you can do

  1. Send her a good morning or a goodnight text.
  2. Randomly surprise her with flowers.
  3. Buy her something that’s been on her list for a really long time.
  4. Compliment her on something that she’s feeling not so great about (image-wise).
  5. Buy her a dress that you really like.
  6. Surprise her with a nice dinner that she wasn’t prepared for!
  7. Make her a list of things that you want to do with her over the next 30-60-90 days.
  8. Bring her with you to a family event and show her that she cares.
  9. Buy her a very small piece of jewelry and make it a promise.
  10. Go shopping for friendship bracelets and make a promise to each other.
  11. Write her a love letter telling her how much she means to you.
  12. Randomly drop her off a meal for the day.
  13. Prepare her day for her, telling her all the things you’ll do to support her, and make her day easy.
  14. Surprise her by having friends over for dinner one night.
  15. Buy her a jewelry kit off Amazon and make jewelry together.
  16. Do a DIY craft together.
  17. Ask her to get into a show with you and follow along together.
  18. Go to the book store and purchase books together.
  19. Visit a new town and go exploring together.
  20. Go on a random hike or walk together when the night is right!
  21. Invite her to try out one of your hobbies like fishing or working out.
  22. Make her a weekly date night that you plan out and surprise her with.
  23. Buy her a bunch of random chocolates that you found at the store.
  24. Kick her sweet tooth in action with a bag of candy that you know she’ll like.
  25. Go to the movies together but go see a movie that you know only she will like!

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Next 25 super sweet things to do for your girlfriend

—Super sweet things to do for your girlfriend!

  1. Enjoy a picnic date together one day.
  2. Take her boating and make sure that she enjoys being on the water.
  3. Surprise her with a simple getaway.
  4. Visit a local farm and try petting animals or buying local groceries.
  5. Go to the grocery store together and buy her the list of things that she needs.
  6. Ask her “What can I do for you this week that will make your life a little easier?”
  7. Ask her if there’s something around the house that you can help to do.
  8. Make her a fancy dinner one night and make sure that she’s into it.
  9. Have her meet your parents for the first time.
  10. Ask her if she wants to meet your siblings for the first time.
  11. Make her a space at your house and tell her that’s for her stuff!
  12. Give her a massage one night, no questions asked!
  13. Make a really cool playlist for her.
  14. Write 10 reasons why you love her on pieces of paper and hide them around her house.
  15. Ask her to do an easter egg hunt with little love notes inside each easter egg.
  16. Buy her tickets to one of her favorite bands/concerts.
  17. Tell her family that you want to get together for a nice Sunday dinner.
  18. Take her out to dinner to one of the places that she’s been talking about for a while.
  19. Include her in decisions that you are making in your life (simple but it works!).
  20. Help her go through an organizational project at home (think: cleaning out the garage).
  21. Clean out her car for her without her having to ask for you.
  22. Organize the house you two share without her having to ask.
  23. Surprise her by her coming home to a very clean home that you cleaned.
  24. Buy a pottery kit (on Amazon) or otherwise and do some pottery together.
  25. Surprise her with a list of activities that the two of you could do together.

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25 more sweet things for her

  1. Write your life bucket lists together.
  2. Tell her that you want to sit down and create relationship goals together.
  3. Plan an evening in the stars by putting out blankets, candles, and have music playing.
  4. Make a “massage night” by setting up the bedroom to be just like a massage parlor.
  5. Pretend your hometown is a vacation and do a staycation day (do at least 3 fun things that you both enjoy in one day).
  6. Kiss her on the hand when you get the chance.
  7. Buy her a random bottle of wine that you think she would really appreciate.
  8. Explore trying out new foods and go to the grocery store with the intention of making it an exploration!
  9. Create a really cool at-home workout for her when you have the chance.
  10. Do a meditation class together from a local Yoga studio.
  11. Try out doing stretches on YouTube instructional videos and seeing how it goes.
  12. Read the same book together and talk about how you felt about the book.
  13. Rent a random movie from the 1960s or 1970s and see what its like!
  14. Go on a camping adventure that the two of you plan together.
  15. Surprise her in the morning with a coffee that she really likes to drink!
  16. Be the best boyfriend and surprise her in the morning with a pastry from a local bakery!
  17. Go bike riding together by the river or by the lake.
  18. Do events together around town, like a 5k or a other running events.
  19. Make an agreement to try out new hobbies: pickleball or tennis are great ones!
  20. Decorate her house or apartment with balloons and lights just for fun!
  21. Send her a Cameo from one of the celebrities that she really likes!
  22. Write her hand written poetry—even if its bad she will really like the thought!
  23. Give a shot at doing some watercolor paintings and she if she likes it!
  24. Go paddle-boarding together or do some type of outdoor activity.
  25. Plant flowers for her in a garden that she’ll be able to appreciate.

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Last 25 sweet things for her

—Super sweet things to do for your girlfriend!

  1. Go to an apple orchard and pick some apples.
  2. Visit a local vegetable farm and grab some veggies!
  3. Go for a random drive but choose places that you can speak to like a history tour!
  4. Learn a few new magic tricks and tell her about your magic tricks.
  5. Be a joker and make her laugh by sending her a good morning joke text every morning.
  6. Take her to a relaxing and calming piano bar or jazz bar.
  7. Plan a night where the two of you learn how to make cocktails through a YouTube class.
  8. Do your best BBQ night and grill something for her and ask her to bring a vegetable side for the dish!
  9. Buy her a pair of romantic earrings (just do it out the blue—that’s always the best).
  10. Plan a day where you take her shopping to all of her favorite places—you don’t have to buy anything if you don’t want to!
  11. Make a day where you do at least 3 things that she might not have originally liked: antique shopping, a new restaurant, a town she’s never been to, or other things that you could use to get to know her better.
  12. When you wake up next to her in the morning, simply whisper in her ear that you love her.
  13. Decide that you want to start praying together or become more spiritual.
  14. Have a board game night and set out at least 3 board games that she can pick from!
  15. Go on a brewery tour that you plan for her (only if she likes beer).
  16. Give her 3 different options for local trails that you both could go and visit (only if it’s warm out!)
  17. Try to play the 21 questions game.
  18. Recreate your first date night together on your anniversary.
  19. Ask her to put 5 things in her Amazon cart that she really wants—and then buy it for her!
  20. Surprise her by doing something for yourself that she’s been asking you to do (like work out or buy new clothes).
  21. Ask her siblings to get together and plan a day for them to have alone time (you make the dinner reservations).
  22. Plan a FRIENDS day for her (no you don’t go with). Choose a few things that you know her friends would like, contact them, and make sure that they do it.
  23. Try out something silly like bowling or going to the arcade.
  24. Set out chocolate kisses in a trail leading up to an envelope where you write a sweet letter.
  25. Plan out a double date night with you and some other friends!

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